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Discover tourist scene of Nha Trang with Cai river

Nha Trang is one of the tourist cities that attracts many visitors among the Central and South Central provinces. Speaking of this locality, many people often refer to the beautiful stretching beaches, islands, fascinating bays with typical and rare ecosystems of tropical waters. In addition to the sea and islands, visitors can explore the beautiful scenery of Nha Trang by the Cai river.

Dòng sông Cái Nha Trang nhìn từ trên cao

Cai Nha Trang river viewed from above (Photo collection)

Introduce beautiful scenery – Cai river in Nha Trang

Cai Nha Trang river, also known as Phu Loc or Cu river, has a length of about 79 km, originating from the Chu-Tgo peak of 1,475m high, flowing through the territory of Khanh Vinh, Dien Khanh and Nha Trang cities. Pouring into the sea at Cua Lon (Dai Cu Huan). The downstream section of Nha Trang territory is about 10 km long. Cai Nha Trang has all 7 tributaries, with elevations from 900 to 2,000m but quite short, on average less than 20km. Because of the very steep slope, there are many rapids in the upstream.

This river is the main source of water for agriculture, tourism and daily life activities of people in the city and neighboring districts.

Xanh ngát một bên bờ sông Cái Nha Trang

The greenery on the banks of Cai Nha Trang river (Photo collection)

Discover the beauty of Nha Trang

The cruise to explore Cai Nha Trang river by visitors will be done by boat. Standing on the train, you will see the whole Cai river surrounding the coastal city of Nha Trang . This scene looks like a valley with mountains surrounding three sides of west, south and north creating charming paintings.

Nestled on the river are quiet and peaceful villages with old moss-covered roofs covered with green moss, quiet and gleaming somewhere old bamboo groves. In the cool breeze, visitors can smell the faint aroma of rice and areca flowers in full bloom.

Những xóm làng yên bình ven sông Cái

Peaceful villages along Cai river (Collected image)

The ship will stop by the floating dune in the middle of the river for you to enjoy cool and sweet coconut water. In particular, visitors are also guided by the garden owners to manually pick the plums, mangoes, guavas and ripe oranges on the trees.

Going along the brackish water, visitors will visit the eel cages on the river. At this tourist destination , you will feel the peace, intimacy, familiarity with the jars, licks, fishing cuttings, small boats or wooden bridges connecting the rustic, pristine banks … It seems that the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang has backed away somewhere far away.

Những con đò nhỏ bên bờ sông Cái yên bình

Small boats on the peaceful Cai river (Photo collection)

Next, the boat docked in Phu Vinh village of Vinh Thanh commune, Nha Trang city. Tourists walk through bamboo banks bent fishing rods, la momentum down the path and visit the old houses of nearly 200 years old, in which the old house of Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hai is almost preserved. .

The house was built in the style of three compartments, two interconnected roofs and has 36 wooden pillars, surrounded by a lush garden over 4,000m². Yin and Yang tiles on the roof and tile front of the yard were tiled six years ago. Inside, the interior of the house is decorated in a traditional architecture of glossy black pillars, a table, and an old set of horse boards that challenge the time.

In the journey to explore the Cai River, visitors can also take a horse cart to visit the riverside craft villages.

Lu Cam pottery village, Ngoc Hiep commune is more than hundred years old. There used to be a flourishing time with many different ceramic items, now only six households retain their traditional jobs. Here, visitors can try their hand at making pottery with stages such as stuffing, putting soil into molds, using a turntable to shape … thereby creating a lovely earthen furnace.

Next, visitors will visit the ancient sedge mat weaving village in Ngoc Hoi village, Vinh Ngoc commune. Here, you will have a very interesting experience when manually connecting, ripping frames, weaving creative patterns on the mat, only through four basic colors white, red, yellow and blue.

Moreover, after visiting the beautiful scenery on the Cai river, please board the train to return and catch the splendid sunset on this river. In the quiet afternoon, the sunset suddenly appeared sparkling in the strange beauty, very peaceful, gorgeous shimmering.

Ánh hoàng hôn lấp lánh thơ mông trên dòng sông Cái Nha Trang

Sunset twilight poetry on the Cai Nha Trang river (Photo collection)

Cai River is an attractive and attractive tourist destination . Take a tour of Nha Trang to discover the beauty of this river.


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