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Duc An ancient house has ancient Asian beauty in Hoi An

Duc An Ancient House is located in the system of old houses preserved and taken on tourist tours in Hoi An Ancient Town. This place not only attracts visitors by its oriental style of design, but it also contains countless deep historical meanings.

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Ngôi nhà cổ tới 180 năm tuổi

Old house up to 180 years old (PHOTO ST)

Duc An Old House is located at 129 Tran Phu Street – right in the heart of Hoi An ancient town. Not only that, it is also very close to the Japanese Covered Bridge, so it has received a lot of attention from visitors when coming here. With a lifespan of more than 180 years, the house is ancient and quiet, showing the mark of time as well as ancient cultural features in every detail.

Đây không chỉ là niềm tự hào của chủ nhân ngôi nhà, mà còn là của cả phố Hội

This is not only the pride of the homeowner, but also of the entire Hoi Hoi Street (PHOTO ST)

Not only preserving the overall state of the house, but even the small items inside such as each brush or ink pen are also carefully maintained by the owner of this place, as just to show the devotion to the old father, but just to give visitors a more realistic view of the ancient culture here.

Up to now, there have been 6 generations living in this house, and every year it is restored to preserve almost the beauty of the ancient times.

Không gian cổ kính bên trong nhà được gìn giữ cẩn thận

The ancient space inside the house is well preserved (PHOTO ST)

Unique architecture of the house

Duc An ancient house has a combination of ancient Vietnamese architecture and Chinese style. Its overall area is quite large compared to a house right in the center of the old town. With a length of 39m and a width of up to 7m, it has a tubular structure and a courtyard in the middle.

Nét kiến trúc Á Đông cổ kính

Ancient oriental architecture (PHOTO ST)

Right in front of the house is a 3-door system, in the middle is the main door and 2 sides are 2 large windows, only about 70 – 80 inches from the ground. Especially, the whole front part is made of wood, adding to the ancient atmosphere of the house at first sight. Moreover unlike other old houses, 3 doors here are quite unique. The main door uses a low door, which is not more than an adult’s head. And the other two doors do not use the door, but use horizontal wooden boards, or as the people call it as the door of the plywood.

Cánh cửa đặc biệt của ngôi nhà

The special door of the house (ST PHOTO)

Like other old houses in Hoi An, Duc An ancient houses are familiar with yin and yang tiles. Underneath the tile is a system of beams and ceilings made of wood, built firmly and steadily over time even after hundreds of years have passed.

Các vật dụng bằng gỗ trong nhà

Indoor wooden objects (PHOTO ST)

A special thing in the structure of this house is that it is made up of mostly wood. And that kind of wood is special kieng khieng only in Quang Nam. With that type of wood, the house is able to withstand both hot and humid weather of this sunny and windy Central region.

In addition, the house also takes advantage of natural light, bringing nature into its structure.

Không gian thiên nhiên tại nhà cổ Đức An

The natural space at the ancient Duc An house (PHOTO ST)

The historical meanings forever with time

Not only bearing the meaning of culture and beauty of ancient architecture, Duc An ancient house is also an important witness, associated with the name of comrade Cao Hong Lanh in the resistance war of our country in the past.

Di vật còn lưu lại của người chiến sĩ cách mạng

Remains of revolutionary soldier (PHOTO ST)

At that time, this was the meeting place of patriotic soldiers and young people. And until the years 1925 – 1926, this house officially became the meeting point, discussed by patriotic intellectuals. Therefore, it still preserves many works of the famous patriot Phan Chau Trinh during the period of Duy Tan movement, and especially there are many famous books and newspapers in history such as New Century, Eastern France Times …

Tủ sách cổ được con cháu đời sau lưu giữ chu đáo

Antique bookcase is well kept by descendants (PHOTO ST)

Therefore, this place is considered as a starting point and a lighting place for the patriotism of the children of Central Vietnam, playing a significant role in the victory of our country.

Thus, Duc An ancient house is definitely a place to visit in Hoi An town that you cannot ignore. Come here to feel the beauty of history hidden in everything offline!


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