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Experience going to Van Long lagoon, the sightseeing spot right near Hanoi

It is not natural that the famous film studio Legendary Entertainment chose Van Long lagoon, Ninh Binh as one of the places to place machines for the famous Kong – Skull Island movie. From the captivating beautiful scenes, we have seen how the beauty of Van Long deserves on the international film studio screen.

So whether or not the journey to discover this land with your own eyes is far away or not, let’s follow us to get very specific and detailed tips for the trip.

1. Introduction of Van Long lagoon

Đầm Vân Long cảnh đẹp Ninh Bình

Van Long lagoon (photo collection)

Van Long Lagoon in Ninh Binh Province, just over 80km from Hanoi capital is the largest wetland nature reserve in the Northern Delta delta, with a rich and unique ecosystem. Moreover, this is also the residence of many flora and fauna, very suitable to admire and explore, drop yourself into the romantic nature.

Van Long lagoon still has a wild beauty because it has not had much human impact, has not been exploited much tourism. Therefore, the ecosystem of flora and fauna is extremely diverse and rich, including the population of white-tailed langur named in the red book of the world which is still quite much stored here.

Voọc mông trắng

Delacour’s langur (photo collection)

The weather in late summer and early autumn is the most suitable time for you to go to Van Long lagoon . You can go in the morning to enjoy the wonderful feeling, quiet, close to nature. Or in the afternoon is the time to admire the diversity of flora and fauna here, watching the sunsets gradually fade behind the mountains …

2. How to get to Van Long from Hanoi?

If traveling by motorbike and departing from Hanoi, you should go early in the morning to have more time to enjoy and relax during the trip. Depart at 7am, you go along Highway 1A to Gian Khau junction then turn right, go straight about 4km to see the signpost, go another 3km to Van Long marina. The total travel time takes about 2-3 hours, 9am to arrive as you can start the journey already.

Phong cảnh hữu tình của đầm Vân Long

The charming scenery of Van Long lagoon (photo collection)

If traveling by bus, you catch the car at Giap Bat station, My Dinh. Ticket price is about 60,000 VND / person. Get off at Gian Khau intersection then take a motorbike taxi or a taxi to Van Long boat station.

Especially on the way, you can stop at the Gian Khau fork to enjoy special eel vermicelli here. In the chilly weather of the early morning, enjoying delicious eel noodles specialties to prepare for the trip is nothing.

3. Journey to discover Van Long wetland

When you arrive, you have the option of going either way. Ticket price for sightseeing and boat trip is about 100,000 VND / boat for 2 people traveling within 1h-1h30p. After finishing the journey you can send a little more drivers because they are also extremely enthusiastic to become a guide to take you to visit here.

Những người lái đò ở đây rất thân thiện và nhiệt tình

The boat people here are very friendly and enthusiastic (photo collection)

Go on boat to visit the lake

Sitting on the boat, you will see Van Long wetland like a pristine oil painting that attracts the eyes of the viewers. Because in this place, in addition to the majestic mountain scenery, you can also float on a boat between four green surfaces, under the water in moss and algae appear as beautiful as colorful coral reefs. . The water here is also a clear color, and you can see the creatures below, looking down at the lake, silhouetted against the sky, majestic mountains, what a poetic and poetic scene. There are scattered grasses and grasses swaying in the wind. In the distance, far away are the white storks, le le, chong, and storks … leisurely foraging or dangling in the air.

Đi thuyền ở đầm Vân Long

Take photos on the boat (collectibles photo)

Visit the caves

Traveling to Van Long lagoon is also attractive in that in addition to visiting a charming picture of water, visitors can also visit the beautiful sparkling caves with stalactites hanging down in thousands of shapes. The eroded mountain ranges, grottoes and fascinating shapes are also the hiding places for many interesting and unique animals. Some beautiful caves that you can visit: Ca Cave, Bong cave, Turtle cave, Chanh cave …

Bên trong hang động

Inside the cave (photo collection)

If you come to visit Van Long lagoon in the morning, the feeling is wonderful, smooth, cool suitable for those who want to be close to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. By the end of the afternoon you can admire the diversity of flora and fauna, watch the sunset sinking behind the volcanic masses, leaving the white storks fluttering between the purple sunset sky as in the lyrics, At that time, you will surely know this place is a land that holds two peaceful hours of soul.

Hopefully, with all the summary of Van Long lagoon tourism experience in the above day, you will have enough information to make your trip in the most convenient and interesting way about this charming country. . When returning, please remember to review us the feelings when coming here with offline.


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