Ultimate Solo Travel Guide to Ben Tre – Detailed Tips

July 17, 2020 5 mins to read

Ben Tre, located in the southern water region of Vietnam, boasts numerous scenic spots and is renowned for its delicious coconut-based dishes. In today’s post, Vietnampeace.com provides a comprehensive itinerary for solo travel to Ben Tre, making your visit even more convenient.

What makes Ben Tre a fascinating destination?

Ben Tre is famous for its vast network of rivers and waterways in the Mekong Delta region. With its lush mangrove forests and pristine waterways, Ben Tre is a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts.

Ben Tre is also known for its unique culinary experiences. You can savor distinctive dishes such as banh xeo (Vietnamese savory crepes) and hu tieu (noodle soup). Notably, grilled pork with honey is an exceptionally unique dish found only here. Ben Tre has become a popular tourist spot with its breathtaking natural landscapes and distinctive culture. So, when is the best time to visit Ben Tre? How do you get there? Let’s explore more in the following sections.

How to get to Ben Tre?

To reach Ben Tre, rent a personal car or take a taxi from Saigon to Ben Tre. The anticipated route will be via National Highway 1A and National Highway 60, taking approximately 2-3 hours, depending on traffic.

Alternatively, you can take a bus to Ben Tre and board it at the Eastern Bus Station in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, many bus companies have routes from HCMC to Ben Tre. You can choose Kim Hoang Bus, with ticket prices of around 120,000 VND per ticket, or Minh Tam Bus, with around 70,000 VND per ticket.

Once you arrive in Ben Tre, you can rent a bicycle or a motorbike to explore this captivating region. Walking is also great for visiting unique tourist spots like coconut forests, mangrove forest canals, and traditional water villages.

What to Do When Traveling Solo in Ben Tre?

When choosing solo travel, planning your itinerary and destinations carefully is essential. Refer to the following information about fun activities in Ben Tre to enhance your travel experience.

Fruit Orchards

Ben Tre is famous for its expansive fruit orchards, filled with tropical fruits, especially coconut and durian trees. Visiting the fruit orchards in Ben Tre allows travelers to immerse themselves in a world of natural flavors and vibrant colors.

With vast spaces, these fruit orchards provide a hands-on fruit-picking experience and a glimpse into the lives of local farmers. Exploring the local fruit orchards helps you understand how farmers cultivate such delicious and sweet fruits. You can also consider purchasing specific fruits from Ben Tre as gifts, ensuring freshness and safety straight from the orchards.

Ecotourism Areas

Apart from visiting fruit orchards, you can opt for ecotourism areas as destinations for your Ben Tre journey. Ben Tre offers many prominent and renowned ecotourism areas, such as Con Phung, Lan Vuong, Phu An Khang, and Dai Loc. These areas typically feature extensive coconut tree landscapes and various exciting games characteristic of the Mekong Delta farmers. You can participate in activities like mud crab catching, boat rowing, coconut tree climbing, and monkey bridge crossing when visiting.

Besides the exciting activities, these ecotourism areas stand out for their quality restaurants serving local dishes like pink perch hotpot, fermented fish noodle soup, and coconut water-boiled shrimp. After exploring these areas, you can purchase fruits or souvenir candies as gifts for friends and family.

Vam Ho Bird Garden

Situated amidst a mangrove forest and surrounded by swamps, Vam Ho Bird Garden is a habitat and breeding ground for many rare bird species. When visiting, tourists can observe and photograph various birds, such as white storks, black storks, and numerous duck species. Especially during the migratory bird season, Vam Ho Bird Garden becomes a captivating destination as thousands of migratory birds gather, creating a marvelous natural spectacle.

Spiritual Tourism

Ben Tre is renowned for its beautiful nature and unique cuisine and serves as a spiritual destination for travelers. The region’s proximity to the Mekong River hosts numerous temples and ancient shrines, offering a unique spiritual experience.

Among the notable spiritual places in Ben Tre is Vinh Trang Pagoda, a famous Buddhist temple with beautiful architecture and symbolic Buddha statues in Eastern style. Additionally, you can visit Tuyen Linh Pagoda, which has a history of over 150 years. During wartime, it served as a hiding place and nurtured many revolutionary leaders, enduring bombing attacks. Despite this, the pagoda still stands tall, maintaining the solemnity of Buddhism.

We’ve shared comprehensive information about addresses, transportation methods, and recommended stops for your solo trip to Ben Tre. Wishing you a convenient and enjoyable journey of exploration in Ben Tre. Join Vietnampeace.com to seize the best surprise deals! Have a memorable trip!

Du lịch sông nước miền Tây Nam Bộ

River tourism in the Southwest region (Photo Collection)

Du lịch miệt vườn Bến Tre

Ben Tre garden tour (Photo Collection)

Hấp dẫn với vườn dâu đỏ chín

Attractive with ripe red strawberry garden (Photo Collection)

Đặc sản Bến Tre - Sầu riêng Cái Mơn

Specialty Ben Tre – Durian in Cai Mon (Photo Collection)

Chủ vườn chia sẻ bí quyết trồng cây

Garden owners share secrets of planting trees (Photo Collection)

Khám phá miệt vườn Bến Tre

Explore Ben Tre garden (Photo Collection)

Tại chợ lách có nhiều vườn trái cây thơm ngon

There are many delicious fruit orchards at the market (Photo Collection)

Những chùm chôm chôm hấp dẫn

Rambutan bunches (Photo Collection)

Chụp hình tại vườn trái cây Bến Tre

Taking photos at Ben Tre orchard (Photo Collection)

Tham quan miệt vườn Bến Tre

Visit Ben Tre garden (Photo Collection)

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