Experience the Untouched Beauty of Hon Heo in Ninh Hoa, Nha Trang

July 15, 2020 6 mins to read

Hon Heo in Nha Trang is a haven for travelers who appreciate the beauty of mountains and the open sea. This destination offers a place where your soul can roam freely, allowing you to temporarily set aside the worries accumulated after a challenging workweek. The area retains the pristine beauty of its early days, adding a touch of dreaminess and enchantment with its white sandy coves, golden sunlight, and the sea.

Where is Hon Heo Nha Trang Located?

Hon Heo peninsula – Nha Trang, also known as Phuoc Ha Son, with about a dozen undulating mountains chasing each other as swarms of green dragons prostrate between Nha Phu Lagoon and Van Phong Bay. Ninh Hoa district has three successive peaks, several hundred meters high, like a screen breaking the waves, shielding the wind of the villagers, and creating beautiful beaches like the crescent moon.

The beach is stretched with clear blue sea and pure white sand (Photo ST)

This place has an archipelago of more than ten large and small mountains, and Hon Heo is the highest (813 m) in the middle. According to the residents here, many people cross the sea to reach the top of Phuoc Ha Son to get some kinds of rattan, have extensive and long trays to make caskets, chests, wardrobes, chairs, … or especially make sticks, people we call it the rafters So the name Hon Heo starts from there. It was mainly the revolutionary base of the army and the people of Khanh Hoa in the anti-American and anti-French periods. It has made a mark with the heroic example of hero Nguyen Phan Vinh in the anti-American resistance war—country of our people.

View of Hon Heo Island from a distance (Photo ST)

The Legend of the Name “Hon Heo”

According to local tales, the name “Hon Heo” has been around for a long time.

Legend has it that the summit of Phuoc Ha Son is abundant with precious wood, mainly cloud wood. The cloud wood on this mountain is long, large, flexible, and sturdy. This attracted numerous traders to the island to exploit cloud wood to make cabinets, beds, shelves, etc. Some craftsmen began crafting this wood into support sticks (called “cay heo”). Later, the support sticks (“cay heo”) made from Phuoc Ha Son wood became increasingly renowned for their quality and utility. Over time, people changed the name from Phuoc Ha Son to Hon Heo for easier remembrance and pronunciation.

Bathing while watching the mountain scenery (Picture ST)

When should you travel to Hon Heo Ninh Hoa?

The experience of visiting Hon Heo in Nha Trang varies depending on the season, and choosing the right time for your trip depends on personal preferences.

Nha Trang’s climate is distinctly divided into two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. During the peak tourist months (from January to June), there is a significant influx of visitors, especially during holidays and weekends. Conversely, from late October onwards, the number of tourists decreases as the weather turns cooler, making it suitable for those seeking a relaxing and energy-relieving getaway.

In general, the most suitable time to travel to Hon Heo Ninh Hoa is from July to September each year. This period features favorable weather conditions in Nha Trang, with moderate temperatures, minimal rainfall, and beautiful sunshine.

What Makes Hon Heo Ninh Hoa Nha Trang Attractive?

The Hon Heo Peninsula stands out as the most captivating destination in the coastal city of Nha Trang, offering an abundance of surprises that will leave you amazed at every turn.

Hon Heo Ninh Hoa Sea Tourism

Surrounded by various islands, including Hon Lao, Hon Ro, Hon Lang, Hon Thi, and Hon Sam, Hon Heo is like a precious gem, embraced by calm and clear turquoise waters and adorned with a stretch of white sandy beaches, preserving its pristine and rustic beauty.

Thanks to the natural beauty bestowed by Mother Nature, visitors exploring Hon Heo can effortlessly capture hundreds of stunning and picturesque photographs.

A glimpse of Hoa Lan Stream Ecotourism Area (Photo ST)

Experiencing Simple Life on Hon Heo

On Hon Heo Island, you can rent tents for camping by the beach. The morning markets offer a variety of fresh and affordable seafood for visitors to explore and purchase.

As the island remains relatively untouched, encountering wandering troops of monkeys or sudden appearances of white-headed langurs is not uncommon. Although mischievous, most wildlife on the island tends not to disturb tourists.

Entertainment activities on the island are diverse, ranging from kayaking and snorkeling to parasailing. These activities are suitable for thrill-seekers looking to conquer challenges.

Tourists visit the cashew area (Photo ST)

Exploring Hoa Lan Stream on Hon Heo

Venturing deeper into the island, visitors will reach the Hoa Lan Ecotourism area. Hoa Lan Spring is home to various precious orchids, including the rarest one, the Paphiopedilum, characterized by its light purple color, distinctive red beak, and enchanting fragrance. This orchid is expensive, hard to find, and exclusive to Hon Heo Nha Trang.

Hoa Lan Stream is formed by numerous small streams, offering clear water throughout the year. The babbling streams and the distant melodies of singing birds create a tranquil atmosphere for visitors.

While at Hoa Lan, don’t miss the chance to experience waterfall bathing, boat trips, squid fishing, or spending a night in a traditional stilt house.

You can check in at the entrance to the Hoa Lan stream (Photo ST)

What to Eat When Visiting Hon Heo Nha Trang

When you visit Hon Heo, you can’t miss the opportunity to savor the incredibly delicious fresh seafood. You’ll have the chance to experience the taste of the sea with high-quality ingredients such as crabs, fish, squid, snails, clams, and more.

The culinary scene on Hon Heo is genuinely a masterpiece. Alongside the fresh seafood, there are also local specialties like emu meat and crocodile meat, adding diversity to the island’s small but enticing menu and attracting visitors for culinary exploration.

Waterfall at Hoa Lan stream (Photo ST)

To make your Nha Trang journey even more unique, besides enjoying the local cuisine and exploring Hon Heo, don’t forget to visit other famous landmarks such as Hon Chong Nha Trang, Stone Church, and Dam Market.

In conclusion, Hon Heo Nha Trang is a fascinating destination with its dreamy beauty and unique allure. From the pristine white dunes and lime rock strips with a coastal climate to the rocky cliffs, this island provides unforgettable experiences for travelers in Nha Trang.

Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of Hon Heo Nha Trang and provided helpful information for a beautiful trip. When you visit Hon Heo Nha Trang, you’ll experience the fantastic sea breeze, engage in exciting activities, and explore the unique local culture. Plan your trip and discover the picturesque beauty of Hon Heo Nha Trang today.

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