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Experience Nha Trang Hon Heo, a little wild

Located about 50km from the city of Nha Trang, Hon Heo peninsula of Ninh Hoa town with beautiful beaches stretching and the scenery here also makes us flutter. VNTRIP.VN visit and explore this place! Lest go!

The beach is stretched with clear blue sea and pure white sand (Photo ST)

Hon Heo peninsula – Nha Trang, also known as Phuoc Ha Son with about a dozen undulating mountains chasing each other like swarms of green dragons prostrate between Nha Phu lagoon and Van Phong bay . Ninh Hoa district has 3 successive peaks, several hundred meters high, like a screen breaking the waves, shielding the wind of the villagers and creating beautiful beaches like the crescent moon.

This place consists of an archipelago of more than 10 large and small mountains, Hon Heo is the highest (813 m) in the middle. According to the residents here, there are many people who cross the sea to reach the top of Phuoc Ha Son to get some kinds of rattan, have big and long trays to make caskets, chests, wardrobes, chairs, … or especially make sticks, people we call it the rafters So the name Hon Heo starts from there. Was the revolutionary base of the army and the people of Khanh Hoa in both anti-American and anti-French periods, especially, here it has made a mark with the heroic example of hero Nguyen Phan Vinh in the anti-American resistance war. country of our people.

View of Hon Heo Island from a distance (Photo ST)

Today, if you’ve come to Hon Heo before and when you return, you will be surprised by the rows of tents made of wood-leaves, near the rows of green trees and growing close to the stretch of white sandy beach. The sea surface is always calm here because it is surrounded by Hon Thi, Hon Lao, Hon Sam, Hon Ro, Hon Lang, … Here in the early morning, you will see images of many wild chickens. foraging close to the places where people reside, and monkeys, white-headed langurs, wild boars, deer … often go down to the fields and the sea to destroy and eat leftovers. Seafood here is also very rich, you are spoiled for choices such as fish, shrimp, squid, scallops, snails, crabs, … Especially, you just need to stay in the tent to rest and you can still eat. many kinds of “specialties” such as ostrich meat, crocodile meat, … by providing food services for guests right at the tent.

Bathing while watching the mountain scenery (Picture ST)

With a large area and beautiful beaches, the entertainment services here also develop rapidly such as diving to watch corals, canoeing, canoeing, parasailing, and always attracting tourists. Guests by dedicated service and quite reasonable price. Hon Heo is full of mystery, plenty of airy space to organize picnics, team-building or traditional campfire nights … Besides, the circus animal shows, ostrich rides are very attractive available. willing to please the most fastidious gods. And for tourists “passionate about conquering the height” can participate in mountain climbing on the island.

Going deep into the island, you can also climb to the top of the mountain, through a mangrove forest to a freshwater stream named Hoa Lan in the middle of a forest growing on rocks with countless species of flowers named and nameless, most orchid and especially many rare forest orchids. Coming to Hoa Lan Stream Resort you will feel like living with nature, with the fresh air of the mountains, feeling the freshness from the waterfalls, witnessing the eyes of the rocky cliffs, now very majestic.

A glimpse of Hoa Lan Stream Ecotourism Area (Photo ST)

Hoa Lan stream with cool, clear water mingled with chirping birds, softly scent of forest scent, bringing a pristine pristine beauty but also a place where Cham vestiges are recorded on the rock below at the foot of the stream, the oldest Pham line in Vietnam (according to a recent archaeological research and discovery team).

Tourists visit the cashew area (Photo ST)

You will also explore the circus area with many ingenious performances from animals such as bears, monkeys, elephants, … also take photos with them and feed them or watch the animals live there. here like Australian parrots, sea otters, pheasants, wild birds, deer, rabbits, … especially the small loris (Sloth monkey and phoenix land (Buceros bicornis) are 2 rare animals named in the Red Book. gender.

You can check-in at the entrance to Hoa Lan stream (Photo ST)

If you have a period of experience and look tired, there is a better place to relax. Not to worry because there is a mushroom village fishing service located close to the sea for you to stop to rest after an excursion or swim, enjoy the sea breeze blowing in, feel the sea steam salty, man Cool or sunbathing at sea. At this time, you can lie back on your dad’s chair and enjoy a cool cocktail or lemonade, a great feeling like when you are in Hawaii. There is also a camping area with a capacity of over 800 people. Great for a vacation with family or friends is not it!

Waterfall at Hoa Lan stream (Photo ST)

Hon Heo Island is increasingly becoming a tourist attraction attracting numerous tourists when coming to Nha Trang. What is more interesting when coming to Nha Trang to discover the pristine beauty, wild beauty of this place. Not simply come and go, those who have once visited Hèo island, spent the peaceful night beside peaceful and peaceful forests, or heard the sound of waves lapping us to sleep will surely lingering forever. Nervous nostalgia buried in the depths of my soul of such a wonderful place.


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