Experience of Conquering Fansipan – Choosing Cable Car or Mountain Climbing?

August 4, 2020 5 mins to read

Fansipan – the highest peak in Indochina has long become a “holy land” that travel enthusiasts dream of conquering. At 3,143m above sea level, it’s a problematic height, so you need to research thoroughly before embarking on the journey. Read the following Fansipan experience on Vietnampeace.com for the perfect and safe trip!

1. When is the best time to conquer Fansipan?

Sa Pa is the most popular tourist destination from late September to the end of April each year. However, if you want to experience Fansipan, October and November are the best choices. The climate in Sa Pa during this time is quite pleasant, not too cold, with warm sunshine, convenient for admiring the magnificent scenery from the mountain peak.

2. Experience using the cable car to Fansipan

Using the cable car will make the journey to conquer Fansipan much more accessible for new travelers. Operating since February 2016, the cable car system has been highly praised and loved by many tourists.

Thanks to the support of the cable car, many have turned their dreams into reality, setting foot on Fansipan – the roof of Indochina. Moreover, the journey only takes 15 minutes but provides a delightful experience for everyone.

As you ascend, the air becomes thinner, especially on cold, misty days, limiting visibility. Travelers need to pay attention to the weather to enjoy the scenery of Sa Pa from the high peak.

The journey to conquer Fansipan cannot be complete without mountain climbing. From the starting station, just overcome 600 steps, and you’ll reach the roof of Indochina – the dream of many travelers. The path is short and relatively easy, but to ensure safety, carefully prepare your belongings and hot clothes due to the significant temperature difference.

Round-trip cable car tickets cost 600,000 VND/adult and 400,000 VND/child, valid only for the day, and should not be purchased in advance. The cable car route is 1,400m long, following the flight path from Muong Hoa Valley to the station, 3,000m from Fansipan Peak. Each cabin accommodates from 30 to 35 people. The starting station is in the Fansipan Ledgen area, 3km from Sa Pa Stone Church. To get here, you can rent a taxi (40,000 VND – 50,000 VND) or walk about half an hour following the route below.

3. Secrets of climbing Fansipan

With the advent of the cable car, mountain climbing activities at Fansipan are no longer as they used to be. But for adventure enthusiasts and travel explorers, this joy never diminishes. Those who want to undertake this journey must equip themselves with full protective gear, mountain climbing techniques, and necessary equipment and use professional porters to master the terrain and handle it flexibly.

The journey to climb Fansipan can last 2 to 7 days, depending on individual physical condition. Most people in good health only take 2 – 3 days. The first section, up to 2,000m altitude, is not too difficult, with only a few slightly slippery steep sections. When reaching an altitude of 2,800m, the path becomes more complex, with steep and rugged slopes, but it compensates with magnificent scenery. The majestic mountain scenery, solemn in the wind with floating clouds, creates a grand picture. The most beautiful moment is when you are 300m from the peak. The best part of the journey is in front of you, the roof of Indochina, your achievement. Although the journey is arduous and dangerous, the happiness of conquering the “holy land,” surpassing personal limits, is limitless.

4. Nearby tourist destinations near Fansipan

Combine your journey to explore Fansipan with nearby destinations such as Stone Church, Sa Pa Market, Silver Waterfall – Love Waterfall, O Quy Ho Pass, Bich Van Pagoda, Bao An Pagoda, and other shopping areas…

5. Notes for a perfect trip

According to the experience of Vietnampeace.com, to have a joyful and safe trip, you need to carefully prepare the following factors:

The weather plays a crucial role when conquering Fansipan. Avoid rainy days to prevent slippery roads. Too many clouds also make it difficult to admire the incredible scenery of Sa Pa from above.

Health is the key; whether climbing by cable car or on foot, 600 steps demand good health. Train beforehand before starting the journey.

Prepare protective equipment, warm clothing, a porter, a map, and food for a smooth journey. Don’t forget to clean up garbage to protect nature.

That’s the entire experience of safely and attractively conquering Fansipan from Vietnampeace.com. If you haven’t decided on a holiday destination, pack your bags and head to Sa Pa immediately!

Fansipan – the roof of Indochina (Image: Collection)

Fansipan cable car to the top (Image: Collection)

Panoramic view of Muong Thanh Valley viewed from the cable car (Image: Collection)

The majestic Hoang Lien Son Range (Image: Collection)

Misty city (Image: Collection)

The cable car stops atop Fansipan (Image: Collection)

Map of the way to the starting station (Image: Collection)

A climbing journey to conquer Fansipan peak (Image: Collection)

Leo Fansipan not only conquers nature but also to win himself (Image: Collection)

Panoramic view from Mount Fansipan (Image: Collection)

O Quy Ho Pass passes through the fog (Image: Collection)

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