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July 17, 2020 9 mins to read

To talk about Vietnam’s most famous tourist destinations, Da Nang is always the first mentioned name. Many people come to Da Nang not only once to fill out the “checklist of Vietnam tourist attractions that should come once in their life” but also to Danang because this city is worth living and experiencing. If you intend to go to Da Nang for three days and two nights from Saigon this summer, the experience on Vietnampeace.com is the luggage you need to prepare for your trip.

Going to Da Nang for three days and two nights should prepare what?

Chuẩn bị đầy đủ đồ dùng giúp bạn có một chuyến du lịch hoàn hảo

Fully equipped equipment to help you have a perfect trip

+ Booking air tickets/bus tickets/train tickets

From Saigon to Da Nang, you can travel by bus, train, and plane, even from Da Nang to Saigon. However, with a trip schedule of only three days and two nights, the best way to save time is to travel by plane. Sai Gon – Da Nang flights are exploited by airlines, so it is not difficult for you to book tickets and choose the appropriate flight time. However, if you want to travel cost savings, you should book early or take advantage of the promotions to “hunt” cheap airline tickets.

+ Prepare money and necessary personal documents

Cash, ATM cards, and other necessary personal documents, such as citizenship cards, driver’s licenses, etc., will be essential when you travel. You also do not need to prepare too much cash because Da Nang is a developed city so that you can pay quickly via card at restaurants and entertainment places.

+ Clothes and personal effects

With a trip, the clothes and necessary personal items are indispensable. In particular, the weather in Da Nang during the tourist season is usually quite hot. This will be pretty easy for you in Saigon because you can take away summer clothes. There is nothing new if you are still wondering how to coordinate summer travel this year. Do not forget to refer to the article on Vietnampeace.com.

Personal items to bring with a sure beach trip are not to forget the sunscreen. Do not forget to bring cosmetics and toiletries to perfect your skin during the journey.

+ Da Nang tourist map

A map of Da Nang’s tourist destination will be needed to avoid wasting time on travel planning. You can choose either an online map or a paper map. However, paper tourist maps are often less intuitive than online travel maps.

+ Choosing the Right Time for Your 3-Day, 2-Night Trip to Da Nang

The perfect time to visit a destination is crucial for an optimal travel experience. Understanding the weather conditions is critical for those planning a 3-day, 2-night trip to Da Nang. So, when is the best time to explore Da Nang?

Based on experience, the ideal period for a delightful visit to Da Nang is from January to July, with the peak season from February to May. During this time, the weather is pleasantly cool, with minimal rainfall and average temperatures ranging from 24 to 38 degrees Celsius. It provides an excellent opportunity for sightseeing, exploration, and discovering various attractions. On the other hand, the period from September to October marks the beginning of the rainy season. Despite this, the cost of travel services tends to be more budget-friendly, making it a worthwhile consideration for budget-conscious travelers.

Suggested itinerary Saigon – Da Nang 3 days two nights

Day 1: Saigon – Danang Airport – Son Tra – Marble Mountains – Hoi An

With a short schedule, you should fly early to have more time to explore Danang.

In the morning, after arriving at Danang International Airport, you take a taxi to the hotel to store your luggage and rest, then start your 3-day-2-night Da Nang travel schedule.

The first destination is the Son Tra peninsula, about 10km northeast of Danang city center. This is one of the famous destinations in Da Nang that you should not miss. Here, you can visit Linh Ung Pagoda, take photos to check in, and admire the highest Buddha, Quan Am Bodhisattva Statue in Vietnam.

Bán đảo Sơn Trà Đà Nẵng

Son Tra Peninsula in Danang

The next destination is Ngu Hanh Son. About 8km from the center of Danang city towards Hoi An. This beautiful spot has five limestone mountains rising on a sandy beach. You can visit the temples and caves here.

Marble Mountains

Leaving the Marble Mountains, you continue to move to Hoi An. Despite the short schedule, you can enjoy visiting the beautiful old town. Hoi, An Ancient Town, is most beautiful when the lights are lit in the evening. At this time, you can take photos freely, take a boat ride on the Hoai River, and enjoy famous Hoi An specialties such as high floor, pancakes, and chicken rice….

Phố cổ Hội An

Hoi An

About 21h00 will go from Hoi An to Da Nang, you can visit the Dragon Bridge, walking the sea. Then, return to the hotel to rest, ready for the 2nd day in Da Nang.

Day 2: Ba Na Hills – Han River Cruise

Set an alarm to catch the sunrise in Da Nang. If you choose a coastal hotel or have a beautiful view, the experience of catching the sunrise in Danang will be much better. Then, have breakfast at the hotel and prepare to depart for Ba Na Hills.

Bà Nà Hills

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is like a “miniature Europe in the heart of Da Nang,” so you have no reason to miss this beautiful destination. Because it is a large structure, you have to spend a lot of time exploring this place, usually about one day, to be able to explore it all. You should check out the beautiful places in Ba Na Hills: Golden Bridge, Fantasy Park, Le Jardin d’Amour Flower Garden, French Village, Debay Wine Cellar, Wax Museum, etc.

After spending nearly a day exploring Ba Na Hills, the evening is an excellent time to take a Han River cruise and see Danang City at night, which is extremely beautiful. If you come to Danang on the weekends, you can admire the Dragon Bridge and spit fire and water.

Day 3: My Khe Beach – Love Bridge – Han Market

This is the last day you are in Da Nang, so you should not choose places too far away because it can make you tired when flying to Saigon.


In the morning, you can catch the sunrise and swim in My Khe beach. This is one of the sea cards Forbes magazine named one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. The sea has a length of 900m, a vast coastline, clean, smooth sand, and clear sea water, so it is ideal for swimming. It would be best if you took advantage of bathing early before the sun rises, which causes a burning sensation and makes you prone to sunburn.

My Khe Beach in Danang

After swimming, come back to the hotel to wash and have breakfast. And move to the nearby Love Bridge to check-in.

Finally, visit the famous markets in Danang to buy gifts for friends and relatives. You can visit the Korean market or the Con market. Indigenous people review these markets for many delicious and cheap items.

So, I ended the schedule by exploring Da Nang for three days and two nights, returning to the hotel to get my clothes, and preparing for the airport in Saigon.

Experience choosing “delicious and cheap” accommodation in Da Nang

Để đặt khách sạn đẹp ở Đà Nẵng với giá rẻ thì bạn nên đặt sớm hoặc sử dụng combo du lịch

To book a nice hotel in Da Nang with cheap prices, you should book early or use travel combos

According to your travel experience in Saigon – Da Nang, you should only rent a hotel in Danang for three days and two nights. Because the tourist destinations in Da Nang are usually not too far from each other, the main road is not clogged, so it is straightforward to move to the locations. Booking a 2-day hotel often gets more deals than staying in one place a day. In addition, you do not have to carry luggage from one place to another, which is quite time-consuming.

When booking hotels in Da Nang, you should choose hotels in Hai Chau or Son Tra, which are closer to the tourist destinations. If you prefer to catch the sunrise or go for a walk in the evening, the Danang hotels near My Khe beach are the best choice.

To choose a beautiful, cheap hotel, you should book early, especially avoid hotel reservations during the holidays because the room prices are now much higher. In addition, you can learn how to hunt cheap travel combos, including air tickets and hotel rooms, to save money for your trip.

Some Danang hotels are “delicious and cheap” for your reference, such as Star Hotel Danang, Misa Hotel, Top Hotel, and Bin Star Hotel, …

The delicious dishes in Danang must try

Quang noodles

Mì Quảng Đà Nẵng

Quang Ninh Noodles

One of the famous dishes in Danang that you must try is Quang noodles. Large noodles dyed yellow, when eaten, will feel chewy. Noodles are served with other ingredients such as pork, pork pie, chicken, shrimp, and bone broth. When eating, you will eat with vegetables to increase the attractiveness of the dish.

Vermicelli wedge sauce

Vermicelli wedge fish sauce in Da Nang

Danang fish sauce noodle soup is entirely different from the Western-style bun mam. Danang noodle soup is mixed with pork, silk rolls, peanuts, and raw vegetables. The most critical flavor in Danang fish sauce is the side dish sauce, which differs from the noodles of other places.

Bread soup

Da Nang soup cake

The popular dish tourists love when visiting Da Nang is the banh canh. The long, tough noodles are processed with various ingredients such as fish cake, crab soup, and quail egg soup for you to enjoy.

Pancakes, burned down Da Nang

Pancakes, burned down Da Nang

Banh Xeo, Danang rolls are a snack not to be missed. Compared to pancakes and spring rolls in other places, the pancakes and spring rolls in Da Nang have a unique aroma. The pancakes and spring rolls are enjoyed with raw vegetables, green bananas, star fruit, and sweet and sour sauce.

Pork rolls

Bánh tráng cuốn thịt heo Đà Nẵng

Da Nang pork roll rice paper

Not only Danang but also pork roll rice paper appears in many places. However, the taste differs from place to place, especially in the dipping cup. Da Nang pork roll rice paper has sliced meat, when eating, you will feel the greasyness of a little fat meat. The sauce fits your mouth and is suitable for many people.

Above are all my experiences of traveling Saigon – Da Nang for three days and two nights for your reference. Wish you have a good trip with your friends and loved ones.

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