Explore the Charm of Can Tho in 2 Days and 1 Night – Detailed Guide

July 17, 2020 16 mins to read

Embarking on a 2-day, 1-night journey to Can Tho is ample time to discover the hottest destinations in the Mekong Delta and relish unique and unforgettable local cuisines while immersing yourself in the distinctive charm of the riverine region.

If you’ve grown accustomed to bustling and vibrant tourist spots, consider visiting the Western capital, Can Tho, to experience its simplicity and authenticity. A 2-day, 1-night trip through the most renowned landmarks promises an unforgettable expedition in the land of “white rice and clear water. Check out Vietnampeace.com

1. Best Time to Visit Can Tho for a 2-Day Trip

Can Tho boasts a mild and pleasant climate, with an average temperature of around 27-28 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you can plan your Can Tho trip at any time of the year. The city experiences two seasons – the rainy and dry- each offering unique beauty.

  • Summer Fruit Season: Can Tho, with its fertile land, is home to a plethora of tropical fruits such as durian, milk fruit, mangosteen, and pomelo. You can savor Can Tho’s fruits regardless of when you visit during the year. However, from June to August is the peak ripening season. Mark this on your Can Tho travel guide to indulge in the freshest and most delicious fruits.
  • Floating Season: According to my Can Tho travel experience, this is the season when you can fully appreciate the beauty of the “White Rice and Clear Water” region. From September to November each year, it’s the peak tourist season. What makes Can Tho unique during this time? Visitors can leisurely drift on boats along the canals, admiring the landscape and local life. The high water season also sees bustling floating markets on the river.
  • Pre-Tet (Lunar New Year) Season: If your 2-day, 1-night itinerary aligns with the lead-up to Tet, consider choosing the month of Chạp. During this time, Can Tho begins to welcome the arrival of spring. The streets come alive with vibrant colors and a profusion of flowers. Renowned artists decorate and place flower art installations along major roads and tourist spots for visitors to admire and capture on camera.

2. What should you prepare when traveling to Can Tho?

With the year-round hot and humid weather, it’s essential to be well-prepared when embarking on a 2-day, 1-night solo trip to Can Tho. Here’s a checklist of items to bring:

  • Personal documents (ID card/passport, driver’s license, etc.)
  • Cash and ATM cards
  • In addition to stylish outfits for photo-worthy check-ins, pack a few neat and comfortable sets of clothing for easy movement.
  • Athletic shoes, sandals, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, moisturizer, insect repellent, etc.
  • Fully charged phone, camera, and a power bank
  • If you’re traveling to Can Tho on a motorcycle, ensure the tank is full and equip yourself with some basic knowledge to address potential issues on the road.
  • Have a detailed itinerary for your 2-day, 1-night trip to Can Tho for a more fulfilling experience.
  • Carry common medications such as pain relievers, mentholated oil, antiseptic, stomachache medicine, personal bandages, etc.

3. Transportation for a 2-Day, 1-Night Trip to Can Tho

From Hanoi to Can Tho:

By Plane: Numerous airlines offer flights for your 2-day, 1-night journey to Can Tho, including Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jetstar Pacific, and Bamboo Airways. Currently, ticket prices range from 900,000 VND to 1,300,000 VND for a round trip from Hanoi to Can Tho, with a flight time of 2 hours.

By Bus: If you have more time, consider taking a long-distance bus for your Can Tho trip. Many sleeper bus services operate on the Hanoi – Can Tho route, with ticket prices ranging from 500,000 VND to 800,000 VND per person per trip. Reputable bus companies include Hoàng Long, Tâm Hồng, Hồng Huấn, and Hà Loan.

By Train: Similar to buses, trains take considerable time to travel. If your itinerary is tight for the 2-day, 1-night trip to Can Tho, opting for a train might not be the most practical choice. Moreover, trains do not currently operate directly from Hanoi to Can Tho, so you would need to take a train to Saigon and choose another mode of transportation from Saigon to Can Tho. Based on my experience, traveling by plane is the most reasonable choice.

From Ho Chi Minh City (TP.HCM) to Can Tho:

Given the proximity of TP.HCM to Can Tho, you can consider the following options:

By Bus: Several bus companies operate on the Saigon – Can Tho route. You can quickly reach your destination with a travel time of only 3 hours. Reputable bus companies include Hoàng Long, Liên Hưng, and Mai Linh, with ticket prices ranging from 100,000 VND to 180,000 VND per trip.

Private Car, Motorcycle: If using personal vehicles like cars or motorcycles for your 2-day, 1-night trip to Can Tho, you can follow Highway QL1A towards Can Tho. The road is spacious with clear signage, making it easy to navigate.

Getting Around in Can Tho:

Motorcycle: If you’re confident in your riding skills and traveling with a small group, consider renting a bike for flexible transportation. Rental prices start at 80,000 VND and go up to 150,000 VND daily. You can contact the hotel reception for suitable rental options.

Taxi: Taxis are a popular choice for many tourists, especially if traveling in a group or to avoid the hot weather of the Mekong Delta. However, renting a motorcycle is recommended for a 2-day, 1-night trip to Can Tho to explore the beauty of the “white rice and clear water” region.

What to Eat in Can Tho: 5 Must-Try Local Delicacies

You cannot miss out on these iconic Mekong Delta specialties when exploring Can Tho for two days and one night. Let’s discover these famous dishes together:

1. Lẩu Cá Kèo (Spiny Goby Hot Pot):

Snpiny goby hot pot is a renowned dish in the riverine region, beloved by tourists. The tender and fragrant spiny goby meat is used to prepare dishes such as braised fish and grilled fish with salt and chili. However, the most attractive option remains the Spiny Goby hot pot. The broth has a slightly sour taste, easy to eat, and is served with various greens like water spinach, banana flowers, and wildflowers.

2. Bánh Cống (Vietnamese Fried Prawn Cake):

Bánh cống has a delightful aroma and a crispy texture. The softness of mung beans, blended with the slight richness of shrimp and natural meat, makes it irresistible. Can Tho’s bánh cống is served with fresh vegetables and sweet and sour fish sauce. The perfectly sized cakes can be easily enjoyed one by one, or if you prefer, you can cut them into small pieces and roll them with layers of greens dipped in fish sauce. Take a bite to savor the crispiness, richness, and tenderness of the bánh cống. You won’t forget it.

3. Nem Nướng Cái Răng (Cai Rang Grilled Spring Rolls):

Nem nướng Cái Răng is a pride of Can Tho’s cuisine. The spring rolls are made from fresh pork, perfectly rounded, seasoned with spices, and grilled on red-hot charcoal. The golden skewers of meat, glistening with a layer of shiny fat, need a gentle push with chopsticks to reveal the succulent, fragrant, and hot interior.

Grilled spring rolls from Cái Răng create an irresistible combination when eaten with rice vermicelli and accompanied by aromatic herbs, sour star fruits, bitter bananas, and crisp cucumbers. Roll a piece for a bite, dip it in smooth peanut sauce, and add a bit of crushed peanuts and fresh chili – the more you eat, the more captivating it becomes.

4. Vịt Nấu Chao (Duck Cooked with Fermented Tofu):

During your 2-day, 1-night trip to Can Tho, you must try the dish of duck cooked with fermented tofu. The dish consists of duck cooked with fermented tofu, a type of fermented tofu characteristic of the Mekong Delta. When eating, the restaurant will keep the pot of meat simmering over a lively fire, served with various greens such as mustard greens, water spinach, chrysanthemum, tofu, vermicelli, or noodles.

The duck with fermented tofu should be eaten hot for the best taste. The meat is tender, sweet, fragrant, and infused with the aroma of fermented tofu. To fully enjoy this dish, it’s best to go with friends, sitting around the steaming hot pot, creating a fantastic experience.

5. Bánh Tầm Bì (Thick Noodles and Creamy Coconut Milk in Vietnam):

Bánh tầm bì is one of the distinctive dishes of the Western Delta. Remember to taste this dish during your 2-day, 1-night trip to Can Tho. The dish consists of rice paper, shredded pork skin, and thinly sliced meat covered with a layer of rich coconut milk.

When eating, mix well to allow the coconut milk flavor to permeate each piece of meat, add garlic chili fish sauce, and enjoy it with fresh vegetables. The soft and smooth taste of the rice paper, the rich and creamy flavor of coconut milk combined with the crispy texture of shredded pork skin, and the light fragrance of raw vegetables make it genuinely enticing.

5. Famous Tourist Attractions in Can Tho

When you have two days and one night for your Can Tho trip, don’t forget to visit these famous places:

Ninh Kieu Quay:
Address: Right bank of the Hau River, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho

Ninh Kieu Quay reflects the Mekong Delta’s prosperity and exudes its people’s charm and gentleness. Visitors can take a boat ride on the Hau River, admiring the romantic beauty of the city. Ninh Kieu cruise will take you on a journey along the river while enjoying the traditional music of “đờn ca tài tử.”

What are some things to do at Ninh Kieu Quay in Can Tho? You can explore the night market, shop for handmade crafts, or indulge in local snacks. Stroll in Ninh Kieu Park, enjoy the city’s nighttime beauty and savor the cool breeze with the strong scent of river mud. Sheraton Can Tho Hotel is conveniently located at Ninh Kieu Quay, making it easy for sightseeing.

Cai Rang Floating Market:
Address: 46 Hai Ba Trung Street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho

Your 2-day, 1-night journey to Can Tho wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Cai Rang Floating Market. It is the biggest market in Can Tho, with various fresh fruits displayed on boats from early morning. Experience the unique feeling of shopping on swaying boats surrounded by water.

Besides selling fruits, local boat vendors offer various agricultural products. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste hot “bun rieu” soup on a boat. Cai Rang Floating Market is a must-visit tourist destination in Can Tho.

Tran Phu Night Market:
Address: Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho

If you are a food enthusiast, do not miss Tran Phu Night Market during your 2-day trip to Can Tho. This place is full of seafood stalls and local specialties of the Mekong Delta at reasonable prices. You can enjoy various dishes such as grilled clams with scallion oil, squid with tamarind sauce, or grilled snails.

Apart from seafood, the market also offers a variety of pre-cut fruits and snacks such as sweet soup, fast food, and fried dishes for you to choose from.

Binh Thuy Ancient House:
Address: 142/144 Bui Huu Nghia Street, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho

Binh Thuy Ancient House, over 100 years old, is considered the most beautiful ancient house in Can Tho and has been featured in many famous movies. The house, designed in French architectural style with an area of 6,000m2, is surrounded by seasonal flowers and plants. It consists of five rooms, a central area used for worship, and a backyard for communal activities. The entire house is adorned with unique European patterns, providing valuable insights into the local culture and life.

Con Son Garden:
Address: Binh Thuy District, Can Tho

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, experience the life of local people in the Mekong Delta at Con Son Garden. With abundant fruit orchards and ponds full of fish and shrimp, you can immerse yourself in nature and discover local life through fishing, crab catching, snail hunting, or boat paddling.

When in Con Son, don’t miss the chance to taste the delicious local dishes, including field crab, grilled snakehead fish, banh xeo (Vietnamese crispy pancake), and banh khot (mini savory pancakes). Another unique feature is witnessing flocks of storks returning to their nests in the late afternoon.

6. Souvenirs to Buy During a 2-day Trip to Can Tho

During your 2-day, 1-night trip to Can Tho, ensure you bring back these renowned local specialties as gifts for your family, friends, or yourself:

Banh Tet (Cylindrical Glutinous Rice Cake):Can Tho’s Banh Tet with purple leaves look visually appealing? The cake has a chewy texture from glutinous rice, a sweet taste from the meat, and a richness from green beans. Notable Banh Tet makers include Huynh Thi Trong, Banh Tet Chin Cam, and Banh Tet Tu Dep. These cakes are available in the Xuan Khanh and An Thoi markets.

Sau Tia Plum Wine:

Made from An Phuoc plums and pink cherries, Sau Tia plum wine is produced through cooking, fermenting, and distilling. It contains no alcohol or other chemicals, preserving its rich and authentic flavor, which improves with time.

Local Fruits:

Fresh, juicy fruits are the perfect gifts from the Mekong Delta. Consider buying fruits like durian, mangosteen, pomelo, or strawberries.

Pizza Hu Tieu:

Unlike the traditional pizza, Hu Tieu pizza from the Mekong Delta features rice noodle tubes blanched and fried to a golden brown, topped with fried eggs, shredded pork, and coconut milk broth. Add some scallions and peanuts and a delicious Hu Tieu pizza. It’s a unique and enjoyable gift for your friends.

These local delicacies and souvenirs represent Can Tho’s distinctive flavors and make for thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

7. Suggested 2-day Itinerary for Can Tho Trip

7.1. Itinerary Option 1

Day 1: Explore Can Tho’s Ecotourism Areas and City Highlights
– Morning: Explore famous ecotourism areas such as My Khanh Village, Ong De, and Phong Dien. Engage in traditional folk games like catching fish in bamboo pipes or walking on bridges. Enjoy tropical fruits like durian, jackfruit, and mangosteen, and purchase some as gifts.
– Evening: Return to the city center, visit Ninh Kieu Quay, listen to traditional “don ca tai tu” music on the Hau River, stroll on Can Tho Bridge, visit the night market, and indulge in local street food.

Day 2: Experience Cai Rang Floating Market and Taste Mekong Delta Cuisine
– Early morning: Visit Cai Rang Floating Market; arrive around 4 am for a bustling market experience. Buy fresh fruits and various agricultural products as souvenirs. Don’t miss trying the hot bun rieu soup on a boat for breakfast, a unique and delightful experience.
– Throughout the day: Explore famous local dishes like a hotpot with snakehead fish, Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancake), Banh Cong, grilled duck with fermented tofu, and pork skewers. Most eateries are concentrated around the Ninh Kieu area.

7.2. Itinerary Option 2

Day 1: Airport Pickup – Visit Can Tho’s Orchards
– After arriving at the airport, visit Binh Thuy Ancient House, explore fish farms in Con Son Garden, take photos for check-ins, and have lunch at the garden.
– Afternoon: Participate in local activities in Con Son, visit fruit orchards, and purchase fresh fruits for your family. In the evening, stroll through the night market, shop, dine, and enjoy the breeze on Can Tho Bridge.

Day 2: Cai Rang Floating Market – Hu Tieu Workshop – Hu Tieu Pizza – Fruit Orchards
– Early morning: Wake up early to visit Cai Rang Floating Market, witness the bustling trade scene, and purchase local products from the boats.
– Later, visit a fresh Hu Tieu noodle workshop and consider buying Hu Tieu pizza as a gift.
– Lastly, explore fruit orchards and enjoy the typical tropical fruits of the region. Buy some sweet and inexpensive fruits as gifts for your family. Consider other Mekong Delta destinations or a Can Tho – Con Dao 2-day tour.

8. Estimated Cost for a 2-day Can Tho Trip

Based on experience, the estimated cost for a 2-day, 1-night trip to Can Tho includes various expenses:
– Flight: Hanoi – Can Tho: approximately 1,000,000 VND/person.
– Cai Rang Floating Market tour with breakfast: 600,000 VND/person.
– Motorbike rental: 150,000 VND/day.
– Dining: Around 200,000 VND/meal.
– Souvenirs: 300,000 VND.
The total estimated cost is 3,000,000 VND/person.

For those traveling from Ho Chi Minh City, the estimated cost is around 2,000,000 VND/per person.

Note: These costs are approximate and subject to change based on different circumstances.

This comprehensive guide includes travel itineraries, budget estimates, and practical tips for an unforgettable 2-day journey in Can Tho. I hope these insights help you plan and experience a wonderful trip to Can Tho!

Hình ảnh thành phố Cần Thơ từ trên cao (Ảnh sưu tầm)

Traveling to Can Tho city from above (collection source)

Mùa du lịch Cần Thơ lý tưởng nhất (khoảng tháng 6, 7, 8)

Hard-working in Can Tho garden (collectibles source)

From September to November is the flooding season, coming to Can Tho in this season you will see water flooding the field, everywhere you see water.

Mùa nước nổi ở xứ Tây Đô (nguồn sưu tầm)

Floating season in Tay Do (collected sources)

Sắc hoa rực rỡ ngày giáp tết (nguồn sưu tầm)

Colorful flowers on Tet holiday (collectibles source)

Chợ tấp nập, nhộn nhịp (nguồn sưu tầm)

Busy, bustling market (collectibles source)

Đi du lịch Cần Thơ ghé thăm vườn tưới cây (nguồn sưu tầm)

Traveling Can Tho to visit garden watering plants (collectibles source)

Khách tham quan vườn trái cây (nguồn sưu tầm)

Visitors to the orchard (collectibles source)

Kiến trúc độc đáo bên ngoài nhà cổ (nguồn sưu tầm)

Unique architecture outside the ancient house (collectibles source)

Nội thất bên trong nhà cổ (nguồn sưu tầm)

Interior of an ancient house (collectibles source)

Các tour du lịch cần thơ ngắm đàn cò Bằng Lăng (nguồn sưu tầm)

Can Tho sightseeing tours to Bang Lang storks (collection source)

Bến Ninh Kiều ban đêm (nguồn sưu tầm)

Ninh Kieu Wharf at night (source collect)

Du lịch Cần Thơ Bến Ninh Kiều ban ngày (nguồn sưu tầm)

Can Tho Tourism Ben Ninh Kieu by day (collection source)

Cổng vào làng du lịch (nguồn sưu tầm)

Entrance to the tourist village (collectibles source)

Đua lợn ở Mỹ Khánh (nguồn sưu tầm)

Pig racing in My Khanh (source collect)

Toàn cảnh cầu Cần Thơ (nguồn sưu tầm)

Overview of Can Tho Bridge (collection source)

Ong pagoda

Kiến trúc Trung Hoa của chùa Ông (nguồn sưu tầm)

Chinese architecture of Ong temple (collectibles source)

Thiền viện nhìn từ trên cao (nguồn sưu tầm)

Meditation from above (collection source)

Tay Do night market

Chợ đêm Tây Đô nhìn từ bên ngoài (nguồn sưu tầm)

Photo of Tay Do night market from outside (collection source)

Du lịch Cần Thơ không thể bỏ qua bánh xèo hấp dẫn (nguồn sưu tầm)

Can Tho tourism cannot ignore attractive pancakes (collectibles source)Một phần lẩu mắm (nguồn Foody.vn)

Part of hotpot sauce (source Foody.vn)

Porridge cooked duck

Món ăn lừng danh ở Cần Thơ (nguồn sưu tầm)

The famous dish in Can Tho (source collect)

Đậm đà cá lóc nướng trui (nguồn sưu tầm)

Deep-fried grilled snakehead fish (collection source)

Nem nướng lạ mắt (nguồn sưu tầm)

Fancy grilled spring rolls (collectibles source)Du lịch ở Cần Thơ thưởng thức Ốc nướng tiêu hấp dẫn (nguồn sưu tầm)

Traveling in Can Tho to enjoy attractive grilled snails (collectibles source)Bánh tét lá cẩm (nguồn sưu tầm)

Specialties of banh tet leaves (collection source)

Dâu Hạ Châu (nguồn sưu tầm)

Strawberry Ha Chau (source collect)

Đặc sản khô nhái (nguồn sưu tầm)

Dried specialties (collectibles source)

Bánh tráng Thuận Hưng (nguồn sưu tầm)

Rice paper Thuan Hung (source collect)

Rượu mận Sáu Tia món quà đặc biệt du lịch Cần Thơ (nguồn sưu tầm)

Sau Tia plum wine special gift for Can Tho tourism (collectibles source)

224 Street 30/4, Xuan Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho
Price from 972,000 VND / night

Khách sạn Iris Hotel Can ThoPhòng nghỉ với tông màu ấm áp (nguồn sưu tầm)

Room with warm tones (collection)

Nhà ăn hiện đại, sang trọng (nguồn sưu tầm)

Modern and luxurious cafeteria (collectibles source)

Bể bơi của khách sạn (nguồn sưu tầm)

Hotel swimming pool (collectibles source)

Khách sạn Holiday One Hotel

Phòng ngủ tiện nghi (nguồn sưu tầm)

Comfortable bedroom (collectibles source)

Bể bơi ngoài trời (nguồn sưu tầm)

Outdoor pool (collectibles source)

Khách sạn Tay Ho Hotel

Tay Ho Hotel – 1 Star Hotel

Phòng ngủ đầy đủ tiện nghi (nguồn sưu tầm)

Fully furnished bedrooms (collectibles source)

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