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Fantasy Huyen Khong Cave among the sacred mountains of Ngu Hanh Son in Da Nang

Located in the highest mountain of Ngu Hanh Son scenic area (Da Nang), Huyen Khong cave is the place where people come back to the magical spiritual source between the sacred rocky mountains. Huyen Khong Cave is like an air conditioner of nature on hot summer days.

Động Huyền Không (Ảnh: ST)

Huyen Khong Cave (Image: ST)

Huyen Khong Cave is a beautiful and mysterious cave with great spiritual value in Ngu Hanh Son range. Ancient books from 1806 have written: Dong Bo wharf in Hoan Ky Dong commune has a mountain range with five mountains divided into Kim, Moc, Thuy, Hoa and Tho named Non Nuoc mountains.

This is an attractive spiritual tourist destination in Da Nang , located in the South East about 8 km from the center of Danang City. The cave is located on Thuong Thai peak, one of the three peaks of Thuy Son and is also the highest mountain in the Ngu Hanh Son range.

Marble Mountains (Image: ST)

Huyen Khong Khong cave is open, has a round arch, flat background, has five holes on the arch to connect with the outside, helping sunlight into the cave to make it shimmering. The entrance to the cave has a vaulted gate with 3 words Huyen Khong Quan, the gate is quite narrow, quite deep steps, there are statues of Mr. Thien and Mr. Evil in the middle of the cave, a reminder of people to abandon evil thoughts when they arrive at the sacred Buddha door.

Visitors need to step down 5m behind Hoa Nghiem cave, with more than 20 steps, to access Huyen Khong cave. The cave is like a giant bell face, with a circumference of about 25m, valuable both in spirituality and geological and archeological sciences.

Coming to the cave on a beautiful day, the sun shines down through the dome, you will see the most beautiful marble beauty in the cave. In the late 19th century, based on stone material, the French named the landscape “Marble Mountains” (Les montagnes de marbre).

Huyen Khong Cave (Image: ST)

The special thing between Huyen Khong cave and cave like Thien Cung, Sung Sot cave (Ha Long), Phong Nha, Tien Son, Thien Duong (Phong Nha – Ke Bang) cave is cool and light enough. bright sunlight, not damp and have to install electric lights but still see the magic shimmer of stalactites. Huyen Khong Cave is like an air conditioner of nature on hot summer days.

Dynamic domed light (Image: ST)

The highest one in the cave is the statue of Sakyamuni Buddha sculpted by craftsman Nguyen Chat in 1960, a famous artist of Non Nuoc stone carving village. Below the Shakyamuni Buddha image is an altar of Ksitigarbha Buddha.

On the left of the cave is the temple of Ngoc Phi (Mrs Chua Tien), visitors can come to pray for fortune; and the temple of Lady Phi Phi (Lord Thuong Ngan), bless her peace and health.

Huyen Khong Cave (Image: ST)

Going deep into the right-hand side is Trang Nghiem Tu built in 1825, bearing the ancient and sacred features. Trang Nghiem Tu has three compartments: the center of worshiping Quan Am Buddha; on the left side are the three saints, Quan Công, Guan Bình and Châu Xương, which symbolize virtue, bravery, and loyalty; Especially, there is a space on the right hand to worship Ong To, Ba Nguyet, couples who love to go to Nguyet Lao Bridge will have a hundred years of happiness.

The cave is cool and well lit (Image: ST)

In addition, on the tops of Thuy Son, there is an ancient Tam Thai temple. In 1825, in traveling to Ngu Hanh Son, King Minh Mang erected a pagoda, and this place was considered Quoc Tu. There was a princess, the daughter of King Gia Long who came here to become a renunciate. In addition to Huyen Khong Cave, there is no Linh Ung Pagoda, Hanh Cung, Vong Giang Dai (river watching stations).

Thuy Son (Image: ST)

Female artist Bang Nhan when coming to this land was angry about the famous scene of a famous Marble Mountains:

“What scene is better than this one,
Penglai is a forerunner.
Chen mountain is mixed with brocade color,
The pagoda is tinged with smoke and clouds.
Guard fishermen need to rest on the water,
Woodcutter against the tree backrest.
Look at the scenery to please the guests,
Taking off the eyes of the Annamites.

Many cliffs around the cave wall have unique shapes, such as the tilted face of an old man, are ostrich or crane, the elephant with two heads, the stork has a long and pointed beak …
There are also strange stalactites, such as the stalactite called Mother Mother, which used to be wet with water, but many people touched it, so now the water is no longer wet.

Marble in the cave (Image: ST)

Xuanzong Cave has no historical significance besides the spiritual meanings. This is the secret base of the local guerrillas in the resistance against the French. During the Vietnam War, the US military chose Huyen Khong Cave as a training ground for commandos and garrisons for several US-Wei units. Liberation troops drove them out of this place in 1968, Huyen Khong became a first aid station and a refuge for wounded soldiers.

On the altar in Huyen Khong cave is Thien YA Na – Lord Ngoc. Previously many people came here to pray for the grace of pregnant women, then they went into the cave and drank water on the stalactites. Today no longer such practices.

Dynamic entrance (Image: ST)


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