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Get lost in the culinary paradise at Dalat night market

Dalat is a beautiful city despite space and time. If Dalat at the day brought the dreamy beauty of the city of thousands of flowers, at night Da Lat would become shimmering, fanciful and full of life. Immerse yourself in the cool atmosphere of the highland city at night, walk to Dalat night market to see the bustle and bustle of a fair market creating a unique culture for this place.

Bức tranh nhộn nhịp chợ đêm Đà Lạt

The bustling picture of Dalat night market (photo ST)

Chợ đêm Đà Lạt náo nhiệt và sầm uất

Da Lat night market is busy and busy (photo ST )

Bustling night market, attracting a lot of tourists to visit, this place is always one of the favorite tourist destinations in Dalat. Tourists come here to shop for souvenirs, clothes or enjoy delicious and cheap snacks that make the reputation of Dalat cuisine such as grilled rice paper, grilled skewers, soya milk, flour cake. strain the cup, wet chicken heart cake, …

Những đặc sản chợ đêm Đà Lạt quên đường về

Specialties forget the way back at Dalat night market (photo ST)

The food at Dalat Night Market has a small attraction, fascinating both the taste and touch that makes it hard for anyone to resist. At night, the foggy city becomes more chilly, so the night dishes here are extremely rich, most of them have an interesting “blowing and eating” property.

1. Snail shop with characteristics of Dalat night market

The image of a snail carrying shop appearing at dusk has become a feature of Dalat night market . Called the snail shop because the vendors carried their stalls on their shoulders and went to the market.

Những gánh hàng trăm loài ốc tại chợ đêm Đà Lạt

Hundreds of snails carrying species at Dalat night market (photo ST)

Eye-catching stalls full of shellfish and shellfish are placed on low plastic chairs. Visitors come here to enjoy the gathering around the side of the fire is the charcoal fire stove used to cook snails. Any fried snails, steamed boiled, grilled onions … hundreds of types of processing must say delicious fire spread.

Sò điệp nướng mỡ tại chợ đêm Đà Lạt

Scallop grilled with grease and delicious onions (ST image)

In the night mist in the cold of this plateau city, the loads of snails seem to be a great product for many visitors. Using a few dishes of snails and sipping a cup of ginger tea is nothing!

2. Grilled meat skewers at Da Lat night market

No one can resist the seductive scent filled with “deadly” of the skewers of barbecue. Thoroughly marinated pieces of meat are grilled over the charcoal sizzling from the red color of the meat to the golden brown.

Each row of skewers barbecue leads guests with enchanted incense spread throughout the neighborhood. The barbecue at the night market is very diverse, full of pork, beef, chicken, until the chicken wings, chicken feet, young ribs, beef leaves guise, beef balls … In the cool weather, holding a few skewers of meat to taste Just chatting with friends is nothing better.

Thịt xiên nướng tại chợ đêm Đà Lạt

The aromatic skewers of grilled meat in the corner of Dalat night market (photo of ST)

3. Grilled rice paper at Dalat night market

How can I forget this famous dish of the misty city? Grilled rice paper made from chicken eggs is covered with minced meat, dried shrimp, dried beef, full of crispy crust on charcoal.

Crispy crackers melt in the mouth, combining a little bit of the fleshy of the egg, the aroma of the meat, the pungency of dried beef and the aroma of dried scallions. All created a taste that is truly unforgettable for those who have visited the Dalat night market.

Bánh tráng nướng thơm giòn rụm tại chợ đêm Đà Lạt

Crispy scented rice paper at Dalat night market (photo ST)

4. Soup, noodles, vermicelli in Da Lat night market

The weather in Da Lat became cooler and clearer at night. So the dishes are all hot, slightly spicy. When walking around Dalat market, if your stomach is ravenous and you want to find something sure, do not miss the soup, noodles and vermicelli.

Bát bún với hương vị đặc trưng Đà Lạt

Noodle bowl with a typical Da Lat flavor (image ST)

Located at the entrance to the left of the market, these dishes are familiar but at Da Lat night market you will find a very unique flavor that is not available. The broth here has a very unique sweetness, the fragrant noodles of onion in the cold space will make it hard to resist.

5. Soy milk at Da Lat night market

After you’ve finished eating the savory dishes, then enjoy these sweet foods of Dalat flavor. Walking around the market you can find hot soy sauce shops everywhere. Perhaps because of the weather here, hot soy milk has become a holy drink.

Sữa đậu nành tại chợ đêm Đà Lạt

Sipping soy milk with cakes (ST image)

Sipping a cup of soymilk soaked with the sweetness, warmness and warmth of the whole Dalat people. Combined with a glass of hot bean milk is a delicious pastry made by skilled bakers here.

6. Seven-color tube cake at Da Lat night market

Just hearing the name alone could not resist this beautiful cake. The cake consists of glutinous rice, green beans, grated based, coconut milk and colorful pineapple leaves. The cake is rolled into tubes and wrapped in thin, thin rice paper. Bringing yourself an eye-catching appearance with the aromatic fatty aroma of seven-color tube is an interesting dish you should not miss during the night of the market.

Bánh ống bảy màu tại chợ đêm Đà Lạt

Seven-color tube cake at Dalat night market (photo ST)

Dubbed as the land of love, the romantic land with many of the most beautiful scenery in Vietnam. Besides the sad traits unique to the highland city is the mountain town life at night. Dalat Night Market is still vibrant, bustling in its own way with a culinary array that is hard to resist for all visitors coming here. Please try once to Da Lat night market. Just one time to miss each other for life.

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