Go Gang Island – Little Ho Chi Minh Island in Vung Tau

July 18, 2020 4 mins to read

Vung Tau is a popular tourist destination of Saigon people every weekend. In addition to the famous tourist destinations that are known by many, there are also many unknown places here. In recent times, young people have discovered a quiet, quiet island, very suitable for backpacking. That is Go Gang Island. Let’s explore the island with us in the following article, promising to bring useful information.

Đảo Gò Găng - Vũng Tàu

Go Gang Island – Vung Tau tourist destination (Photo Collection)

Discover Go Gang Island – Vung Tau

Go to Go Gang Island, you will admire the poetic space and enjoy the spacious and peaceful atmosphere. For young people who want to explore a new land, they should not ignore Go Gang Island.


Đi thuyền đến đảo Gò Găng

Take a boat to Go Gang Island (Photo Collection)

Go Gang Island is located in Long Son commune and is located about 3 km southwest of Vung Tau city center. With a total area of the island up to 30 km2, 3 sides bordering the river and the other facing the sea. Therefore, Go Gang Island has a quite complete and convenient waterway transportation network system.

Đảo Long Sơn - Vũng Tàu

Long Son Island – Vung Tau (Photo Collection)

In addition, the island is also blessed with a strategic position in the development of the marine economy in Vung Tau. Not only the sea, but also the system of forests and lakes is as diverse and plentiful as possible. Bring significant advantages for tourism development in the Southwest – Vung Tau.

The way to Go Gang island

Cầu Gò Găng dẫn ra đảo

Go Gang Bridge leads to the island (Photo Collection)

Located about 88km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, visitors will take about 2 hours by car to get here. One of the fun places for families to relax on weekends. For those who do not know the way to the Go Gang island, you can refer to the route below.

Bảnh đồ đường đi tới đảo Gò Găng

Chart of the road to Go Gang Island (Photo Collection)

From Ho Chi Minh City, you go along follow the routeMarch – Republic – Nguyen Van Troi – Trường SacomeDien Bien PhuinWard 21. Then continue along DCT Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay / DCT01 and highway 51 to the Paracels in Tan Hai. Continue on Hoang Sa Street to Go Gang Island in Long Son, Vung Tau City.

Khám phá cuộc sống đơn sơ tại đảo Gò Găng

Discover the simple life in Go Gang Island (Photo Collection)

If you come from Vung Tau city, go northeast to Thirty April. When you arrive at Hawail Cafe, then turn left onto Vo Nguyen Giap / QL51 street. Go about 2km then turn left onto Truong Sa Street to go to Go Gang Island.

Go Gang Island has nothing to play

Lối đi xuống làng bè Gò Găng

Path to Go Gang raft village (Photo Collection)

Traveling in Vung Tau, tourists not only enjoy swimming in the sea but also enjoy the fresh air along with many beautiful views of the water on Go Gang Island. One of the most interesting places to visit this island is Go Gang Be Village.

Chiêm ngưỡng không gian biển tuyệt đẹp trên thuyền

Admire the beautiful sea space on the boat (Photo Collection)

Du khách có thể vui chơi thỏa thích tại đảo Gò Găng

Guests can have fun at Go Gang Island (Photo Collection)

There are many exciting underwater games waiting for you at Go Gang raft village. Promises to bring you interesting experiences when traveling.

Bè nuôi trồng thủy sản tại đảo Long Sơn

Aquaculture rafts on Long Son Island (Photo Collection)

Besides Go Gang Village, visitors can also explore Long Son Island with many relics and cuisines along with aquaculture villages. With extremely green space and quiet is also the right place for you to get beautiful shots there.

Thỏa sức chụp ảnh đẹp tại đảo Gò Găng

Enjoy taking beautiful photos on Go Gang Island (Photo Collection)

Coming to Go Gang Island, visitors will discover the lives of the people here, experience the feeling of sitting on a floating boat and have many beautiful photos.

What to eat on the island?

Hình ảnh quán ăn tại làng bè Gò Găng

Photos of Go Gang rafting village (Photo Collection)

Thưởng thức hải sản tươi ngon

Enjoy delicious fresh seafood (Photo Collection)

Due to its proximity to the sea and many seafood villages, the cuisine here is also quite rich and diverse. Especially fresh seafood stocked in rafts is enjoyed by many diners. Many dishes prepared by professional cooks look very attractive and eye-catching.

Thưởng thức hàu nướng Long Sơn

Enjoy grilled oysters in Long Son (Picture Collection)

Món tôm nướng

Grilled shrimp dish (Photo Collection)

One of the most popular but popular dish on the island is grilled oyster. Having just enjoyed the delicious grilled oysters and enjoying the cool atmosphere here, it made many worries and tiredness seem to disappear. In terms of price, the dishes here are quite cheap, suitable for family and friends to hang out for the weekend.


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