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Go Thi Thung Tunnels historical imprint is forever with time

The Go Thi Thung tunnel is one of the tourist attractions to Phu Yen. Although there are no exciting fun activities like famous tourist destinations of Phu Yen, here visitors will somewhat understand and admire the simple but heroic people of Phu Yen land in the difficult years of the American war to save the country.

Go Thi Thung tunnel is located in An Xuan commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province , this site is only about 15 km west of Chi Thanh town. Built on the top of Go Thi Thung plateau, about 400 m above sea level. With a high position, surrounded by many trees, the climate here is cool all year round. At the top of the mound, there was also a large area of flat land where the tunnels were built. This place is also an attractive suggestion to help you somewhat answer the question of what Phu Yen tourism has?

Lối vào địa đạo được xây khang trang (Ảnh Collection)

The entrance to the tunnel was spaciously decorated (Photo Collection)

This tunnel is designed and built with a total length of nearly 2 km, up to 4.5 m deep on the ground, 0.8 m wide, every 20 m there will be a small side door carefully disguised, Above, there is also an observation tower with an observatory. In the whole length of the tunnel there are 486 wells, in the mouths of the wells are bamboo and wooden bars for installation. Surrounded by a dense maze-like transportation system with a total length of up to 10 km. The purpose must be so because when there is an enemy, our troops can move easily under the trench traffic system to fight the enemy, fight back and back to the shelter, thus ensuring safety and confidentiality. for our army and people.

Có tới 486 chiếc giếng được xây dựng tại đây (Ảnh Collection)

Up to 486 wells have been built here (Picture Collection)

After heavy defeats on the fronts, the US landed massive troops on the South of our country. Before the crazy raid of the US army, there were many fierce battles in An Xuan commune. Our army and people have united, fought hard and won many great victories, contributing to the victory in the “Local War” in the Southern battlefield.

Khu di tích đã được trùng tu, tôn tạo như ngày nay (Ảnh Collection)

The relic has been restored and embellished as today (Photo Collection)

After the resistance successfully, in the days after liberation, Th barrel was carrying scenes of mourning, with gunpowder, minefields and bomb craters. But the landscape was gradually greened by forest trees, the houses were also increasing, the peaceful life of the people here gradually returned to the old.

Lối xuống địa đạo được xây khá nhỏ và hẹp (Ảnh Collection)

The tunnel to the tunnel was built quite small and narrow (Photo Collection).

Because of the great historical values of Phu Yen province in particular and the country in general, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism made a decision to invest, restore and restore Go Thi Thung Tunnels in Phu Yen. With this project, the relic was renovated with 2 shaded houses at the mouth of the tunnel, 3 covered houses, the walkway in the relic was also paved with clean concrete and stone paving, restoring 95 sections. moat, built 10 guides in the area for visitors, a large room was built with an area of 154 m2 as a reception room and exhibits artifacts, pictures and documents in the years of war against the US to save the country. . Electrical, water and public toilets systems are also fully installed to serve visitors visiting the monument.

Đường trong khu di tích đã được làm mới (Ảnh Collection)

Roads in the ruins have been renewed (Photo Collection)

After visiting the relics, visitors can linger here to enjoy the local folk dishes such as forest vegetable soup, sour leaf vinegar leaves … even just rustic dishes, countryside legs but when Enjoy here visitors will like to be reminded of the arduous, but full of heroic years in the war.

Những người cựu chiến binh về thăm nơi đây (Ảnh Collection)

Veterans visit this place (Photo Collection)

Before being invested, the road to visit the monument is not very convenient, so the number of visitors is limited. But now, traffic is more airy and convenient, so this place has become one of the attractive places to visit and visitors when coming to Phu Yen.

Du khách háo hức thăm quan địa đạo (Ảnh Collection)

Visitors eager to visit the tunnel (Photo Collection)

In addition to visiting the Go Thi Thung Tunnels, Phu Yen Tunnels to learn more about the heroic and historical stories of our army and people during the war years, coming here is also an opportunity for visitors to get along. You enter the joyful space of the traditional horse racing festival that takes place every year here, or visit Uncle Ho’s church through the 10-km long, continuous road from An Xuan to Son Dinh and Son Hoa where Uncle Ho’s church was built. Certainly, with this journey, visitors will have memorable stories and memories about the land here.

Nơi đây trở thành điểm đến thăm quan hấp dẫn cho du khách (Ảnh Collection)

It has become an attractive tourist destination for visitors (Photo Collection).

Indeed, the journey to visit Go Thi Thung always gives visitors the emotions that are hard to put into words. Along with the interest and investment of the state, it is expected that this place will always preserve its inherent values and historical significance.


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