Escaping to the Romantic Bai Bau Beach in Phu Yen

July 19, 2020 5 mins to read

Bai Bau (Bai Bau) in Phu Yen is one of the most sought-after beaches, meticulously invested with perfect infrastructure for tourism development. Join as we delve into the details of this picturesque beach and see what exciting experiences await travelers.

1. Overview of Bai Bau in Phu Yen

1.1 Where is Bai Bau in Phu Yen?

Bai Bau is the official name of this beach, but many locals are accustomed to calling it Bai Bau, so travelers should note that both names refer to the same beach. Bai Bau is located more than 30km from the center of Tuy Hoa City, and you can reach it by traveling along the Quy Nhon – Song Cau route.

The Bai Bau tourist area has been developed with substantial investment in leisure tourism activities. Therefore, it increasingly attracts tourists who enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and the exciting activities.

1.2 Getting to Bai Bau Phu Yen

Getting here is relatively easy because Bai Bau is close to National Highway 1A. Travelers must refer to the route on Google Maps or ask residents for directions.

Location on the map: Bai Bau (Bai Bau) Phu Yen

During your trip to Phu Yen, Vietnampeace recommends conveniently renting a motorbike. This way, you can be more proactive in exploring Bai Bau and other destinations in Phu Yen, saving costs while enjoying the freedom to explore. However, you must have a driver’s license and good driving skills to navigate the roads safely.

2. The Beauty of Bai Bau Phu Yen

The outstanding beauty of this beach lies in its tranquility and romanticism. The stretch of sandy beach, the shimmering rocky cliffs under the sunlight, the clear and calm sea, with waves gently lapping against the shore. Surrounding the beach are two protruding mountains and diverse and abundant vegetation.

The scenery of Bai Bau is a harmonious blend of land and sea, where the blue hues of the sky and the earth merge. Cleanliness is especially prioritized here, with all litter being collected by sanitation workers daily. As dusk approaches, the air gradually becomes mild, the sun slowly sinking into the sea. Perhaps this is when Bai Bau is most peaceful and romantic, with the fading sunlight casting a melancholic yet serene atmosphere over the deserted beach.

You’ll find the beach here pure and lively in the early morning mist: a magnificent natural landscape, sparkling sunlight illuminating the waves crashing onto the shore. You can stay at hotels and resorts in Bai Bau to enjoy the beautiful sunrise here.

3. Things to Do at Bai Bau Phu Yen

Besides its majestic natural beauty, Bai Bau has many exciting things for travelers.

3.1 Cliff Jumping at Bai Bau Phu Yen

Cliff jumping is an adventurous and exciting activity at Bai Bau. Just hearing the name, you must be curious about how this game works. At Bai Bau, large rocky cliffs face the sea, where you’ll make big jumps from above to land on these cliffs. This activity is suitable for those who enjoy thrills and heights; safety-wise, you’ll be provided with life jackets and floats to rest assured.

3.2 Mountain Climbing

On both sides of Bai Bau are majestic mountain ranges with poetic scenery. Therefore, mountain climbing is the choice of many young people who love exploration. The climbing process may be a bit challenging. Still, the feeling when reaching the summit will be incredibly wonderful, enjoying the fresh air and admiring the panoramic view of the stretching sea to the horizon.

3.3 Snorkeling

Natural coral reefs are flourishing under the coastal area of Bai Bau. Here, you’ll find rare and precious coral species with diverse colors and shapes, creating a unique and valuable marine ecosystem. You can rent diving equipment to witness these coral reefs up close while observing the lively small fish swimming around.

However, snorkeling activities should only be done on calm sea days. It would be best to refrain from participating in stormy or rough sea conditions as it poses many dangers.

3.4 Night Squid Fishing with Phu Yen Fishermen

If you’re curious about the life of fishermen in Phu Yen, joining night squid fishing will surely be an exciting activity. You need to contact the boat owner in the afternoon to arrange for participation with the fishermen. After the squid fishing trips, you can take your catch home or dine with the boat owner.

However, a night of squid fishing can be pretty tiring and sleepy, so make sure you’re mentally alert and physically fit to join the fishermen.

4. What to Eat When Visiting Bai Bau Phu Yen

Like all other beaches, this place is also famous for dishes made from fresh and delicious seafood. You’ll enjoy steamed shrimp, grilled octopus, oysters, and giant squid, all served at highly affordable prices.

Moreover, you can also rent a barbecue grill and buy fresh seafood from fishermen to organize BBQ parties on the beach. However, after the party, tourists should clean up carefully to protect the beach’s cleanliness.

5. Tips When Visiting Bai Bau Phu Yen

In the rocky cliffs area of Bai Bau, many tourists love to explore and take photos. However, it can be dangerous here due to the mossy and slippery rocks, so you must be very careful to avoid any unwanted accidents while climbing.

Furthermore, all around Bai Bau are sharp clam shells. Therefore, if you’re walking barefoot, you should be cautious to avoid scratching or injuring your feet.

Remember to bring sunscreen, a hat, and a jacket when visiting Bai Bau midday and early afternoon. It can be very sunny and hot now, so ensure to protect your skin thoroughly.

These are the independent travel experiences at Bai Bau that wants to bring to travelers. I wish you a joyful trip to Phu Yen with many exciting experiences!

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