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Going to Ha Giang to visit Dong Van old town

On the land of the homeland, Ha Giang is like a land-locked project in the border region. On this land, not only ban flowers, white rice flower blooms in the fields but also famous by a busy, crowded and hidden old town on Ha Giang stone plateau. It is a high street – the old town of Dong Van .

History begin

Dong Van town lies between four mountains covered with weathered clouds of rocky plateau. Only a few dozen houses are scattered around the center and interspersed with cliffs in the middle of the blue sky. The beauty of the ancient town of Dong Van is emerging as a rustic, lyrical picture with all the tones of nature together. Ancient houses were built by the locals adjacent to the cliffs as a test of strength and determination of the people before creation.

Dong Van Old Quarter was formed in the early years of the twentieth century, undergoing changes in history and ups and downs of the time, it seems that the street still looks like the charm and pristine of the beginning. The street was erected by the Tay, Mong and Chinese. Nowadays, when traveling to Ha Giang, you will not be hard to come across images of houses designed with long houses, yin-yang roof tiles. Over time, Dong Van ancient town welcomes many different residents to live and work. This has made the neighborhood harmonize, synthesize and continue many cultural forms of different ethnic groups.

Lên Hà Giang thăm phố cổ Đồng Văn

Houses with many traditional cultures of ethnic minorities (Photo: collectibles)

The highlight of the old town of Dong Van market area

Coming to Dong Van Old Street , you can not only see the lanterns hanging like looms on the streets, but also witness firsthand the highland markets with the sounds of music, music and typical products of the region. rock Hight Hill. On weekend nights, the space in the market becomes bustling with the singing and singing of the boys and girls. They exchanged dances, love songs with the flickering flame of the upland love market.

Dong Van Old Quarter is not only a trade address of people in the area but it has become a “commercial center” of a large highland. Not only local people, people in the surrounding areas but even people who trade in the plains want to come here to buy and sell products.

Những cây đèn lồng trên phố cổ Đồng Văn (Ảnh: sưu tầm)

Lanterns on Dong Van old town (Photo: collectibles)

Traveling Ha Giang to the ancient town of Dong Van is also the place to organize traditional festivals of the Tay, Mong and ethnic minorities in the Northwest mountainous region. In traditional costumes, young women of Mong, Tay, Pu Peo, Lo Lo… hand in hand with graceful music.

The highlight of the Old Quarter is Dong Van Market, a market built with mainly stone materials since 1920, after nearly a century until now, the market still retains quite intact culture. To see Dong Van ancient town from above, you can completely collapse the whole scene of the neighborhood in sight. The rows of houses are arranged in a U-shaped roofing with yin and yang tiles along the mountainside.

Dong Van Market festival season (Photo: collectibles)

If asked to try Ha Giang tourism, which season is the best? When you come to Ha Giang during the triangular flower season , you can completely immerse yourself in the space of the mountains and the white hills of one color and the sweet fragrance of this famous Northwest flower.

In Dong Van Old Quarter at night, you can stop by a cafe to enjoy the delicious taste of the cafe and listen to the sound of the wind whistling on the hillsides. The scent of triangular flower will lull you into the fascination of the sound of the sound of whistles, flute and the flickering fire in melodious music.

In general, the ancient town of Dong Van has a Chinese-style architecture that is quite popular, mainly roofing with yin and yang tile, because the rafters are definitely designed. In particular, stone seems to be the main material and becomes popular in construction. The stone mortars, stone walls, stone columns are invested to create the landscape space of the streets very close to nature, less affected by human hands.

Boys and girls hand in hand by the sound of grace exchange (Image: collectibles)

Almost every house in the old quarter has lanterns, perhaps this is the unique culture of the ethnic minorities and the image of the fire also helps dispel the cold of the rocky plateau at night. .

According to Ha Giang tourism experience , every year, Ha Giang province organizes many festivals imbued with the tradition of ethnic minorities in Dong Van, including the “Old Quarter Night”. Coming to the Old Quarter night, you will have the opportunity to see brocade dresses, lanterns, traditional dishes of ethnic minorities.

Ha Giang, an impressive tourist land with many cultural and historical addresses, is still quite intact. Arriving here, is also coming to the land of the lyrical cloudy sky, everything is very wild.

The land of the flower fields of the Triangle, of Thang Co, brocade of cremation of hands and the sound of the couple exchanging love on the old town of Dong Van – stone plateau.


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