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Ha Giang tourism season most beautiful?

Being a land rich in culture and nature, Ha Giang is the choice of many people. So which season is the best for traveling to Ha Giang? Let’s find out with Vietnampeace


Spring is the season of festivals and Ha Giang also dyes up the colors of indigenous culture through festivals, brocade dresses from Lung Tam and its own characteristics. Coming to this land in the spring spring, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in local holidays such as buffalo fighting festival, caged festival, …

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Song Cage Festival (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Colorful brocade suits (photo: st)

To the last days of spring, to March, this is the most poetic and beautiful time of the northern land when the peach and plum gardens bloom. The whole country is covered in white and pink colors, creating a beautiful scenery for visitors to see. And please do not forget to record these rare moments, in a region of immense white.

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Peach blossoms bloom in a clear sky (photo: st)

Spring is the answer: Ha Giang tourism season is most beautiful ? Actually every moment in a year brings a unique beauty and a different, no one is the same. But if spring is only a dreamlike moon, there is a festival, what is this land to discover?

Coming to Ha Giang, Dong Van ancient town is a destination not to be missed. In the sunlight, the old town runs into the mountains to appear with the gray color of the stone. Nearly a century ago, the ancient town of Dong Van is located in the valley of Dong Van, surrounded by mountains and forests. Dong Van Old Quarter retains nostalgia of the hearts of many people with nostalgic architecture and prints of time, culture and typical old town cafe. Since 2006, on March 14, 15, 16 of the lunar calendar in March, the night of Dong Van ancient street lights up with a row of red lanterns hanging along the way, promising this valley in the mountain is an ideal destination for tourists. calendar.

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Overview of Dong Van Old Quarter (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

In the old town cafe (Dong Van plateau) (photo: st)


In April every year (March according to the lunar calendar), the H’mong people in Ha Giang organize a Khau Vai love market – known as the “Adultery Fair”. It is so named because on the day of the market, couples with the opportunity to meet again and give back the love that was left open for one night, so that when the morning came, they parted again to return. with family. Resettling in the bustling drumming of a sky, Khau Vai love market today is not only a place where couples cannot come together to find, but also a fair to find partners from which they become wives and husbands. . As a traditional feature in indigenous culture, Khau Vai love market is an interesting and unique destination for visitors. And perhaps that partly answered the question: what is the best season for Ha Giang tourism?

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Khau Vai bustling love market (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Terraced fields (photo collection)

However, not only April to Ha Giang to participate in Khau Vai love market , you will regret if you can not admire a Ha Giang in the “flooding season” in May, June-June season on the North Pole, when but terraced fields shimmering in the sun, welcoming water from upstream.


Ha Giang tourism season most beautiful? Fall?

To autumn, from the high plastic zoom eyes on a vast space, visitors will be overwhelmed by the golden ripe rice season, no longer a “season of water” in the middle of summer. With the cool weather when autumn, coming to Ha Giang this season is also an ideal choice. It will be a memorable trip to places such as Lung Cu flagpole, Dong Van rock plateau, Meo villages, etc.

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Lung Cu flagpole (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Dong Van rock plateau (photo: st)

Then when the rice blossomed, immense heaven and earth the region sent in the whispering copper incense that ran along the steps of Hoang Su Phi in the wind and sunshine.


For those of you who love the warm pink of the circuit triangle, like the feeling of a stork rubbing your hand next to a fire, like the cool breeze blowing in, maybe winter is the answer to ” traveling Ha Giang season. Which is the most beautiful? ”.

At the end of October, early November, Ha Giang in the triangular flower season lasts until December. In the midst of the golden honey of the sun on the craggy and rocky mountains, in the small alleys halfway up the luxuriant grass, triangular flower season is covered with a sweet pink color on the side of the mountain.

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Triangle of a space region (image: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Purple roses in the middle of a sky (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Triangular flower fields are an ideal place to take photos (photo: st)

From the day when rice flourishes in August, the triangular circuit has been sown waiting for the windy days of October to bloom in the whole country. Spread a pink carpet on the top plateau of the country, the triangle flower season promises to leave memorable moments for those who come to Ha Giang this season.

In the midst of the majestic high mountains, where the rocky plateau is untouched, the triangular season swells to create a pure beauty that creeps into the rocky soul but does not lose the wild mountainous Ha Giang. To capture the beauty of a vascular triangle flower season, you can visit Thach Son Than (Quyet Tien commune, Quan Ba district), the flower field at the foot of the Lung Cu flagpole – the North pole of the country, “The first galaxy pass” Ma Li Pèng, Sung La valley (Dong Van) – where the triangle is the most beautiful hatch.

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

At the foot of the Lung Cu flagpole (photo: st)

The triangle flower season passes by, yielding the yellow color of mustard flowers on the land of the country. In the cold wind of winter, brilliant yellow mustard flowers bloom on the high passes. Winter brings a chill on the top of the country but is also a trait that keeps people from crossing.

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

The golden mustard season in Sung La (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

A high region covered with canola flowers (photo: st)

The misty breeze on the side of the mountain, on the limestone plateau mixed with the purple-pink color of the triangle season, or later the yellow of the mustard greens, all paint a fascinating picture of Ha Giang’s legs. the tourist. And still, the winter with its own beauty, still deserves the answer of the question: “ Which season is the best season for Ha Giang tourism?

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