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July 18, 2020 7 mins to read

Welcome to VietnamPeace.com, where we journey to uncover the hidden gems of Vietnam’s picturesque landscapes. Today, we delve into the enchanting realm of Ha Giang, a province brimming with natural wonders and cultural richness. As we navigate through the seasons, we’ll unveil the optimal times to witness the splendor of Ha Giang, from the vibrant hues of spring to the serene beauty of winter. Join us as we traverse the rocky plateaus, lush terraced fields, and bustling festivals that define the essence of Ha Giang’s allure.

1. What Makes Ha Giang So Appealing?

As a border province in the Northeast mountainous region of Vietnam, Ha Giang is approximately 300 km from Hanoi and has become a destination attracting domestic and international tourists. Ha Giang boasts natural beauty akin to a masterpiece painted by Mother Nature herself.

Ha Giang is beautiful all year round with its majestic mountains and hills. Each season adorns itself with vibrant colors that captivate the soul. Standing amidst the magnificent natural scenery, many tourists feel like they’ve stumbled upon an enchanting paradise with no way out.

Ha Giang exhibits unique beauty each season so that visitors can come here anytime. Below are some suggestions for the best times to explore the beauty of Ha Giang that you can consider for your upcoming journey. Among them, spring and autumn are the golden times to pack your bags and discover the magnificent beauty of the rocky plateau.

2. Experiencing Ha Giang at Its Finest

2.1 Spring in Ha Giang – The Best Time to Visit Ha Giang

Spring is the ideal time to visit Ha Giang for its festive atmosphere, filled with colorful traditional festivals. Coming to Ha Giang in spring, tourists experience unique festivals and immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere and exciting folk games.

Moreover, March is also the season of peach and plum blossoms blooming throughout the villages in Ha Giang. The glittering flowers swaying in the wind create an ideal setting for beautiful photos. The weather during this time is cool and fresh, with gentle sunshine, making tourists feel comfortable. You can explore Ha Giang by motorbike.

The two most beautiful roads with plenty of flowers are Sủng Là and Lao Xa in Đồng Văn. When the flowers bloom, you will be immersed in the romantic and picturesque scenery amidst the mysterious and majestic rocky plateau.

2.2 Ha Giang in Early Summer

At the end of March and the beginning of April, the Khau Vai Ha Giang Love Market festival takes place. The market usually convenes every year on the 27th of March in the lunar calendar. This market has become a bustling and lively space for young men and women of ethnic groups to gather, reconnect with old acquaintances, and reminisce about old memories.

The Khâu Vai love market brings a humane beauty that is rare to find anywhere else. This festival only happens once a year but always attracts many visitors. It’s a unique market with a history of over 100 years. During this time, Ha Giang is also entering early summer, so there is less rain and plenty of sunshine, making it perfect to come here for some Instagram-worthy moments.

2.3 Discovering Ha Giang During the “Water Pouring Season”

According to the best time to visit Ha Giang, the “water pouring season” on the rocky plateau during May and June is one of the ideal times to explore the captivating and unique beauty of Ha Giang. During this time, visitors can admire the scenery of terraced fields winding down from the mountain peaks, welcoming water flowing down. This image is unique and refreshing, adding vitality to the nature here.

Visiting Ha Giang during the “water pouring season,” many tourists feel like they’re stepping into a picturesque landscape full of charm. Although the beauty is rustic, it captivates countless visitors from the first time they set foot here. This is also when people start working in the fields with excitement and joy, hoping for a bountiful harvest season.

To admire the beautiful rice fields like paintings during the “water pouring season,” tourists can visit the Hoang Su Phi fields, the fields at the foot of the Quan Ba twin mountains, or the fields below the Yen Minh pine forest. Additionally, the terraced fields located at the foot of the Happiness Road at Ma Pi Leng pass are also one place to fully appreciate Ha Giang’s beauty during the “water pouring season.”

2.4 Ha Giang’s Simple Beauty During the Rice Harvest Season

The golden rice harvest season is the best time to visit Ha Giang. The rice harvest season in Ha Giang usually falls in August and September, when the entire rocky plateau is filled with the shimmering golden color of the marvelous terraced fields. The natural scenery is majestic and poetic, exuding a gentle and rare beauty.

Visitors will completely immerse themselves in the golden rice fields by stepping into Ha Giang during the rice harvest season. Feeling the heavy, ripe rice swaying in the sun and the fresh fragrance evokes memories of a peaceful countryside.

It’s undeniable that autumn in Ha Giang is gorgeous. It will surely capture the hearts of anyone who can explore this place. However, as October approaches, Ha Giang begins to welcome cold winds and, in some places, even cold nights. This also indicates that winter is knocking on Ha Giang’s door.

2.5 Winter on the Rocky Plateau

Visiting Ha Giang in winter, tourists will have an incredibly wonderful experience admiring the beauty of the famous buckwheat flowers from afar. In October and November every year, Ha Giang adorns itself with the romantic purple of the buckwheat flowers. This is also when the buckwheat flower festival on the rocky plateau in Ha Giang becomes more bustling than ever.

The fields of buckwheat flowers spread across the hillsides in autumn, creating a gentle and memorable beauty for many tourists. By December, it’s also when mustard flowers bloom, dyeing the mountains and hills of the plateau in a brilliant yellow. These mustard flower forests further enhance the brilliance of Ha Giang’s winter.

Let me tell you a secret: this is also the best time for you to come and explore and check in with the natural landscapes of Ha Giang. Surely, experiencing the exploration of the flower fields in Ha Giang in winter will leave you with many beautiful memories. Just choose the right outfit, bring along a thoughtful photographer, and you’ll be able to bring back a treasure trove of stunning photos to show off to your friends.

In conclusion, Ha Giang is a testament to Vietnam’s breathtaking diversity, offering a kaleidoscope of experiences for intrepid travelers and curious souls alike. Whether you’re captivated by the vibrant festivities of spring, the golden harvest fields of autumn, or the tranquil charm of winter, Ha Giang promises an unforgettable adventure at every turn. So, pack your bags, set your compass, and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of Ha Giang—a journey that transcends mere sightseeing and becomes a soul-stirring odyssey through Vietnam’s heartland. Join us again at VietnamPeace.com as we unravel this captivating country’s wonders.

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Song Cage Festival (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Colorful brocade suits (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Peach blossoms bloom in a clear sky (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Overview of Dong Van Old Quarter (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

In the old town cafe (Dong Van plateau) (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Khau Vai bustling love market (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Terraced fields (photo collection)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Lung Cu flagpole (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Dong Van rock plateau (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Triangle of a space region (image: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Purple roses in the middle of a sky (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

Triangular flower fields are an ideal place to take photos (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

At the foot of the Lung Cu flagpole (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

The golden mustard season in Sung La (photo: st)

Du lịch Hà Giang mùa nào đẹp nhất

A high region covered with canola flowers (photo: st)

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