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Ho Giang Thom Waterfall scenic landscape beautiful nature in Quang Nam

Every summer, when you want to immerse yourself in the cool water and enjoy the fresh air of the mountains, Ho Giang Aromatic Waterfall will be an attractive destination that you cannot miss when coming to Quang Nam. Let’s explore VNTRIP.VN to see what this place is interesting!

Giang Thom Pit or another name such as 11-storey waterfall, Dan Thom, Xen Thom, Giang Thom is the name given to the people here. But most people and tourists come here or call this place Giang Thom waterfall.

Địa chỉ Hố Giang Thơm thuộc huyện Núi Thành- Quảng Ngãi (Ảnh ST)

Ho Giang Thom waterfall belongs to Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province (Photo ST)

Ngọn thác quanh nằm giữa đại ngàn (Ảnh ST)

The surrounding waterfall is located in the middle of the thousands (Photo ST)

When you arrive in Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, you just need to go another 7km to the west to be able to reach the waterfall. With only 7 km but this will be a challenging and challenging journey for those who want to come here. It will not be long and easy roads, but to get to the waterfall, it takes a lot of effort to overcome the roads filled with mud, muddy or slippery slopes.

Đường lên thác khá xấu vào mùa mưa (Ảnh ST)

The road to the waterfall is quite bad in the rainy season (Photo ST)

Another thing to note is that you should shape your path in advance because the deeper you go, the more sparse the house is, the harder it will be to ask the way to Ho Giang Thom . But when you reach the natural scenery, this place will eliminate your tiredness in the past.

Đường lên thác khá xấu vào mùa mưa (Ảnh ST)

A small waterfall in Giang Thom Pit (Photo ST)

Rất nhiều thác lớn nhỏ ở đây (Ảnh ST)

Many large and small waterfalls here (Photo ST)

With white foam waterfall, large boulders undulating, hidden in the blue lakes as a highlight for the pristine mountains and forests here to create a picture of ink to captivate people. . Besides, the fresh air plus the cool climate here will make you feel comfortable and comfortable on hot summer days.

Thác Hố Giang Thơm được rất nhiều người đến thăm quan (Ảnh ST)

Giang Thom Waterfall is visited by a lot of people (Photo ST)

Hình ảnh Hố Giang Thơm như một bức tranh thiên nhiên tươi đẹp (Ảnh ST)

The water in the pits is very clear and cool (Photo ST)

Along the river and upstream you will find many small water pits separated by large, rough rocks. The water in these holes is very clear and cool, you will have relaxing moments when you take a dip in the blue water here, to forget the fatigue and sorrow in life. For those who love adventure, climbing the big rock to climb upstream will be a very interesting experience, where you can zoom your eyes to admire the natural scenery around here with the gaps. murmuring vegetarian springs, clear blue lakes, or large rocks seen from afar like giant eggs.

Bạn có thể đắm mình trong những dòng nước mát nơi đây (Ảnh ST)

You can immerse yourself in the cool water here (Photo ST)

Vui đùa cùng bạn bè dưới dòng nước mát trong nơi đây (Ảnh ST)

Frolic with friends in the cool water in the place (Photo ST)

One thing you should keep in mind is that Ho Thom has not been put into operation yet, so there is not any accommodation or food service here. So, before you go, you should prepare water and food to take for a complete journey of discovery.

Giang Thơm điểm đến hấp dẫn tại Quảng Nam (Ảnh ST)

Giang Thom is an attractive destination in Quang Nam (Photo ST)

Giang Thom Mount Nui Thanh of Quang Nam province is considered a place with wild beauty, mysterious attractiveness to tourists once coming to this place. Hopefully the above sharing will help you have more suggestions on your trips when coming to this land.


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