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Hồ Xuân Hương – A lyrical moment in Dalat

Winding lake pattern ripple

Listen to cunning magic pen tip

Dalat you – just round the century

Xuan Huong lit up the moon

Those are the poems that the author Trinh Duong sketched so Ho Xuan Huong with the romantic beauty. Most of the visitors who arrived in Da Lat put Ho Xuan Huong on the journey of one of the beautiful places in Dalat that cannot be missed and visited.

Hồ Hồ Xuân Hương – anyone coming to Dalat will have to drop by

Xuan Huong Lake is located in the center of the city, is an artificial lake with a crescent-shaped lake, 25ha wide lake, blue water surface, rolling small waves whenever a cool breeze blows. Tourists will be fascinated by the beautiful scenery when going at different times of the day.

In spring, the cherry blossoms of the cherry blossoms bring with them the subtlety atmosphere of heaven and earth, the sides of Xuan Huong Lake are vividly pink. A warm color of Mai Anh Dao dispelled the cold of the remaining winter. At this time, tourists come to the lake very crowded to admire the scenery, leisurely stroll on the road every wind as the wool crept into each leaf, branches and flowers. The rippling, shimmering lake surface reflects the golden rays of the morning sun, making the scenery more unreal.

In the subconscious mind when mentioning Da Lat, all tourists immediately think of a poetic, romantic city or a city of flowers. Dalat appears beautifully captivating visitors immersed in the scene that nature has bestowed here. All are drawn by poets and writers through words, especially with painters and photographers who are always looking for the best moments of the day to record beautiful images of Dalat.

Hồ Xuân Hương – Feel the happiness right in the sadness

Coming to Ho Xuan Huong, the sights of Dalat bring charming scenery to make couples more connected. Visitors can ride on the splendidly decorated chariot chatting and taking photos, enjoying the feeling of tranquility, avoiding the bustle of life and passing through the city’s highlights such as Yersin Park , city flower garden, Cu hill. In the afternoon when the sun was bright red, the end of the day’s rays gradually lost their glorious moments of the sun making way for the night. Although the vast natural scenery is a bit sad, you still seem to feel an indescribable joy and peace in the sadness.

At night, Ho Xuan Huong is as bustling as busy sidewalk bars, above all, the double bike rental area is always crowded. Couples, friends, tour groups all want to enjoy the beautiful view of the lake at night. Talking and laughing make the lake always bustling. To go around the lake in the form of sightseeing takes only about 45 minutes. Looking at the eyes gleaming happily, walking side by side that shows the beautiful scenery of Ho Xuan Huong has completely conquered visitors.

Another way to enjoy the beautiful scenery at Xuan Huong Lake is the duck pedal game. Couples are often very interested in this type of service when actively controlling the direction, regulating the speed of the ducks gliding, floating on the lake.

One of the places that creates the romantic of Da Lat (Image: ST)

Another ideal destination that also attracts a large number of tourists to contemplate Xuan Huong Lake is Thuy Ta coffee shop. It attracts travelers also by the unique architecture located on the lake with striking white colors. For Dalat people, Ta Ta has been deeply etched into the mind and attached to the image of Ho Xuan Huong.

No words can describe the beauty of Ho Xuan Huong , a place to visit in Dalat. It can be affirmed that there is not any tour without Ho Xuan Huong Lake whether the journey of tourists is a day or a few days because this is a symbol of a foggy city, dreaming.

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