Blooming Beauty: Hoi An’s Summer Splendor of Vibrant Flowers

July 16, 2020 3 mins to read

Hoi An is not only famous for its quaint houses, it also attracts many visitors to admire the beauty of the colorful flowers in full bloom. Coming here, you will have unforgettable memories of this unique and exciting feature.

Ảnh: Sưu Tầm

Photo: Collectibles

Coming to Hoi An in May, visitors will see firsthand the row of bird’s nests blooming on both sides of the road, mixing the colors of the brown-tiled houses and yellow walls. Many people know this tree by names such as Temple Cages, Yellow Scorpion, and Osaka.

Hoa muồng Hội An (Ảnh: ST)

Hoi An wildflowers (Image: ST)

Especially when walking through the extensive and minor roads in Hoi An, you will see the unique old houses on the porches of growing confetti, silk blinds, and sand behind, spreading to help the home become more beautiful and cooling for the front porch.

Du khách tản bộ trên con đường trung tâm (Ảnh: ST)

Tourists walk on the central road (Image: ST)

Warm weather helps the trees and flowers bloom in every corner of the ancient town of Hoi An, such as the yellow silk blinds, lilies, flowers of red army or pink, orange, and white paper flowers, or the light purple color of sand behind the eaves. Confetti is mostly grown by locals because this tree is colorful and easy to grow.

Hoa sử quân tử (Ảnh: ST)

Military history (Image: ST)

Visitors coming to Hoi An can see the unique flowers and colors blooming on both sides of the road, but they can also take pictures of the old wall and variegated colors along with the umbrellas—faded windows covered with moss.

Bức tường check-in nổi tiếng (Ảnh: ST)

Famous check-in wall (Image: ST)

Guests will have an enjoyable, simple experience in the early morning at a cafe called Locals Coffee Toad, where the older adults sit down to drink water and talk to each other.

Quán cà phê vào sáng sớm (Ảnh: ST)

The cafe in the early morning (Image: ST)

A favorite flower in this old town is the military history, especially when there is a combination of red and white red on the front of ancient houses or shops.

Hoa sử quân tử (Ảnh: ST)

Military history (Image: ST)

Besides, visitors are also attracted by colorful petunia baskets.

Hoa dạ yến thảo nhiều màu sắc (Ảnh: ST)

Colorful petunia (Photo: ST)

Visitors coming here in the summer will admire the beauty of colorful flowers, creating a poetic space for the whole neighborhood. Besides, you can choose the Hoi An hotels near the center for convenient travel and enjoy the peaceful space of the old town.

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Photo: Collectibles

The flowers bloom brightly and fall on the pavement and on the roofs. Near the famous Phuong’s bread shop is also the shadow of a message blooming on the corner of Phan Chu Trinh Street.

Ảnh: Sưu Tầm

Photo: Collectibles

Hoi An at night bustling, more crowded, visitors land on the street for fun, sightseeing and enjoy specialties only in Hoi An. On the weekends, more tourists are coming here than usual, so it is difficult to visit the bicycle in the evening.

Phố cổ về đêm náo nhiệt (Ảnh: ST)

Old town at bustling night (Image: ST)

Hoi An becomes beautiful and unique, attracting visitors’ eyes thanks to the colorful flowers blooming on both sides of the road, bringing vibrancy to the ancient living space in the old town.

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