Hon Cau – Con Dao: Pearl beads of the sky, heaven in the middle of the ocean

July 18, 2020 3 mins to read

Blue sea, white sand, sunshine are inherently familiar images when coming to Con Dao, but Cau island – a special island – impresses with near and far tourists visiting underground water.

Biển hòn Cau xanh ngắt một màu là điểm đến của nhiều du khách

The sea of Cau Cau, one color is the destination of many tourists (Photo collection)

Hon Cau Con Dao

Located about 8km northeast of the main island of Con Son (Phu Hai), is one of 16 islands of Con Dao. Hon Cau is famous not only as one of the first places Vietnamese people came to settle in the 14th century, but also famous near and far by the beauty of nature as well as the people here, especially the unspoiled features of nature remain unexplored.

Hành trình đến với Hòn Cau

Journey to Hon Cau (Image: Weeny Nguyen)

Hòn Cau với nét đẹp hoang sơ vẫn chưa được khám phá hết

Hon Cau with unspoiled beauty has yet to be fully discovered (Image: Yeux Marrons)

One of the highlights creating the unique beauty of Cau island is probably in coconut, the rows of coconuts stretching along the long white sand bowl, tilting in the wind blowing from the clear blue sea, wide-shaped beaches. Bow. Not only that, Hon Cau has also made a deep impression in the hearts of visitors with the rows of three standing trees blocking the cool green wind and the flora and fauna system in the adjacent forest.

Bãi tắm cánh cung

Bow beach (Image: Weeny Nguyen)

Biển xanh cát trắng của Hòn Cau

The blue and white sea of Hon Cau (Photo collection)

Nature bestows Cau Cau with a sparkling coral reef and an extremely rich underwater flora and fauna system.

Nét đẹp thiên nhiên nổi bật nhất của Hòn Cau

The most outstanding natural beauty of Hon Cau (Photo Collection)

Rặng sạn hô, nét đẹp thiên nhiên nổi bật nhất của Hòn Cau

Coral reefs, the most outstanding natural beauty of Hon Cau (Image: Pham An)

Dù qua góc máy nào đi nữa, rặng san hô này vẫn đẹp đến vậy

Regardless of the angle, this coral reef is still so beautiful (Photo collection)

With its abundant underground water, even though it is in the middle of the immense sea, Hon Cau still has fresh water, fruit trees such as papaya, custard, bananas, and of course lots of coconuts, drinks. Many people love each time traveling to the sea.

Nguồn nước ngọt sẵn có đem lại sự sống cho nhiều loài cây nơi đây

The available fresh water provides life for many plants here (Photo: Vanie)

At night, people who visit Hon Cau often like to walk by the night beach, to hear the sound of the waves, to feel each wind brings the coolness with a slight smell of the sea, or simply lie up. the sand and watch the stars. More interesting, you can explore the nightlife of the animals here, go see the turtle lay eggs, release the baby turtles to the sea (usually takes place from April to September each year, also is the peak season of cruises).

Những bát cát trắng rộng mênh mông

The vast white sand bowls (Image: Yeux Marrons)

Hon Cau cuisine is bold dishes of the sea such as yellow breast snail, red grouper or lobster, eagle nut jam …

Hon Cau is currently one of the nation’s important sites for the conservation of endangered marine species such as sea turtles, bird nests and sea turtles. This is also a popular tourist resort when traveling to Con Dao.


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