Hon Cau – An Unmissable Destination in Your Con Dao Exploration Journey

July 18, 2020 6 mins to read

Every vacation season or festive occasion, destinations brimming with white sands, golden sunshine, and azure seas always stand out as top picks for travelers. Hon Cau in Con Dao is a fantastic suggestion, boasting enchanting seaside beauty and incredibly thrilling activities. Let’s dive into a complete travel guide to Hon Cau with Vietnampeace.com!

Where is Hon Cau Located?

Hon Cau belongs to Con Dao district and lies about 8km from Phu Hai Island. With its pristine natural beauty bestowed by Mother Nature, Hon Cau possesses vast stretches of white sandy beaches harmonizing with crystal-clear waters and the majestic natural scenery of mountains and seas, creating an incredibly picturesque scene that captivates travelers every time they visit.

How to Get There

Getting to Hon Cau in Con Dao isn’t too tricky. If you plan to explore here this summer, you can opt for a high-speed boat to Con Dao at very affordable prices. The travel time to Hon Cau will be 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your departure point. Along the way to Hon Cau in Con Dao, you can indulge in the natural beauty of the surroundings, marvel at the dreamy green hues of the forests stretching along both sides and feel the refreshing sea breeze gently caressing your skin. Traveling in a larger group is advisable as costs will be significantly lower when expenses are divided per person.

For added safety during your journey, it’s customary to travel with a guide from the Con Dao National Park. They will lead you and your loved ones to explore all the incredibly thrilling experiences here, ensuring you don’t miss out on any exciting activities.

Best Time to Visit Hon Cau

Before heading to Hon Cau, travelers should consider the timing of their visit, avoiding periods of rough seas and large waves that may affect the enjoyment of the trip. Based on the experience of those who have previously traveled to Hon Cau, the period from May to September is ideal for visiting.

Although this time falls within the rainy season, the sea surface is relatively calm, making it convenient for travel. The summer and autumn weather will provide favorable conditions for swimming or underwater fun activities.

What to Do at Hon Cau?

Sightseeing at Hon Cau: Along the shores of Hon Cau are towering coconut trees swaying gracefully. Relax on the pristine, smooth sandy beaches, savor coconut water’s sweet, refreshing taste, and enjoy a perfect retreat. At the beach areas, travelers can engage in various recreational activities, group games, and leisurely swimming, immersing themselves in the calm waters of Hon Cau.

Witness Turtle Nesting at Hon Cau: Hon Cau is also ideal for observing sea turtles nesting. Local information suggests that the sea turtle nesting season occurs annually from April to September. Travelers should prepare a flashlight with fully charged batteries to witness turtle nesting, which usually happens at night. If you’re eager to witness this fascinating scene, why hesitate? Arrange your schedule and head to Hon Cau right away.

Camping at Hon Cau: At Hon Cau, travelers can organize camping trips for 1-2 nights. During this time, you can plan group visits to tourist destinations, enjoy meals, and participate in group activities. The gentle beaches are a suitable location for camping, allowing you to enjoy a fantastic atmosphere. Gathering around a campfire and bonding in a cozy space can enhance the closeness and camaraderie among group members.

What to Eat at Hon Cau?

Sun-dried Tuna: Sun-dried tuna is a type of fish dried under the sun only once, a delicacy highly favored by travelers. The tuna is caught by fishermen, simply processed without seasoning, and then sun-dried once. Therefore, the fish retains its delicious flavor without the fishy smell of fresh fish.

Venus Clam: Venus clam is one of the unique specialties of Hon Cau cuisine. Prepared in various dishes such as boiled, grilled, or in salads. Boiled clam is a popular choice among travelers as it preserves the sea clams’ fresh, sweet, and crisp taste.

Moon Crab: Moon crab is one of the rare delicacies of Hon Cau, commonly steamed. With its simple preparation, travelers can savor the sweet taste of crab melting on the tongue, an unforgettable experience.

Shark Meat Salad: Shark meat salad is a famous dish of Hon Cau, prepared with natural ingredients such as young banana, starfruit, pineapple, and aromatic herbs. A plate of shark meat salad will allow you to experience the fragrant taste of fish, the spiciness of chili, and the sourness of pineapple and starfruit, an irresistible combination.

Oyster Porridge: A must-try dish when visiting Hon Cau is oyster porridge, rich in nutrients, cooked with simple ingredients including rice and fresh oysters, with a sprinkle of pepper, cilantro, and fried shallots, providing a delicious aroma that is hard to resist.

Combining Sightseeing with Hon Cau Travel

Hon Ba: Hon Ba is the third-largest island among the 16 islands of the Con Dao archipelago. At Hon Ba, travelers can easily admire beautiful beaches with rich mangrove ecosystems and many rare species of flora and fauna.

Dam Trau Beach: Dam Trau Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Con Dao. Located about 14km from the town center, with its crystal-clear water and golden sandy beaches, this beach has captivated countless travelers.

Mui Ca Map (Shark Cape): Mui Ca Map is located on the Ben Dam road and close to Bai Nhat beach, making it easy to find and travel from Hon Cau. It is considered one of the destinations young people favor for photography every time they travel to Hon Cau.

Experience Hon Cau in Con Dao with its breathtaking beauty, thrilling activities, and delicious cuisine awaits you. Don’t miss the chance to explore this hidden gem in Vietnam’s travel scene!

Biển hòn Cau xanh ngắt một màu là điểm đến của nhiều du khách

The sea of Cau Cau, one color, is the destination of many tourists (Photo collection)

Hành trình đến với Hòn Cau

Journey to Hon Cau (Image: Weeny Nguyen)

Hòn Cau với nét đẹp hoang sơ vẫn chưa được khám phá hết

Hon Cau, with unspoiled beauty, has yet to be fully discovered (Image: Yeux Marrons)

Bãi tắm cánh cung

Bow beach (Image: Weeny Nguyen)

Biển xanh cát trắng của Hòn Cau

The blue and white sea of Hon Cau (Photo collection)

Nét đẹp thiên nhiên nổi bật nhất của Hòn Cau

The most outstanding natural beauty of Hon Cau (Photo Collection)

Rặng sạn hô, nét đẹp thiên nhiên nổi bật nhất của Hòn Cau

Coral reefs, the most outstanding natural beauty of Hon Cau (Image: Pham An)

Dù qua góc máy nào đi nữa, rặng san hô này vẫn đẹp đến vậy

Regardless of the angle, this coral reef is still so beautiful (Photo collection)

Nguồn nước ngọt sẵn có đem lại sự sống cho nhiều loài cây nơi đây

The available fresh water provides life for many plants here (Photo: Vanie)

Những bát cát trắng rộng mênh mông

The vast white sand bowls (Image: Yeux Marrons)

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