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Hon Lon is a new and attractive destination in Nha Trang

Traveling to Nha Trang, you cannot help but to visit the extremely famous Hon Lon Island with rugged rocks, endless blue sea and this wild and enchanting natural scenery.

Đảo Hòn Lớn có nhiều bãi biển tuyệt đẹp (Ảnh ST)

Hon Lon Island has many beautiful beaches (Photo ST)

About 50 km from Nha Trang city, nestled in Van Phong Bay, famous many beautiful islands in Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province, Hon Lon Island appeared looming with vast scenery, flanked by shuttered hills and mountains. coincides with the large and very sharp and rugged cliffs, if you choose this place to climb mountains, adventure, you must be very careful, say that, but do not hurry because when conquering it, the results you get is to see the beautiful panorama of the island from above. On one side is a stretch of the strait, which is the place for many boats to anchor. In addition, due to the characteristic terrain, this place is also a very good shelter for ships when facing storms because of the shielding and secret protection of high mountains and cliffs.

Một bên là eo biển nhưng ba bên là vực đá hiểm hóc (Ảnh ST)

One side is the strait but the other side is dangerous rock (Image ST)

Nha Trang Hon Lon Island has an area of 46 km 2 measuring 14.2 km in length, particularly here is very in and blue sea water, can be caused by water in the process should be able to reflect on the blue sky scenery high, there is no violent wave, but the sea is quite calm and peaceful, you can enjoy swimming a little bit far from shore. You can also see the beautiful natural coral reefs bestowed by nature, just 10m away from the coral reefs, if not a swimming expert, you should equip yourself with a life jacket and diving goggles to dive below, admire their beauty!

Bầu trời như được phản chiếu dưới mặt biển trong vắt (Ảnh ST)

The sky is reflected in the clear sea (Image ST)

Coming here, you will also find a rock cave on the right side of the beach, although it is not very spacious, but with a group of about 15 people, it is still ok, gather to eat with seafood dishes. , you can ask the boat driver to drive you to buy for you or buy from the mainland to bring yourself a most sumptuous meal, on the island also sells, but the price will be more easily hacked. After a great meal, you can rest at noon in the cave when the sun is up and the hottest sunshine there. But should clean up where you gather to keep the hygiene, landscape and environment for the island, okay!

Không tốn quá nhiều chi phí nếu du lịch 2 ngày 1 đêm ở Hòn Lớn cùng với đoàn (Ảnh ST)

It does not cost too much if traveling in Hon Lon with groups (Photo ST)

Những vách đá ở đây khá sắc và hiểm trở (Ảnh ST)

The cliffs here are quite sharp and rugged (Photo ST)

The sand on Hon Lon Island in Khanh Hoa is quite large and sharp so do not be too happy but forget about sandals, barefoot is the foot that will be easily cut into scratches. If you want to walk on finer sand, come to the fresh blue stream on the island, which flows from the top of the mountain so the water is very cool and clear, you can see the stream of the stream, this place is suitable after a bath or Snorkeling in the sea, you can hold fresh water. Fresh water here can also be used for living there.

Cát khá to và bén nên đi dép để không bị cát cứa xây xước nhé! (Ảnh ST)

The sand is quite big and sharp so wear sandals so it won’t be scratched by sand! (Photo ST)

Suối nước ngọt trong vắt nhìn thấy lòng suối với lớp cạn mịn màng (Ảnh ST)

The clear freshwater stream sees the stream bed with a smooth shallow layer (Image ST)

If you are bored of swimming, you can turn to explore the surrounding hills, in the west of the island is Hon Lon mountain with the highest peak of more than 580m above sea level, not yet here are the mountains The lower is covered with lush primary forests. Watching the clear blue sea from above, listening to the rustling leaves of the forest along with the sound of the wind blowing from the sea, it feels so good.

Khu rừng nguyên sinh rậm rạp xanh mướt (Ảnh ST)

Lush green primeval forest (ST image)

Một thoáng yên bình nơi đây (Ảnh ST)

A peaceful moment here (Photo ST)

Another place that you need to visit when visiting Hon Lon Island is the lighthouse tower, with a height of 16m, is one of the 5 oldest lighthouses in Vietnam, built from the French time in 1890. With 2 In contrast with the strikingly painted white and black color, Hon Lon lighthouse is useful for pointing boats operating on offshore waters far from the position of Bich Dam island to determine the direction to Nha Trang port. . Placed on a high mountain with a height of 16m, standing on this panoramic view of the sea, the mountains, Van Phong Bay is an unforgettable experience for you to see.

Hải đăng Hòn Lớn là 1 trong 5 hải đăng cổ nhất Việt Nam (Ảnh ST)

Lon Lon Lighthouse is one of the 5 oldest lighthouses in Vietnam (Photo ST)

Từ ngọn hải đăng bạn sẽ nhìn ngắm toàn cảnh vịnh Vân Phong đẹp mê hồn (Ảnh ST)

From the lighthouse, you will admire the panoramic view of Van Phong Bay (Photo ST)

Visiting Hon Lon Island to enjoy yourself in peaceful and peaceful moments, immerse yourself in the nature here, immerse yourself in the clear blue water, watch the beautiful coral reefs, eat the food grilled seafood right on the beach or conquering the same high hills, will surely be unforgettable memories.


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