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Hon Nua Island – An interesting new destination for Phu Yen

Phu Yen tourism is now a lot of young people choosing to make a new stop for themselves. With a blue beach, fresh and airy atmosphere, along with many famous landmarks such as Vung Ro Bay, Da Bia Mountain, Bai Mon, Ca Pass and especially can not fail to mention the new island. That discovery is Hon Nua.

The Beauty of Hon Nua Phu Yen Island

Hon Nua is viewed from the side of Ca Pass (Image: Collectibles)

Hon Nua is an island located at the foot of Ca mountain pass, bordering Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa provinces (The north of the island is in Phu Yen province, and the southern part of the island is in Khanh Hoa province) and has a peak of 105 m high. above sea level. In the past, Hon Nua was also known as the Temple of Self, which was considered by the kings as a natural landmark to divide the administrative boundary between Dai Viet and Chiem Thanh. Coming to Hon Nua, it is best to join your friends in camping overnight, eat grilled seafood and breathe the fresh sea air.

The peaceful beauty of Hon Nua Phu Yen (Photo: Collectibles)

To go to Hon Nua, you can take a motorbike or car, if from Hanoi you can take a bus to Tuy Hoa – Phu Yen (cost about VND 630,000 to VND 690,000 for sleeper cars), or from Ho Chi Minh City you can ride a motorbike, bus from the east bus station to Tuy Hoa (cost about 200,000 VND / ticket). When arriving in Tuy Hoa, you can rent a motorbike or catch a car to the foot of Dai Lanh Bridge (at the foot of Ca Pass), where you can send a motorbike and contact people to rent a boat to the island (takes about 30 minutes. on arrival and the price falls to 500,000 VND if you go east).

When you pass Ca Pass, from above to Vung Ro Bay, you will see a towering island standing alone in front of the sea, from a distance looks like a giant dinosaur wearing blue skin towards the sea. .

Hon Nua stands tall and lonely before the sea (Photo: Collectibles)

Nature bestowed on this place a very special landscape, following the white sand stretching around the island, countless rocky cliffs gradually rise, pointing straight to the sky. First is the small rocky beaches, then gradually the majestic high cliffs. Stepping up on the rapids, you will feel like you are standing on the bow of the boat heading straight out to the sea very interesting.

This is a very suitable place for tourists to “checkin live virtual” (Photo: Collectibles)

Phu Yen beach does not need to talk about its clarity and beauty, the clear blue water sees all the bottom, the cool air, the breeze blowing full of life. Especially under the golden sunshine, the sea is clearer and you can see each pebble and rock at the bottom, making those who first come here are also surprised by its beauty. The beach is beautiful, the white sand stretches, this is a suitable place for friends to camp overnight, grill food, seafood. One thing to note for you is that the island does not have food or drinks, so you have to prepare from the mainland, or contact the people here to buy things.

Coming to Hon Nua beach, you not only can immerse yourself in the cool water, have fun with friends and relatives. But you can also enjoy a new feeling by carrying a fishing rod, sitting on the undulating cliffs while fishing and watching the sky and the sea. With these fishing rods, you can “buy” yourself some seafood to add to the delicious outdoor BBQ.

Tourists comfortably soak in the cool water (Image: Collectibles)

Another special thing is that here you can dive into the coral at the bottom of the sea easily, without using specialized equipment. Although the coral here is not as beautiful as in Phu Quoc or Nha Trang, it also has its own beauty, enough to make people who want to explore here.

On the top of Hon Nua, there is also a red lighthouse, day and night as a guide for fishermen to come ashore. At night, visitors can also climb here to see the sky and the sky, enjoy the cool breeze of the sea and a very romantic dating place for couples in love.

The red lighthouse stands out in the middle of the mountains (Image: Collectibles)

The boundary marker on one side is Khanh Hoa and the other on Phu Yen is also an interesting place for people to take photos and visit. Contrary to the harmonious beauty in the south, the north is the high cliffs, standing close to the sea. Huge cliffs jutting straight into the sky make you feel mysterious. There are cliffs nearly 80 m high above sea level so this is an interesting place for those who love climbing.

The cliffs soar upright toward the sky (Image: Collectibles)

Hon Nua is one of the most worthwhile destinations in Phu Yen, if you have the opportunity to come here, you will definitely be attracted to the scenery here and do not want to leave here.


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