Hon Yen Phu Yen – Where Serene Beauty and Romance Abound

July 19, 2020 7 mins to read

Phu Yen isn’t just famous for its romantic film sets; it boasts a system of captivating islands. One of these is Hon Yen Phu Yen – a destination that draws many domestic and international tourists alike. This place is a hot spot for young travelers looking to check in and explore. Let’s delve into this fascinating island with Vietnampeace.com!

1. Overview of Hon Yen Phu Yen

  • Location: Located in An Hoa commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province.
  • Opening hours: Open all day
  • Reference price: Free admission

Standing in the village of Nhon Hoi, you’ll see two adjacent islands about 100m from the shore. The more oversized island, with its giant cone-shaped peak and towering cliffs, is Hon Yen, while the smaller one is Hon Sun.

Here, you can stroll on vast stretches of sand spanning the horizon. Admire the lush green cliffs and enjoy the cool, fresh air, bringing comfort.

This place is about 20km from Tuy Hoa city center. It’s called Hon Yen because it used to be a natural habitat for many swallows, thriving and nesting here. However, nowadays, most swallows migrate and concentrate on Hon Noi and Hon Sam.

2. How to get to Hon Yen Phu Yen

To get to Hon Yen, you can choose between two routes:

Driving along QL1A for about 15km from Tuy Hoa City until you reach the Phu Diem intersection. From there, turn right onto the concrete road or ask for directions to Nhon Hoi village. From Nhon Hoi village, you can take a boat to Hon Yen Island.

Alternatively, you can start from Le Duan Street (city center), drive along the coastal road through the An Phu, An Chan, An My communes to reach Yen market. From here, turn towards Hon Yen Beach and hire a boat from residents to go to the island.

3. Best time to visit Hon Yen Phu Yen

It’s best to visit Hon Yen in the late afternoon during the beginning or end of the month. During this time, the tide recedes, revealing layers of stacked rocky formations and golden sandy beaches shimmering amidst the vast ocean.

4. Exploring Hon Yen Phu Yen

Hon Yen is a pristine place, relatively untouched. Therefore, the ecosystem and vegetation here are diverse and naturally thriving. You can immerse yourself in its beauty.

4.1 Rare and magnificent beauty of Hon Yen Phu Yen

Hon Yen is surrounded by the scenic cluster of Phu Yen’s coastline. Besides Hon Sun nearby, the scenery here is divided into three parts. The central part features a range of rocky mountains stretching out to sea, closest to Hon Yen, often called Ganh Yen.

Upon arrival, you’ll be amazed by the bustling scene of boats docking early in the morning and fresh seafood catches. Additionally, you can admire the moss-covered rocks interlocking with the sandy stretches leading to the waves.

The sea here is a mesmerizing emerald green, sweet and pure. Hon Yen is home to many unique marine species, such as shrimp, squid, and golden breast crabs. Along the coastline, locals often raise valuable lobster species in cages.

A pathway connecting Hon Sun and Hon Yen emerges during low tide days. You’ll have the opportunity to walk between the sea and marvel at the colorful coral reefs, blending with the sparkling ocean scenery.

4.2 What to explore in Hon Yen Phu Yen?

Hon Yen Island forms a natural landscape comprising Hon Yen, Hon Dun, Ban Than, Ganh Yen, Vung Choi, and Hon Choi. Being only about 100m from the shore, you can freely walk to Hon Yen during the dry season.

– Ong Nam Hai Tomb

This is where locals set up shrines to pray for health, prosperity, smooth sailing, and prosperous fishing ventures for everyone in the family.

Almost all tourist destinations in Vietnam have spiritual places and beliefs. Ong Nam Hai Tomb retains its ancient, sacred charm from ancient times to the present. It is where significant and grand ceremonies of fishermen are held during the year-round Fishing Festival.

You’ll enjoy the picturesque natural scenery and vast and clear skies when you visit here. The majestic mountains stand against the continuous crashing waves.

– Xep Beach

From Ong Nam Hai Tomb, you can see Xep Beach in the distance, famous as the filming location for the movie “The Scent of Green Papaya,” adapted from the short story collection by writer Nguyen Nhat Anh.

This place is an ideal link, connecting other spots in the Hon Yen Phu Yen complex. From here, you can quickly move to different locations in Phu Yen, such as Hon Sun, Hon Yen, etc.

– Hon Dun (Hon Sun)

Arriving at Hon Sun at this time, you can experience walking amidst the seawater and enjoy watching the diverse coral reefs moving under the clear blue water. Moreover, you can also join in shellfish picking and taste the flavors of Phu Yen seafood.

An interesting point when visiting Hon Sun during low tide days (the first day of the month or full moon) is that the sea will recede, creating a path from the mainland to Hon Sun. This is the best time to admire the coral reefs and capture the natural scenery in your journey to explore Phu Yen.

5. Tips for exploring Hon Yen Phu Yen

– The island is still pristine, so there are no food and drink services available, so you need to prepare in advance. Alternatively, you can contact residents to provide necessary supplies.

– There are beautiful coral reefs here, classified as unique resources. However, these are very sensitive and can be easily distorted. Therefore, when visiting, you must choose a suitable location and consider coral conservation. Do not step on them, which could kill the coral.

– It’s advisable to return during the day, avoiding going to the island in the late afternoon or evening. The place is still very wild, so safety should be prioritized.

– If you want to experience outdoor activities like camping, watching the sunrise, etc., going in a large group is best to ensure safety. Moreover, it’s best to have residents accompany you.

In conclusion, Hon Yen in Phu Yen is a hidden gem, exuding serene beauty and romantic allure. From its stunning landscapes to diverse marine life, this island offers a captivating experience for travelers seeking adventure and tranquility.

Vietnampeace.com is your ultimate guide to exploring this enchanting destination. With detailed insights on how to get there, the best times to visit, and what to explore, Vietnampeace.com ensures you make the most of your journey to Hon Yen.

So, pack your bags, embark on an unforgettable adventure, and let Vietnampeace.com be your trusted companion in discovering the beauty of Hon Yen Phu Yen.

Jade sea water at Hon Yen (Photo collection)

Lost in the pristine Yen Yen (Collected photos)

Phu Thuong - Ganh Yen Beach (Collected photo)

Hon Yen is located in An Hoa commune, Tuy An district, 20km from the city center (Photo collected)

The big islet with steep rocky cliffs, the giant cap is called Hon Yen, the small is Hon Carton (Photo collection)

The big islet with steep rocky cliffs, the giant cap is called Hon Yen, the small is Hon Carton (Photo collection)

1 corner of the bird's nest Phu Yen (Photo collection)

1 corner of the bird’s nest Phu Yen (Photo collection)

Admire the moment of sunset on Hon Yen (Photo collection)

Hon Yen Sun Set (Photo collection)

Beautiful coral reefs in Hon Yen Beach (Photo collected)

Beautiful coral reefs in Hon Yen Beach (Photo collected)

Lost in the pristine Yen Yen (Collected photos)

Phu Thuong – Ganh Yen Beach (Collected photo)

Grilled Squid (photo collection)

Grilled Squid (photo collection)

The photographer freely immersed himself in the beautiful scenes (Photo collection)

The photographer freely immersed himself in the beautiful scenes (Photo collection)

Hon Yen beauty makes many young people choose this place to travel (Photo collection)

Hon Yen beauty makes many young people choose this place to travel (Photo collection)

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