Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho – Explore a Local, Rustic Tourist Spot

July 17, 2020 10 mins to read

Bằng Lăng Stork Garden is a renowned tourist destination with stunning natural landscapes. The skies filled with storks at Bằng Lăng Garden will delight visitors, offering an exciting travel experience.

Can Tho is a beautiful land in the Western part of our country. Bằng Lăng Stork Garden is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the area. It is known as a famous bird playground with thousands of white storks painting the sky, providing a sense of tranquility for visitors. For more information and travel tips about Bằng Lăng Stork Garden and other beautiful destinations in Vietnam, visit Vietnampeace.com. Discover the natural wonders and unique experiences that await you in this picturesque corner of the world.

1. Where is Bằng Lăng Stork Garden? What are its features?

Where is Bằng Lăng Stork Garden? This famous stork garden is located in Thới Bình 1, Thuận An ward, Thốt Nốt district, Can Tho. The garden is situated 60km away from the city center of Can Tho, making it easy for tourists to travel and plan visits to other tourist spots.

Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho covers an area of over 16,500m2. It gathers more than 20 different stork species, such as Stork Ma, Stork Cotton, Stork Fish, Stork Fly, Stork Lotus, Stork Quack, Stork Snake, Stork Fried, Stork Green, as well as other species like Heron, Silver, Blind, Shovel, Snipe, Crazy, Blind, Fool,… The diversity of bird species, including storks, has attracted tourists, making it the most famous bird playground in the Western region today.

2. Why is it called Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho?

Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho naturally formed over time. Previously, it was an area of bamboo gardens where storks frequently appeared to fly around. The sound of stork calls and wing flapping created a unique melody of this land.

Since 1983, this garden has developed, reaching a total area of ​​13,097 m2. Today, to meet the needs of tourism and develop into an ecological tourism area, Can Tho Stork Garden is planned to have a total area of ​​16,500m2. Over time, more storks have flocked to this area, creating a white spectacle that covers the sky.

Around this garden, there are also vibrant purple bang lang flowers. The harmony of nature and land and the unique sound of storks create a peaceful and serene atmosphere. This is perhaps the origin of the name Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho.

3. When is the Best Time to Visit Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho?

Based on travel experiences, many visitors recommend exploring Bằng Lăng Stork Garden during the stork breeding season. The breeding season of storks usually falls between the 8th lunar month and January every year. During this time, the spectacle of stork flocks calling each other and the sounds of storks create a magnificent scene that captivates tourists.

Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho is also famous for its stunning natural scenery, which is “fertile land for birds to rest.” Visitors can freely explore, sightsee, and capture unique check-in photos in this area. Additionally, during the early morning, storks often venture out to find food and return in the late afternoon.

The beginning and end of a day are perhaps the most beautiful times that you should not miss to witness the finest scenery at the stork garden in Can Tho. A lively scene in the fragrant countryside will make tourists feel liberated, experiencing the peaceful taste of rural Vietnam.

4. How to Get to Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho?

To reach Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho, tourists should choose the most suitable means of transportation to travel from their province/city to the city center of Can Tho. In northern provinces, most tourists opt for air travel, while those in neighboring provinces can use cars or motorcycles.

In the city center of Can Tho, you need to travel along National Highway 91, passing through Ô Môn and Thốt Nốt, to reach the stork garden. This distance is approximately 60km, and it takes just over 1 hour to travel. The journey to Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho is quite convenient.

However, tourists should also note that the road from Bằng Lăng Bridge to the stork garden extends for about 2km, a narrow road that cannot accommodate cars. Visitors can either use motorcycles or walk inside. Additionally, during spring, the road to the stork garden is often flooded, so tourists can experience boat activities – an exciting experience worth trying.

5. What’s Special When Setting Foot in Can Tho Stork Garden?

5.1. Immerse Yourself in a World with 300,000 Storks, Birds of Various Species

Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho gathers more than 300,000 storks of around 20 species. At this ecological tourism site, you can admire various stork species such as Ivory Stork, Ma Stork, Green Stork, Spoonbill, Egret, Fish Stork, and more.

Some of the most abundant stork species in this area are Green Stork, Quack Stork, and Fly Stork, and the smallest stork species found in Can Tho Stork Garden is the Red Egret, distinguished by its eye-catching red feathers.

This place is also the habitat of many precious bird species. Visitors can freely observe birds such as Snipe, Blind, Shovel, and Silver, creating a fascinating symphony of bird sounds. This scenery also brings tourists a sense of tranquility and relaxation during their visit.

5.2. Watch the Storks Searching for Food in Flocks Every Morning

Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho is most lively every early morning when the storks search for food for a new day. The peaceful morning on this land with the beautiful natural scenery and the pure white color of each stork flock allows tourists to comfortably observe and relax.

Moreover, during this time, the land and sky of Bằng Lăng Stork Garden are lovely, and you can capture unique check-in photos in this ecological tourism destination.

5.3. Enjoy the Beautiful and Romantic Scene of Storks Returning at Sunset

One of the most attractive times to visit Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho that tourists should not miss is sunset. The beautiful, harmonious sunset scene, blending with the green color of nature and the white layers of returning storks, creates a lovely painting.

During this time, when the storks return after a long day of searching for food, the rhythmic sounds of stork calls create an exciting melody on the vast fields of the Mekong Delta. At this moment, tourists can relax and return to the Vietnamese homeland’s most simple and beloved aspects.

5.4. Enjoy the Peaceful and Simple Scene in the 16,500 m2 Stork Garden

Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho covers a total area of ​​16,500 m2. This place is renowned as the most significant bird playground in the Western region. Additionally, the natural scenery here is incredibly peaceful and relaxing.

Fantastic bamboo clusters shade the entrance to the stork garden, and the diverse ecosystem allows tourists to explore and experience freely. With this peaceful scenery, Bằng Lăng Stork Garden has attracted thousands of visitors yearly.

6. What Do Storks Eat at Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho? How are They Taken Care of?

White storks often forage in distant places, starting their food-searching journey early in the morning and returning at sunset. During the dry season, when natural food sources become scarce, the garden owner has to dredge channels and dig ponds to release fish fry, ensuring a reserve of food for the storks.

When the food supply is limited, they also purchase shrimp from local fishermen to feed the storks. During seasons when stork populations increase, the garden owner has to plant additional trees and bamboo to provide nesting space for the storks. This is why the ecosystem at Bằng Lăng Stork Garden is incredibly diverse.

7. What to Eat at Bằng Lăng Stork Garden?

As a unique and famous tourist destination in the Mekong Delta, this place offers a wide variety of local cuisine, rich in regional cultural characteristics. Can Tho Stork Garden borders An Giang Province, and the first specialty you should not miss is the thốt nốt tree.

From this ingredient, locals have created many unique dishes such as thốt nốt sweet soup, thốt nốt steamed cake, and thốt nốt rice. Most visitors favor these simple yet popular dishes.

Besides, around the stork garden tourist spot are many other unique dishes such as banh xeo (Vietnamese crispy pancake), Can Tho-style banh cong (fried cake), grilled snakehead fish, etc. These dishes are reasonably priced, allowing tourists to enjoy them comfortably.

8. How Much is the Admission Ticket to Bằng Lăng Stork Garden?

How much is the admission ticket to Bằng Lăng Stork Garden? The entrance fee to the stork garden is quite affordable, specifically as follows:

– For adults: 20,000 VND per visitor.
– For children: 10,000 VND per visitor.

In addition, the stork garden also welcomes foreign tourists with a ticket price of 20,000 VND per visitor. With this ticket price, you can freely explore, take photos, and learn more about the diversity of ecosystems here.

9. Some Information about Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho for Your Reference

As a unique ecological tourist destination in Can Tho, Bằng Lăng Stork Garden attracts thousands of visitors annually. However, to have the safest and most enjoyable trip to this tourist spot, you should also note the following information:

– This is an ecological tourist spot with uneven terrain and pathways, so avoiding wearing high heels during your trip is advisable. Additionally, wearing long-sleeved clothing is recommended to minimize insect bites.
– Tourists should bring water and sunscreen because the stork garden is vast. Moreover, you should be environmentally conscious, avoiding littering in the area.
– Visitors may bring plastic boots for convenience when exploring the ecosystem in this garden.

Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Can Tho is an attractive ecological tourist destination with stunning landscapes. Here, you can comfortably watch flocks of white storks soaring, relax in the beautiful natural scenery, and enjoy the exquisite land and sky. If you can visit the provinces of the Mekong Delta, Bằng Lăng Stork Garden will be an ideal destination you should not miss. For more information about this captivating site, you can visit Vietnampeace.com.

The ecosystem in Bang Lang Stork Garden (Photo: Collection)

Những hàng cây xanh tỏa bóng mát trên lối vào vườn cò

Rows of green trees at the entrance to the stork garden (Image: Collection)

ào mùa sinh sản, từng đàn chim kéo nhau về làm tổ

During the breeding season, birds flock to each other to nest (Image: Collection)

Cảnh đàn cò đi kiếm ăn từ buổi sớm bình minh

The scene of storks go out to forage from the early dawn (Image: Collection)

Vườn cò Bằng Lăng nhộn nhịp từng cánh chim bay về

Bang Lang stork garden bustles with every flying bird (Image: Collection)

Cận cảnh hệ sinh thái nơi vườn cò Bằng Lăng

A close-up of the ecosystem in Bang Lang stork garden (Image: Collection)

Cánh chim trở về sau một ngày dài kiếm ăn

Bird wings return after a long day of foraging (Image: Collection)

Những cánh cò đại diện cho cả một nền văn hóa sông nước

The storks represent a whole river culture (Image: Collection)

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