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In Can Tho, you must visit Bang Lang stork garden

Can Tho is famous for its beautiful, rustic scenery of lush green rice fields stretching to the horizon, sweet lullabies are sung all over the river, the birds covered with clouds in the sky Bang Lang stork garden. This is one of the most beautiful natural scenery in the West.

The ecosystem in Bang Lang stork garden (Photo: Collection)

Mode of transportation and admission ticket

About 60 km from Can Tho city is the “residence” of Bang Lang stork garden. Guests can choose the means: plane, car, motorbike, bus to move to Can Tho city, from there you just need to go along Highway 91 through O Mon, Thot Not straight ahead. on is the stork garden.

You note, to the beginning of Bang Lang Bridge about 2km from the stork garden, there is a small road, you can rent a car or walk in. Especially if you visit here on spring days, you will have the opportunity to experience the feeling of bobbing along the boat. The two sides are filled with images of purple tombs printed in the bottom of the water, the scene is peaceful, right?

Những hàng cây xanh tỏa bóng mát trên lối vào vườn cò

Rows of green trees shady on the entrance to the stork garden (Image: Collection)

To visit the idyllic scenery, with the birds covered in white sky here, you only have to pay a very low fee to help the stork garden to maintain and restore: foreign tourists VND 20,000 / person, du domestic customers VND 10,000 / person.

What time is the most beautiful?

Good land perching bird is a natural rule for generations, because the wonderful natural space here has helped Bang Lang stork garden gather a lot of birds from all directions. The most beautiful stork garden, “most crowded” in each breeding season, so you do not miss this scenery, you should visit this place around August lunar until January every year.

Photos of Bang Lang stork garden tourist site (Photo Collection)

ào mùa sinh sản, từng đàn chim kéo nhau về làm tổ

During the breeding season, birds flock to each other to nest (Image: Collection)

Carrying in the industrious characteristic of “yellow bees”, the “storks” often leave their homes to look for food from the early morning and return when the sunset has fallen. This is also the most beautiful scene on Bang Lang stork garden. So if you are not able to watch this scene slowly, you have to wait until the evening to witness the vibrant rhythm of the country music in the peaceful stork garden.

Cảnh đàn cò đi kiếm ăn từ buổi sớm bình minh

The scene of storks go out to forage from the early dawn (Image: Collection)


The scene of Can Tho stork garden

Bang Lang stork garden is the largest bird playground in the western region of the river. This place gives visitors a sense of peace, relaxation and peace right from the first moment of arrival. The entrance to the stork garden is shaded by green bamboo, going deeper into the garden of about 15 hectares, an ecosystem that is waiting for you to explore. Interwoven with countless trees here is the “home” of thousands of “storks”, the landscape of Bang Lang stork bustling scene of flocks of flying birds disturbs a corner of the southern sky.

Vườn cò Bằng Lăng nhộn nhịp từng cánh chim bay về

Bang Lang stork garden bustles with every flying bird (Image: Collection)

Gathering more than 300,000 birds, the stork garden has many different types of birds: stork, stork, stork, stork, stork, stork, stork, stork, kite, kite, cauldron, pelican, hoe … all combined into a unique piece of music that plays with bustling songs whenever visitors come to play.

Cận cảnh hệ sinh thái nơi vườn cò Bằng Lăng

A close-up of the ecosystem in Bang Lang stork garden (Image: Collection)

If the stork scene leaving the nest early foraging captivates you, then the image of the stork returning in the fiery sunset will also make you flutter.

Cánh chim trở về sau một ngày dài kiếm ăn

Bird wings return after a long day of foraging (Image: Collection)

Bang Lang stork garden, water river culture

Bang Lang stork garden is the most favorite place in this river region because people here always consider the image of “storks” to represent their lives. The wings of the algae frequency, hard to fly all over the world to find food and then back to the land where the umbilical cut vegetables buried in harmony with nature, to find the beloved home. It is difficult to have any animals that have just suffered and suffered but have a love like a stork, each herd of herds invite each other to go for food as if they want to protect and support each other on the difficult journey of a living life, like nature nice people in the west.

Những cánh cò đại diện cho cả một nền văn hóa sông nước

The storks represent a whole river culture (Image: Collection)

The beautiful scenery of Can Tho not only has a garden but Bang Lang – Thot Not, but there are many other beautiful landscapes waiting for visitors to visit. Therefore, the selection of motels near the center and easy to move is indispensable. You can choose garden guesthouses, hotels or homestays to suit your needs.


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