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Invite each other to Ha Giang to see purple violet triangle flowers in a corner of the sky

Triangular veins are typical flowers found only in the Northwestern land, but the most beautiful is probably the triangular flower of Ha Giang. Visit Ha Giang on a chilly day in the end of the year to enjoy the captivating beauty of the purple rose in a corner of the sky.

Triangle – Ha Giang (Image: Collection)

Triangular circuit flower origin

In the past, indigenous people often used maize and rice as food to survive. Then one year when the maize and rice in the house were exhausted but could not come to the next crop, the whole village was in hunger, which inspired the villagers to search for new sources of food. After many days of searching, people accidentally discovered a strange aroma emanating from the ravine, tracking down, when they found a purple flower furting under the green triangle leaves. greasy. They take flower seeds for food, eat as good as corn or grain.

After that, people immediately gave the flower a triangular name that helped them overcome their hunger waiting for the next crop. The name is formed from the origin as well as the shape of the tree, because it belongs to the rice family, so it is called a circuit, adding leaves with a triangular shape so when combined, we get the name that has disturbed the hearts of the dreamers. dream.

The triangular circuit glorifies a corner of Ha Giang’s clouds (Image: Collection)

What time to watch flowers?

Ha Giang triangle veins are most beautiful at the beginning of the cold around October, November and last until the end of December and then wither. The carpet of purple roses shimmering in the sun urges enthusiasts who love beauty to travel quickly to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Purple-pink carpet of flowers on a northwestern corner (Image: Collection)

Triangle circuit not only makes viewers satisfied with attractive flower colors but also captivates visitors by strange and attractive dishes: boiled triangle leaves are both sweet and cool, cakes made from aromatic triangle , powdery sweet.

The most beautiful places to see triangles in Ha Giang

Speaking of Ha Giang, everyone is strongly impressed with the image of a triangle covering the mountains and roads. However, there is not much information about the most beautiful flower beds here. Do not worry, VietNampeace has joined you to explore the most beautiful triangular lands in Ha Giang!

Triangular flower (Image: Collection)

Charismatic Is

Sung La is rated by tourists as the place with the most beautiful triangle flower in Ha Giang, the purple flower covers the immense hill.

Triangular flower in Sung La (Image: Collection)

Upon arriving here, visitors remember to take advantage of the opportunity to visit the house of the house set in the famous movie “Pao’s House” and attend the fair of the ethnic LoL, Mong.

Pao’s house (Image: Collection)

Copy of the Table

This place not only attracts visitors by the mysterious ancient of the yin and yang houses with typical Chinese characteristics, but also makes visitors sit still restless before the dreamy beauty of the triangle flower fields. beautiful circuit to heart. Traveling to Ha Giang, remember to visit Pho Bang village to enjoy this unique scenery.

Triangular flower field in Pho Bang village (Photo: Collection)

Lung Owl

Lung Cu – the top of the country 200km from the center of Ha Giang city, is also one of the places to take beautiful vascular triangle flowers. On the way to Lung Cu and right at the foot of the flagpole, there are countless beautiful flower beds for visitors to enjoy, remember to bring a camera to save these moments.

Lung Cu – Dong Van (Image: Collection)

Lung Apple

The purple and pink flowers grow around the hillsides and mountains in Lung Fox, but to admire all the beauty here, you should go to Ma Lé mountain. Standing from the top of the mountain, looking down, visitors can capture the beautiful views of Ha Giang triangle flower.

Triangle flower veins – Lung Apple (Image: Collection)

Cao Pho

Located right along the 4C Highway, Pho Cao attracts visitors by the simple beauty: yellow earthy houses in the sun, pictures of innocent and funny children … Especially, it is flawed if not to mention the Triangle fields are simple but lyrical.

Fox Street with beautiful flowery triangle flower fields (Image: Collection)

The foot of Ma Pi Leng pass

Ma Pi Leng – one of the four great peaks of the Ha Giang Pass, is located on the road of happiness: Ha Giang town – Dong Van district – Meo Vac town. From the top, looking down is the image of Nho Que Que green line, silhouettes of clouds and sky squeezing across the majestic mountains.

Ma Pi Leng Pass (Image: Collection)

At the foot of the pass are brilliantly colored triangular flower mats, if you want to enjoy this scenery, hurry to Ha Giang.

Colorful flowers under the foot of the pass (Image: Collection)

Just spend about 2 to 3 days, you have the opportunity to explore the most beautiful vascular triangle flower in Ha Giang. Here is a growing tourism, so hotel and hotel services are quite developed, comfortable rooms that are not too expensive. However, to ensure the best, you should book before you go. Wish you have an interesting trip to discover the veins of Ha Giang .


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