Ha Giang’s Purple Pink Buckwheat Flowers: A Corner of Heaven

July 18, 2020 5 mins to read

Buckwheat flowers are a distinctive species found only in the Northwestern region, but the most beautiful among them is arguably the buckwheat flowers of Ha Giang. A day trip to Ha Giang in the chilly months at the end of the year to appreciate the enchanting beauty of the purple-pink flowers in a corner of the sky is simply unparalleled.

Origin of Buckwheat Flowers

In the past, the locals often relied on corn and rice as their daily sustenance. However, one year, when the corn and rice had run out and the next harvest had not arrived, the village faced hunger. This compelled the villagers to seek a new source of food. After days of searching, they stumbled upon a strange fragrance emanating from the mountains. Following the scent, they discovered a purple-pink flower nestled beneath triangular green leaves. They brought the flower seeds back as food, which was delicious, much like corn or rice.

Subsequently, the villagers named the flower “buckwheat” as it helped them survive the hunger until the next harvest. The name was derived from the plant’s origin and the triangular shape of its leaves, which, belonging to the rice family, were called “mach.” The combination of the two elements resulted in a name that stirred the dreams of many.

Best Time to Admire the Flowers

The buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang are most beautiful from October to December, fading away at the end of December. The vibrant patches of purple-pink flowers glitter in the sunlight, beckoning beauty enthusiasts and quick-travel lovers to embark on a journey to savor this breathtaking scenery.

Buckwheat flowers captivate onlookers with their charming hues and enchant tourists with delectable and unique dishes: steamed buckwheat leaves that are sweet, refreshing, and fragrant buckwheat grain cakes.

Best Places to Admire Buckwheat Flowers in Ha Giang

When mentioning Ha Giang, the image of buckwheat flowers covering the mountainsides and roadsides is in everyone’s memory. However, there is limited information about the most beautiful flower fields here. Fear not, as Vietnampeace.com is here to help you discover the most beautiful buckwheat regions in Ha Giang!

Sung La

Tourists praise Sung La as the place with the most beautiful buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang, where the hills are blanketed in a sea of purple-pink flowers.

When visiting, be sure to explore the house featured in the famous movie “Pao’s House” and participate in the local markets of the Lolo and Mong ethnic communities.

Pho Bang Village

This location not only charms tourists with the mysterious charm of ancient yin-yang houses typical of the Chinese people but also captivates them with the dreamy beauty of the buckwheat flower fields. When visiting Ha Giang, visit Ban Pho Bang to enjoy this unique landscape.

Lung Cu

Lung Cu, the country’s northernmost point, is located 200km from the center of Ha Giang city and is also a must-visit destination for capturing beautiful photos of buckwheat flowers.

On the way to Lung Cu, and at the foot of the flagpole, there are countless beautiful flower fields for tourists to enjoy. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture these moments.

Lung Tao

Purple-pink flowers grow around the hills and mountains of Lung Tao, but to fully appreciate the beauty here, visitors should head to Mount Ma Le. Atop the mountain, tourists can take in the myriad beautiful scenes of Ha Giang’s buckwheat flowers.

Pho Cao

Located on Highway 4C, Pho Cao mesmerizes tourists with its simple beauty: houses in golden sunlight, images of carefree children playing… It would be remiss not to mention the simple yet romantic buckwheat flower fields.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng, one of the four great mountain passes of Ha Giang, lies on the ‘happiness route’: Hà Giang town – Đồng Văn district – Mèo Vạc town. From the summit, you can see the image of the clear blue Nho Quế River winding its way through the majestic mountains.

Below the pass are splendid buckwheat flower fields. If you want to enjoy this scene, hurry to Ha Giang.

Just allocate about 2 to 3 days, and you can freely explore the most beautiful buckwheat flower spots in Ha Giang. As tourism develops here, guesthouse and hotel services are also quite advanced, with comfortable rooms at reasonable prices. However, to be sure, it’s best to book your room in advance. Vietnampeace.com wishes you a fascinating journey to explore the buckwheat flowers of Ha Giang.

Triangle – Ha Giang (Image: Collection)The triangular circuit glorifies a corner of Ha Giang’s clouds (Image: Collection)

Purple-pink carpet of flowers on a northwestern corner (Image: Collection)

Triangular flower (Image: Collection)

Triangular flower in Sung La (Image: Collection)

Pao’s house (Image: Collection)

Triangular flower field in Pho Bang village (Photo: Collection)

Lung Cu – Dong Van (Image: Collection)

Triangle flower veins – Lung Apple (Image: Collection)

Fox Street with beautiful flowery triangle flower fields (Image: Collection)Ma Pi Leng Pass (Image: Collection)

Colorful flowers under the foot of the pass (Image: Collection)

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