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Invite each to pick rambutan at the haunted tourist area of Que Tre, Ben Tre

Besides the Lan Vuong, Ba Ngoi or Con Phung tourist areas, the emerging countryside of Que Ta is one of the ideal entertainment places that many young people love. With only from 20 to 30 thousand VND per person, you can freely go in and out of the garden and fruit to eat as much as you want. So why hesitate any longer without carrying a backpack up to the hometown tourist resort Que Ta Ben Tre.

Back to Ben Tre bombarded the countryside at Que Ta garden

Where is Que Ta horticulture tourist site?

Địa chỉ khu du lịch miệt vườn Quê Ta Bến Tre

Address the hometown of Ben Tre Que Ta garden (Photo Collection)

Located in Tan Qui hamlet, Tan Phu commune, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre. In the hometown tourist area, Ta Ta has a rambutan garden, considered the largest in Ben Tre. With cool space, cool weather and bunches of red rambutan red promises to bring visitors the most relaxing moments.

Road to the haunted hometown of Que Ta

Đường tới miệt vườn Quê Ta trồng nhiều chôm chôm

The road to hometown Que Ta planted many rambutans (Photo Collection)

Located about 97km south of Ho Chi Minh City, it takes only 2 hours by car to reach the resort. Alternatively you can take a bus to Ben Tre, then down the provincial road 884 toward Chau Thanh district. At the end, the entrance to the countryside in Que Ta is very narrow, only enough for two motorbikes to pass, so care must be taken.

Bản đồ đường đi tới khu du lịch miệt vườn Quê Ta

Road map to the hometown tourist area of Ta Ta (Photo Collection)

With the last 10km distance, visitors will see firsthand the rambutan bunches of fruit blooming on the side of the road that makes you feel excited. At the top, there are grapefruit, bananas, durian, oranges, tangerines, etc. At present, Que Ta garden tourist area is invested in infrastructure, roads are expanded to small cars as well. can come in.

What is in the hometown tourist area of Que Ta?

Trải nghiệm cảm giác tận hái chôm chôm từ trên cây

Experience the feeling of picking rambutan from the trees (Photo Collection)

Traveling in the hometown of Que Ta, visitors will experience an interesting holiday with fresh and cool air. The fruit gardens are laden with fruit, visitors will experience the feeling of picking their own fruit and enjoying the spot extremely interesting.

Những chùm chôm chôm chín được đặt trong giỏ

Clusters of ripe rambutan are placed in the basket (Photo Collection)

Occasionally along the way, visitors may come across baskets filled with fruits spilling onto the road. Due to being picked from the tree, it is still very fresh. Visitors can eat on the spot or buy for half the price of the market.

Giá trái cây tại miệt vườn Quê Ta chỉ bằng một nửa ở chợ

Fruit prices in hometown hometown are only half that at the market (Photo Collection)

Coming to the rambutan garden, visitors can stop under the shade of the tree, drink coconut water and pick fruits directly on the tree. Besides rambutan, visitors can also enjoy mangosteen, durian and other fruits depending on the season.

Chỉ với 20 - 30k là bạn có thể thoải mái thưởng thức trái cây

With only 20 – 30k, you can enjoy fruits (Photo Collection)

In addition, you can also ask the garden owner to do local specialties such as fried red snapper, grilled snakehead fish, …. In which chicken porridge gardening is the most popular dish. Gardeners only charge VND 100,000 – 150,000 / kg, and porridge and accompanying food do not charge, so you can feel free to ask for more.

Thu hoạch chôm chôm

Rambutan harvest (Photo Collection)

In the countryside of the Que Ta Ben Tre garden tourist area, visitors can also participate in other interesting activities such as fishing, wearing a three-slap ditch to catch fish, ….

Here are some pictures of check-in at the hometown of Que Ta Ben Tre:

Tận hưởng niềm vui tịa khu du lịch miệt vườn Quê Ta

Enjoy the pleasure of the hometown of Ta Ta Garden (Photo Collection)

Du lịch miệt vườn Quê Ta 2

Du lịch miệt vườn Quê Ta 3

du lịch miệt vườn Quê Ta

Khu du lịch miệt vườn Quê Ta Bến Tre 1

Lập team phượt vườn trái cây Quê Ta Bến Tre

Forming a team of Phe Ta Ben Tre fruit garden (Photo Collection)


As you all know, most visitors to the hometown of Que Ta travel throughout the day. Therefore, the service of motels or hotels here is quite few. However, if you want to stay overnight, you can refer to the following addresses.

Nghỉ ngơi tại Forever Green Resort Bến Tre

Take a break at Forever Green Resort Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

  • Forever Green Resort: Phu Khuong Hamlet, Phu Tuc Commune, Chau Thanh District, Tinh Ben Tre.
  • Quoc Phuong Riverside Homestay: Phu Tuc, Chau Thanh, Ben Tre, Vietnam.
  • Ben Tre Garden Farmstay: Group 10. Phuoc Xuan, An Khanh, Chau Thanh, Ben Tre, Vietnam.
  • Ham Luong Hotel: No. 200 C, Hung Vuong Street, Ward 5, Ben Tre, Vietnam.
  • Ben Tre Riverside Resort: 708 Nguyen Van Tu, Ward 7, Ward 7, Tp. Ben Tre, Ben Tre, Vietnam.


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