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July 18, 2020 10 mins to read

Too stifling with the smog of city air, find somewhere fresh air to relax. Cua Tung Beach is such an ideal place, the scenery is like a paradise on earth with beautiful beaches. Cua Tung Beach is located in Vinh Linh District, Quang Tri Province, about 35 km south of Dong Ha City Center.

Biển Cửa Tùng Quảng Trị

The landscape of Cua Tung beach is like a paradise on the ground (Image: Collection)

1. Cua Tung sea climate

Quang Tri is a province with a humid tropical monsoon climate, plus Lao winds, so the climate is quite harsh. Particularly in Cua Tung Beach, the climate is less affected by the Lao wind because the sea wind running in the southeast direction makes hot air change direction. The average temperature is from 20-25 degrees Celsius, the rainy season lasts from September this year to January next year. With September and October being the most stormy time, beaches in Cua Tung are less active. The hot season peaks around May and June.

Khí hậu ở biển Cửa Tùng

The weather in May and June is sunny with clear blue sky (Image: Collection)

2. Appropriate time to visit Cua Tung beach

Based on the climate you should have a reasonable schedule to avoid peak periods such as hot weather in May, 6 and more rainy months as September, 10. The remaining months of the year may come Stores Tung relax, from December to April is the most ideal time.

Thời gian thích hợp để ghé thăm biển Cửa Tùng Quảng Trị

December to April is an ideal time to come to Cua Tung (Image: Collection)

3. Transportation to Cua Tung

Take a plane

Quang Tri is far more than 1100 km from Ho Chi Minh City, so it is reasonable to choose an airplane, both safe and time-saving. You can book flight tickets of Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airlines to Phu Bai, Hue then take a bus to Dong Ha to rest, then move to Cua Tung beach the next day. If you have booked a room at Cua Tung beach, you can take a taxi directly to the sea for convenience.

Di chuyển đến biển Cửa Tùng như thế nào?

Through Phu Bai airport, Hue, then back to Quang Tri center (Image: Collection)

Go by train

From Saigon Railway Station, you can take Thong Nhat train to Dong Ha and Quang Tri stations, then take a car to Cua Tung beach which takes about 45 – 60 minutes. If traveling from Hanoi, you can catch a train in Hanoi to Dong Ha station (Hanoi Station website: ).

Di chuyển đến bãi biển Cửa Tùng như thế nào?

Dong Ha Railway Station (Image: Collection)

Before you go, you should book train tickets in advance to have the best place, as well as reasonable prices without being challenged when buying through intermediaries. You can book tickets in advance at 01 Nguyen Thong, ward 9, district 3, Ho Chi Minh City, or book tickets online at:

Passenger cars

If traveling from Hanoi, you can catch the Hoang Long and Hoa Hong buses at Luong Yen bus station to Dong Ha Quang Tri bus station, then continue by taxi to Cua Tung . If traveling from Ho Chi Minh City, you can go to Mien Dong bus station to take Hoang Long bus and Thuan Thao bus to Dong Ha bus station, the bus station is about 4 km from Dong Ha city center, you can go to the center to rest. I rested my strength and went to Cua Tung beach the next day.

Xe khách để đi đến BIỂN CỬA TÙNG

Take the car from Ho Chi Minh City to Quang Tri (Image: Collection)

4. Cua Tung Beach – A paradise on the ground

Cua Tung Beach is both beautiful and rich in seafood products. It was the French who discovered this place and built many villas and resorts by the sea. At present, the ancient buildings in the Gothic style still remain. Quang Tri people can fully be proud of the natural beauty that Cua Tung carries in them, which has long become a popular vacation destination in and out of the country attracting a large number of foreign tourists. .

Biển Cửa Tùng - địa điểm du lịch hot miền Trung

Popular tourist destination (Image: Collection)

The beach lies gently on the basalt red soil, covered with fine white sand in each wave. The whispering waves are as calm as each gentle kiss on the long sand. In the early sunny days, the sky at Cua Tung Quang Tri beach is clear and cloudless, the water color is like the sky and the same enchanting color. Once you enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cua Tung beach, you will see how much more meaningful and beautiful life is.

Bờ biển thoai thoải ở Cửa Tùng

Smooth coastline at Cua Tung (Image: Collection)

Bathing in Cua Tung is very safe, with Mui Si and Mui Lai going deep into the sea to form a small bay to shield the beach, without big waves and high winds as well as large currents flowing across. Therefore, swimming here brings a sense of security and comfort for visitors. You are spoiled for embracing the gentle wave in the refreshing cool water without worrying about being swept away.

Mui Si - bãi biển Cửa Tùng

Mui Si protruding into the sea forms a bow (Image: Collection)

Bãi biển Cửa Tùng Quảng Trị - bãi tắm an toàn cho du khách

Bathing places protected by nature (Image: Collection)

On the banks of the casuarina trees swaying in the breeze, the shade of the walkway, after swimming, you can lean back in the shade of a tree to rest or walk step by step on the fine sand under the green trees. ball. The charming atmosphere and landscape make people fall in love.

Hàng phi lao tại bãi biển Cửa Tùng Quảng Trị

Casuarina in the wind singing (Image: Collection)

Đi bộ trên bãi biển Cửa Tùng

Walking under the shade of green trees (Photo: Collection)

Catching the sunrise on the Cua Tung Quang Tri beach is one of the unforgettable experiences, far away from the horizon on the sea, the dim space faded by the first rays of the morning sun. The scene gradually appears vividly, the fishing life of fishermen has started ever more clearly in the early morning dawn. Each sad boat silhouetted against the red sky, the sun shimmered with silver.

Đón bình minh ở biển Cửa Tùng

Catching the sunrise on Cua Tung beach (Image: Collection)

Mặt nước biển Cửa Tùng đỏ au

The reddish sunlight on the water agitated (Image: Collection)

In the daytime, Cua Tung is beautiful and beautiful, picturesque nature, each color combination harmonizes with sunshine, wind, trees, sand, waves to make everything not only lively but also full of life-giving resin in the eyes of visitors. calendar. Around Cua Tung beach, there are many orchards of local people.

Thiên nhiên ở biển Cửa Tùng

Picturesque nature (Image: Collection)

The people here are mainly engaged in fishing and fishing to earn a living. There was a time when the area was abundant in abundance, so the people named it the Thua Luong Sea (much of food to eat). Offshore fishing trips bring about fish and boats full of boats, the lives of people are increasingly favorable. Stone factories have 300-400 stone trees to serve fishing boats for many days. The people of the coastal area are full of love, so loving as the salty taste of the sea. An honest personality like a grass, beautiful nature and a hospitable nature will surely make you remember forever when coming to Cua Tung Beach.

Làng chài ven biển Cửa Tùng ở Quảng Trị

Coastal fishing village (Image: Collection)

Làng chài ven biển Cửa Tùng ở Quảng Trị 01

A simple life with a simple person (Image: Collection)

Làng chài ven biển Cửa Tùng ở Quảng Trị 02

Fishing on Cua Tung beach (Image: Collection)

In addition, you can visit some places near Cua Tung such as Hien Luong Bridge, Bay Moc Tunnels, Truong Son martyrs cemetery, Con Co island with many historical evidence … Visit Cat Son craft village to find out the lives of people working in carpentry.

Địa đạo Vịnh Mốc - địa điểm du lịch quanh biển Cửa Tùng

Vinh Moc Tunnels (Image: Collection)

Nghĩa trang Trường Sơn - địa điểm du lịch quanh biển Cửa Tùng

Resting place of Truong Son soldiers (Image: Collection)

Đảo Cồn Cỏ gần Cửa Tùng

Con Co Island near Cua Tung (Image: Collection)

5. Cua Tung specialties

Traveling on the beach, you cannot forget to enjoy delicious seafood dishes, especially when coming to Cua Tung and Quang Tri, you cannot miss many famous specialties here.

Cuttlefish – Quang Tri specialty

Cua Tung is famous for many kinds of fresh seafood, big and crispy cuttlefish, the price is from 40,000 to 100,000 VND / kg depending on the size of the ink. In the store there are many different dishes prepared from fresh squid. Having a cool and hungry bath after enjoying some seafood dishes is wonderful.

Mực nang - đặc sản Cửa Tùng Quảng Trị

Fresh cuttlefish (Image: Collection)

Mực nang - đặc sản Cửa Tùng Quảng Trị 01

Fragrant squid steamed ginger (Photo: Collection)

Mực nang - đặc sản Cửa Tùng Quảng Trị 02

Processing into an attractive stir-fry (Image: Collection)

Traditional fish sauce

Traditional fish sauce here is made from fish, pure salt, traditional formula from more than 500 years ago. The taste of the sauce is extremely rich, orange yellow color, tasting salty aromatic characteristic. The price of fish sauce is 40,000 – 50,000 VND / liter, you can buy as gifts for relatives.

Nước mắm - đặc sản Quảng Trị

Large-scale fish sauce factory (Photo: Collection)

Nước mắm - đặc sản Quảng Trị 01

Unique aroma from pure fish (Image: Collection)

Casting Cake Cua Tung

The delicious and cheap rustic cake is sold in many shops in Cua Tung town, Vinh Linh district. The cake is made from dark green jelly, in the process of making no added additives with its own flavor of seaweed, a soft but fragrant piece of cake. Seaweed made from seaweed leaves should have a high content of nutrients in the cake. When eating, you can add more chili or sprinkle a little lemon juice on top.

Bánh đúc rau câu - đặc sản Cửa Tùng

Seaweed leaves make jaggery for cakes (Image: Collection)

Bánh đúc rau câu - đặc sản Cửa Tùng 01

Jelly pudding mold made from nutritious seaweed leaves (Image: Collection)

Buffalo buffalo meat in Cua Tung

The leaves are from a tree grown deep in the mountains, which is spicy but very aromatic. When eaten with buffalo meat, it has a very suitable flavor, spicy characteristic combined with sweet meat buffalo meat that makes the taste of “dude” for delicious. Buffalo buffalo meat is a famous specialty throughout Quang Tri, not just Cua Tung. Coming to Quang Tri without enjoying this delicacy will be a big mistake.

Thịt trâu lá Trơng Cửa Tùng

Specialties are famous for special leaf stuff (Image: Collection)

Watercress lettuce Cua Tung

People here often call this vegetable paralysis, this is a native species that grows near wasteland or near rocky banks. With watercress salad, you can prepare many dishes such as shrimp soup, stir-fried beef, or just washed and boiled, then the sauce is also delicious. This vegetable stir-fried with fresh beef is the best flavor.

Rau xà lách xoong Cửa Tùng

Green vegetables are good for health (Image: Collection)

Rau xà lách xoong Cửa Tùng 01

Watercress salad with prepared with many stir-fried dishes (Photo: Collection)

6. Resting place at Cua Tung beach

You can rent an overnight accommodation in Cua Tung, or you can move to the center of Hung Ha City to book a hotel. However, you should go to the resort center for convenience, because there are many services and many choices from mid-range prices to luxurious rooms.

Muong Thanh Grand Quang Tri Hotel

Khaacsh sạn gần biển Cửa Tùng

Muong Thanh Hotel is located in the center of Hung Ha (Image: Collection)

Khách sạn gần biển Cửa Tùng 01

Luxury bedroom (Image: Collection)

Khách sạn gần biển Cửa Tùng 02

Comfortable indoor pool (Image: Collection)

Sai Gon Dong Ha Hotel

Khách sạn Sài Gòn Đông Hà gần Cửa Tùng

Saigon Dong Ha Hotel (Image: Collection)

Khách sạn Sài Gòn Đông Hà gần Cửa Tùng 01

Luxurious space (Image: Collection)

Khách sạn Sài Gòn Đông Hà gần Cửa Tùng 02

Restaurant serving food (Image: Collection)

Khách sạn Sài Gòn Đông Hà gần Cửa Tùng 03

Cozy bedroom (Image: Collection)

Golden Quang Tri Hotel

Khách sạn Golden Quảng Trị

Address 295 – 297 Le Duan, Dong Ha City (Image: Collection)

Khách sạn Golden Quảng Trị 01

Attentive service reception (Image: Collection)

Khách sạn Golden Quảng Trị 03

The place to take care of sleep (Image: Collection)

In addition, you can refer to some other hotels in Quang Tri to best suit the trip.

Hopefully the article has brought a lot of useful information to help you have an overview for your Cua Tung beach trip. Wish you and your relatives have fun trips with lots of memories.


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