Exploring Cua Tung Beach: The Most Attractive Destination in Quang Tri Tourism

July 18, 2020 8 mins to read

Cua Tung Beach is hailed as a haven for beach lovers, with its romantic atmosphere, fine sand, and pristine and tranquil shores. Let’s tag along with Vietnampeace.com to discover more.

1. Introduction to Cua Tung Beach

Location: An Duc Hamlet, Vinh Quang Commune, Vinh Linh District, Quang Tri Province

Cua Tung is renowned for its pristine and stunning beach, located about 30 kilometers north of the central city of Dong Ha. During the French colonial period in Vietnam, Cua Tung Beach was a favorite resort for French soldiers and officials. They dubbed this place the queen of beaches, constructing many luxurious resorts with a blend of classical and modern architecture.

2. Ideal Time to Visit Cua Tung Beach

Quang Tri is a province in the Central region with a tropical monsoon climate, also influenced by winds from Laos, making the weather quite harsh. However, due to its geographical location, Cua Tung Beach is less affected by Laotian winds.

The average temperature in the Cua Tung Beach area ranges from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. The rainy season here typically lasts from around September to January of the following year. Among these months, September and October are the most uncomfortable due to frequent storms hitting the Central region. The peak of the hot season is around May and June.

Therefore, to enjoy an optimal time exploring Cua Tung Beach, avoiding the peak periods of scorching heat and heavy rains is best. Otherwise, other months of the year are suitable for a relaxing getaway. According to Vietnampeace.com’s experience, visiting from December to April of the following year offers the most ideal conditions at Cua Tung Beach.

3. Directions to Cua Tung Beach

3.1 By Plane

Flying is a convenient option for those coming from distant provinces like Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. However, Quang Tri currently doesn’t have an airport, so you’ll need to book a flight to Phu Bai, Hue. From there, you can take a bus or taxi to Cua Tung Beach. While this method can be costly, it saves time, so it’s worth considering.

3.2 By Train

Another option is taking the train. Purchase tickets to Dong Ha Station, Quang Tri. From there, you can hire a taxi to Cua Tung Beach, which takes 45 to 60 minutes. Train fares are comparable to bus fares but offer a more comfortable experience, suitable for those prone to motion sickness or uncomfortable with bus odors.

3.3 By Bus

There are many bus companies offering trips to Quang Tri. Additionally, you can purchase North-South or South-North tickets and choose a stop along National Highway 1A, near Cua Tung Beach. The advantage of buses is their flexibility, ease of ticket purchase, and numerous departure times.

4. Exploring the Beauty of Cua Tung Beach

Cua Tung Beach is formed on a base of red basalt soil, topped with a layer of white sand. The waves lap gently day and night, like a sweet serenade welcoming distant travelers. On days with good weather, the sky and sea merge into a clear, endless blue, captivating everyone.

Another interesting aspect is that Cua Tung Beach is formed from geological weathering processes with two underwater rocky outcrops extending into the sea, known as Mui Si and Mui Lay. This creates a sheltered bay with no large waves or strong currents, peaceful like a calm lake. In the summer, you can immerse yourself in the cool water, enjoying the fresh air and relaxation.

Along Cua Tung Beach, you’ll still find many old French colonial villas built in Gothic architectural style. Many of these have been repurposed for rental accommodations, offering a luxurious retreat for those who appreciate French architecture.

Swimming at Cua Tung is a delightful experience not to be missed. Thanks to the calm winds and small waves, it’s extremely safe here. Above the sandy beach are rows of swaying green casuarina trees. After swimming, you can lounge on the sand, gazing at the ocean’s vastness, or stroll along the gentle Central Coast shoreline.

Around 5:30 AM is the perfect time to witness the sunrise at Cua Tung Beach. This will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience due to the tranquility and stunning scenery as the first rays of sunlight illuminate the vast sea. This is also when locals start returning after a night of fishing, bringing back a variety of fresh seafood. The bustling trading activities at this time are the heartbeat of coastal life, showcasing the beauty of tireless labor day and night.

Moreover, when visiting Cua Tung Beach, you have many nearby attractions, such as Hien Luong Bridge, Vinh Moc Tunnels, Truong Son Martyrs’ Cemetery, Con Co Island, Cat Son Carpentry Village… These are all famous tourist spots, the pride of Quang Tri tourism.

5. Specialties of Cua Tung Beach

After enjoying the peaceful natural beauty of Cua Tung, you’ll also have the chance to indulge in many delicious specialties. Here are some suggestions:

– Giant Squid: Cua Tung is famous for various fresh and delicious seafood, among which giant squid is the most popular. This type of squid is large, crispy, and reasonably priced when bought directly from fishermen.

– Traditional Fish Sauce: The fish sauce craft village at Cua Tung has a tradition spanning hundreds of years with a deeply flavorful, traditional recipe. Therefore, if you’re wondering what to buy as a gift, fish sauce is highly recommended.

– Cua Tung Seaweed Jelly Cake: This is a rustic dish sold in many snack shops. The cake is made from seaweed and agar, resulting in a beautiful deep green color, soft, fragrant, and refreshing.

– Buffalo Meat with Truong Leaves: Truong leaves are a type of plant growing in mountain forests, with a distinctive aroma and spiciness. Therefore, when combined with buffalo meat, it creates a uniquely flavorful dish, pleasing even the most discerning diners.

In conclusion, Cua Tung Beach stands as a picturesque gem in Quang Tri, Vietnam, offering visitors a serene retreat amidst stunning natural beauty. From its pristine shores and gentle waves to its rich historical significance, this destination has much to offer. Thanks to platforms like Vietnampeace.com, travelers can easily discover and plan their visit to this captivating beach. Whether it’s witnessing the breathtaking sunrise, indulging in delicious local specialties, or exploring nearby attractions, Cua Tung Beach promises an unforgettable experience for all who venture there. So pack your bags, follow the guidance of Vietnampeace.com, and embark on an enchanting journey to discover the allure of Cua Tung Beach.

Biển Cửa Tùng Quảng Trị

The landscape of Cua Tung beach is like a paradise on the ground (Image: Collection)

Khí hậu ở biển Cửa Tùng

The weather in May and June is sunny with clear blue sky (Image: Collection)

Thời gian thích hợp để ghé thăm biển Cửa Tùng Quảng Trị

December to April is an ideal time to come to Cua Tung (Image: Collection)

Di chuyển đến biển Cửa Tùng như thế nào?

Through Phu Bai airport, Hue, then back to Quang Tri center (Image: Collection)

iDi chuyển đến bãi biển Cửa Tùng như thế nào?

Dong Ha Railway Station (Image: Collection)

Xe khách để đi đến BIỂN CỬA TÙNG

Take the car from Ho Chi Minh City to Quang Tri (Image: Collection)

Biển Cửa Tùng - địa điểm du lịch hot miền Trung

Popular tourist destination (Image: Collection)

Bờ biển thoai thoải ở Cửa Tùng

Smooth coastline at Cua Tung (Image: Collection)

Mui Si - bãi biển Cửa Tùng

Mui Si protruding into the sea forms a bow (Image: Collection)

Bãi biển Cửa Tùng Quảng Trị - bãi tắm an toàn cho du khách

Bathing places protected by nature (Image: Collection)

Hàng phi lao tại bãi biển Cửa Tùng Quảng Trị

Casuarina in the wind singing (Image: Collection)

Đi bộ trên bãi biển Cửa Tùng

Walking under the shade of green trees (Photo: Collection)

Đón bình minh ở biển Cửa Tùng

Catching the sunrise on Cua Tung beach (Image: Collection)

Mặt nước biển Cửa Tùng đỏ au

The reddish sunlight on the water agitated (Image: Collection)

Thiên nhiên ở biển Cửa Tùng

Picturesque nature (Image: Collection)

Làng chài ven biển Cửa Tùng ở Quảng Trị

Coastal Fishing Village (Image: Collection)

Làng chài ven biển Cửa Tùng ở Quảng Trị 01

A simple life with a simple person (Image: Collection)

Làng chài ven biển Cửa Tùng ở Quảng Trị 02

Fishing on Cua Tung beach (Image: Collection)

Địa đạo Vịnh Mốc - địa điểm du lịch quanh biển Cửa Tùng

Vinh Moc Tunnels (Image: Collection)

Nghĩa trang Trường Sơn - địa điểm du lịch quanh biển Cửa Tùng

Resting place of Truong Son soldiers (Image: Collection)

Đảo Cồn Cỏ gần Cửa Tùng

Con Co Island near Cua Tung (Image: Collection)

Mực nang - đặc sản Cửa Tùng Quảng Trị

Fresh cuttlefish (Image: Collection)

Mực nang - đặc sản Cửa Tùng Quảng Trị 01

Fragrant squid steamed ginger (Photo: Collection)

Mực nang - đặc sản Cửa Tùng Quảng Trị 02

Processing into an attractive stir-fry (Image: Collection)Nước mắm - đặc sản Quảng Trị

Large-scale fish sauce factory (Photo: Collection)

Nước mắm - đặc sản Quảng Trị 01

Unique aroma from pure fish (Image: Collection)

Bánh đúc rau câu - đặc sản Cửa Tùng

Seaweed leaves make jaggery for cakes (Image: Collection)

Bánh đúc rau câu - đặc sản Cửa Tùng 01

Jelly pudding mold made from nutritious seaweed leaves (Image: Collection)

Thịt trâu lá Trơng Cửa Tùng

Specialties are famous for special leaf stuff (Image: Collection)

Rau xà lách xoong Cửa Tùng

Green vegetables are good for health (Image: Collection)

Rau xà lách xoong Cửa Tùng 01

Watercress salad with prepared with many stir-fried dishes (Photo: CollectionKhaacsh sạn gần biển Cửa Tùng

Muong Thanh Hotel is located in the center of Hung Ha (Image: Collection)

Khách sạn gần biển Cửa Tùng 01

Luxury bedroom (Image: Collection)

Khách sạn gần biển Cửa Tùng 02

Comfortable indoor pool (Image: Collection)

Sai Gon Dong Ha Hotel

Khách sạn Sài Gòn Đông Hà gần Cửa Tùng

Saigon Dong Ha Hotel (Image: Collection)

Khách sạn Sài Gòn Đông Hà gần Cửa Tùng 01

Luxurious space (Image: Collection)

Khách sạn Sài Gòn Đông Hà gần Cửa Tùng 02

Restaurant serving food (Image: Collection)

Khách sạn Sài Gòn Đông Hà gần Cửa Tùng 03

Cozy bedroom (Image: Collection)

Golden Quang Tri Hotel

Khách sạn Golden Quảng Trị

Address 295 – 297 Le Duan, Dong Ha City (Image: Collection)

Khách sạn Golden Quảng Trị 01

Attentive service reception (Image: Collection)

Khách sạn Golden Quảng Trị 03

The place to take care of sleep (Image: Collection)

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