Lam Vien Plateau – Tuck heaven in the heavens and sky in Da Lat

July 12, 2020 4 mins to read

Lam Vien Plateau, or Lang Biang Plateau or Lang Bian, is like a paradise of fruits and vegetables. With an altitude of about 1500 meters above sea level, the climate in Lam Vien plateau Dalat is very fresh. This is a tourist destination in Da Lat that attracts a lot of tourists. Let’s discover this place with through the article below!

Exploring the Majestic Lang Biang Plateau in Da Lat

The Lang Biang Plateau, often called the “roof” of the Central Highlands, stands out for its altitude, which exceeds 2,000 meters above sea level, and its breathtaking landscapes. It is considered a must-visit destination in exploring Da Lat, and to miss Lang Biang would be a regrettable oversight.

Situated around 12 km north of the city center of Da Lat, within the jurisdiction of Lac Duong District, Lang Biang offers a picturesque setting. You’ll have ample time to explore the area in a day and return to the city center to relish the warm atmosphere of Da Lat’s famous night market with its delectable street food.

A visit to Lang Biang in Da Lat provides more than just a stroll along the slopes or a walk through the vast pine forests. It immerses you in a romantic natural setting where you can admire the panoramic view of Da Lat city shrouded in mist from the legendary Lang Biang mountain peak.

However, Lang Biang is not just a single mountain but a mountain range featuring two prominent peaks, Ong Mountain and Ba Mountain, towering over 2,000 meters. There is more to Lang Biang than meets the eye, offering a diverse and captivating experience for those who seek the beauty of Da Lat’s highlands.

Are you going to the Lam Vien plateau in the most beautiful season?

The best time to travel to Lam Vien plateau in Lam Dong is February to March every year. The air was cold at this time, with fog spreading on the hillsides and trees.

The appropriate time to travel to the Lam Vien plateau is from February to March every year.

Discover the Lam Vien plateau.

The miracle that creates Lang Biang Plateau’s beauty is the excellent all-year-round weather characteristic of Dalat Love City. The sunshine, the wind, and the mist spreading everywhere make this land more beautiful, charming, and attractive to tourists.

There are several lakes on the plateau, such as Xuan Huong Lake, Me Linh Lake, and Than Tho Lake;… These lakes, along with rows of cypress, pine, and pine trees, grow close to create a strange beauty for the view of the high.

The rows of pine and pine trees stand side by side along the walkways.

At the lower elevation, the Lien Khang plateau and the Dan Valley Valley are associated with the Lam Vien Lam Dong plateau. Although the base of the plateau is rocky, the topography of the plateau has a typical plateau-semi-plateau.

The terrain here is plateaus – semi plains.

Lang Biang Plateau has a cool, fresh climate all year round but still has the rainy season. The rainy season lasts from May to October. Fogs often appear during the rainy season, and valleys and plateaus are covered with a beautiful and mysterious thin layer.

On days in the rainy season, thin fog often covers the whole plateau valley.

In particular, this place is known as the paradise of fruits and vegetables. This plateau is suitable for growing fruits such as mimosa, Galion, strawberries, plums, oil, rose radish, lettuce, artichokes, onions, potatoes, etc. Besides, there are also many animals, such as elephants. , leopard, brocade, bison, … and smaller animals.

Coming to the Lam Vien plateau, you will enjoy the maximum fresh air in harmony with the vast nature. This is an exciting destination for nature lovers. Do not hesitate any longer if you do not come to the Lam Vien Plateau immediately!

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