Linh Son Pagoda – Exploring the Timeless Meditation Retreat in Da Lat

July 12, 2020 7 mins to read

Known as the “City of Eternal Mist,” Da Lat is famous for its resorts’ scenic landscapes and numerous temples that attract visitors for sightseeing. Among them is Linh Son Pagoda, boasting a unique and serene beauty as a meditation retreat. So, is this pagoda a must-visit in Da Lat? What sets it apart from the hundreds of other temples in the highlands?

Hình ảnh chùa Linh Sơn Đà Lạt (Ảnh: ST)

Visit Linh Son Pagoda in Dalat (Image: ST)

Overview of Linh Son Pagoda


– Location: 120 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.

– Opening hours: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM

– Ticket price: Free

Situated in the heart of Da Lat City, Linh Son Pagoda is approximately 1 km from Da Lat Market, a little over 1.2 km from Xuan Huong Lake, and just about 1.2 km from Dalat University. However, this central location has pros and cons, as it somewhat affects the daily activities of the Buddhist monks in the pagoda. Therefore, when visiting or exploring the pagoda’s premises, it’s essential to maintain order and preserve the surroundings.

Introduction to Linh Son Pagoda

The pagoda’s name is closely associated with a mountain of the same name in India. Constructed and completed in 1938, the pagoda has undergone approximately four generations of head monks, the first being Venerable Thich Tri Thu. Since 1964, it has been under the guidance of Venerable Thich Tu Man.

Linh Son is a spacious hillside pagoda covering about 4 hectares and featuring distinctive East Asian architectural characteristics. The main pagoda is a convergence point for various landscapes and architectural structures, ranging from small to large.

The construction of Linh Son Pagoda was initiated based on a suggestion from the mother of King Bao Dai, Madame Tu Cung, after one of her trips to Da Lat. Despite several renovations and enhancements, the pagoda has retained its architectural charm from its early days.

Visitors will pass through the triple gates to a pathway leading into the pagoda. Surrounding trees such as pines, cypresses, and stars contribute to the cozy atmosphere of the place. In the center of the hall, a statue of the Buddha Thich Ca is seated on a lotus throne, cast in 1952. Weighing approximately 1250 kg, the statue was inaugurated with the presence of the Unified Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam.

Any traveler who has set foot in Da Lat is likely familiar with this pagoda. Although it doesn’t boast the ancient history of Linh Quang Pagoda or the grandeur of meditation centers, it remains a well-known and visited landmark in the city.

Da Lat poetic city (Image: ST)

How to Get to Linh Son Pagoda?

The pagoda is located in the central area rather than the outskirts, so finding it is quick and easy. From the city center, head north along Bui Thi Xuan Street. Then, turn onto Nguyen Van Troi Street and continue for about 200 meters, where you will spot the pagoda on the right.

What Makes Linh Son Pagoda in Da Lat Attractive to Tourists?

If you appreciate meditation and seek to heal deep wounds within the soul, then this destination in Da Lat is a must-visit!

Linh Son Pagoda as a Timeless Spiritual Destination

Situated on a hillside in the city center, the ancient Linh Son Pagoda resembles a celestial haven in the earthly realm. The atmosphere here carries the fragrance of incense and pine resin. If you are looking for a peaceful place for meditation to pray for yourself and your family, then this is the ideal spot.

The temple complex is profoundly sacred, so when visiting, keep a pure heart, a kind intention, and genuinely sincere prayers. Good things will come to you naturally in return.

Entrance to the temple (Image: ST)

Linh Son Pagoda is a beautiful scenic spot and a place that holds the hidden imprints of history. This temple welcomes thousands of visitors every year for worship, sightseeing, and exploration.

When in Da Lat, don’t forget to visit Linh Son Pagoda to immerse yourself in the sounds of the land and sky, the melodies of meditation music, and the fragrances wafting from all around. This temple has also witnessed numerous historical struggles alongside the “City of Thousands of Flowers.”

The pagoda grounds are adorned with lush greenery and rare flowers, allowing you to stroll and appreciate the serene beauty bestowed by nature. While exploring the temple, take a leisurely walk along the small paths, delving into this sacred place’s spiritual culture and architecture.

Hình ảnh chùa Linh Sơn Đà Lạt (Ảnh: ST)

Photos of Linh Son Pagoda in Da Lat (Photo: ST)

Appreciating Ancient Architecture at Linh Son Pagoda

This is a prominent attraction in Da Lat, exuding a solid East Asian harmonious and straightforward influence. Moreover, the design here is influenced by the architecture of ancient temples in the imperial city of Hue. At the peak of the pagoda’s roof, there are elegantly curved dragon tails.

You can leisurely ascend the steps as you enter through the pagoda gate. Towering pine trees, white plumeria, and tall cypress trees surround the small pathway. On the right side of the temple courtyard is Bao Thap, a tower with a 4-meter-high roof, three floors, and an octagonal shape. On the left side of Linh Son Pagoda is a small pond with a vibrant landscape of plants and a miniature mountain scene.

The main hall is meticulously arranged and decorated, with four large wooden pillars adding strength to the temple. To the left of the main hall is where the positions of the monks, deceased Buddhists, and the worship of Dharma Master Dat Ma are honored. To the right of the main hall are statues of Dai Hong Chung and Ho Phap Di Da.

Buddhism plays a significant role in the lives of the people of Da Lat, making the city home to many famous temples, each with its unique meaning and architecture.

The entrance to the green temple (Photo: ST)

The towers in the temple (Image: ST)

Hình ảnh chùa Linh Sơn Đà Lạt (Ảnh: ST)

Inside the main hall of Linh Son pagoda in Dalat with a solemn decor, the street has four large wooden pillars carved with couplets made of grapes painted in gold and bearing a heavy spiritual meaning:

“The color of pale mountains follows the person who enters the hospital
The sound of silence is listening to the guests.

Bronze statue of the main altar (Photo: ST)

Hình ảnh chùa Linh Sơn Đà Lạt (Ảnh: ST)

Temple grounds (Photo: ST)

Things to Note When Visiting Linh Son Pagoda:

Choose the Right Time to Visit: For a pleasant and fantastic weather experience, visiting Linh Son Pagoda from April to June is advisable. Before embarking on your Da Lat itinerary, check the weather forecast and temperatures to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Respectful Behavior: Linh Son Pagoda is a place for worship, pilgrimage, and contemplation. Avoid engaging in activities like jumping around or playful behavior that may disrupt the sacred atmosphere of the temple.

Appropriate Attire: When visiting Linh Son Pagoda, choose modest and respectful clothing to demonstrate your reverence for Buddhism and the local community’s religious beliefs. Your attire should reflect an understanding of religious customs and proper conduct.

Comfortable Footwear: The pagoda features multiple levels and spacious courtyards, so opt for comfortable athletic shoes. Choosing suitable footwear will make your sightseeing experience more comfortable and allow for more effortless movement.

Linh Son Pagoda is a sacred destination for pilgrimage and peaceful contemplation. It’s an excellent place to combine spiritual exploration with enjoying serene meditation landscapes. Don’t hesitate to invite friends for a meaningful visit. wishes you an enjoyable journey, relieving you of any long-standing concerns!

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