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List of famous temples in Ben Tre must go

Ben Tre is not only known for its lush eco-tourism sites but also famous for its many sacred temples. One of the ideal places for people in the province as well as tourists to the pilgrimage. And soon, we would like to share the list of famous temples in Ben Tre for your reference.

Summary of famous temples in Ben Tre

Van Phuoc Pagoda

Chùa Vạn Phúc - Bến Tre

Van Phuc Pagoda – Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

Address: ĐT883, Bình Đại Town, Bến Tre.

Van Phuoc Pagoda is considered one of the most famous temples in Ben Tre. Located about 2 km from the town of Binh Dai on the way to the sea, visitors will admire the magnificent golden light on the eastern sky of the coast of Binh Dai. No one expected from an 8ha land full of weeds, salty water but now has become a convergence of the four Buddhists to the threshold, admire the Buddha.

Vãn cảnh chùa Vạn Phước

Sightseeing Van Phuoc Pagoda (Photo Collection)

Đại lễ khánh thành chùa Vạn Phước

Grand Opening Ceremony of Van Phuoc Pagoda (Photo Collection)

Architectural overview of the temple includes the Tam Quan gate with a pair of golden dragons on both sides, in the middle is a Maitreya Buddha 12.45m high. Inside the temple is the main hall, the Bodhisattva statue area, the area where the Buddha statue is sitting under the Bodhi root, the working house, the living room, the merit table, the national altar with the portrait of the Master President Ho Chi Minh, …

Toàn cảnh chùa Vạn Phước

Overview of Van Phuoc Pagoda (Photo Collection)

Khuôn viên hồ sen trong chùa Vạn Phước

Lotus lake campus in Van Phuoc pagoda (Photo Collection)

All the architecture in the temple are placed in a harmonious way in the temple yard, bringing a very beautiful space.

Vien Minh Pagoda

Address: 156 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 2, Ben Tre Town, Ben Tre Province.

Cổng tam quan chùa Viên Minh Bến Tre

Gate of Vien Minh Ben Tre pagoda (Photo Collection)

This is one of the oldest and oldest pagodas in Ben Tre and was originally a Quan Cong temple. According to the information recounted, at first the temple was built quite primitive and narrow. Inside the temple, the Buddha and Quan Thanh De statues are worshiped to suit the beliefs of Vietnamese as well as Chinese.

Tượng phật quan thế âm được đặt ở sân chùa

The Buddha statue is placed in the temple courtyard (Photo Collection)

Chánh điện chùa Viên Minh

Vien Minh Temple Hall (Photo Collection)

In 1951, the temple was rebuilt within 9 years and retains its architecture to this day. In 2002, the pagoda was restored more spacious. Vien Minh Pagoda is considered as one of the new tourist destinations in Ben Tre that you can refer to.

Tượng phật ngồi trên đài sen trong chùa Viên Minh

Buddha image sitting on the lotus throne in Vien Minh Pagoda (Photo Collection)


In front of the temple yard, there are two statues of Quan The Am standing on a 3 meter high lotus and 7 meters high Buddha statue. The main hall is also decorated solemnly, especially the statues of Buddha Amitabha and Shakyamuni made of bamboo. Visiting the temple, all worries tired everyday life was pushed back. All are left with a strange fresh air.

Vien Giac Pagoda

Address: Ward 5, TP. Ben tre

Cổng tam quan chùa Viên Giác Bến Tre

The gate of Vien Giac Ben Tre pagoda (Photo Collection)

Built in the 3,500m2 campus, Vien Giac Pagoda is one of the beautiful architectural temples in Ben Tre. The pagoda was built around 1870 and restored in 1915. This temple is not only famous in Ben Tre but also throughout the South because it is associated with the Buddhist revival movement of Venerable Le Khanh Hòa.

Chùa Viên Giác là ngôi chùa nổi tiếng tại Bến Tre

Vien Giac Pagoda is a famous temple in Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

Especially, at present, the temple still stores many Buddhist documents and scriptures related to the Buddhist Renaissance in the South. In the war years, the pagoda was the revolutionary place, the meeting place of patriots at that time.

Khu nhà ăn trong chùa Viên Giác

Cafeteria in Vien Giac Pagoda (Photo Collection)

In 1989, Vien Giac Pagoda marked a turning point in the history of Ben Tre Buddhism when it was the venue of the opening ceremony of the Representative Board of the Provisional Buddhist Association of Ben Tre Province. Opening the life of monks and nuns at the office of the coconut trees.

White Cloud Temple

Lễ Đại giới đàn tâm quan tại Chùa Bạch Văn Ni Tự - Bến Tre

An important ceremony of worshiping at Bach Van Ni Tu Pagoda in Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

Address: 138 Doan Hoang Minh, Ward 6, Ben Tre

Built and established in 1954, Bach Van itself is a typical ni temple of Ben Tre province. In particular, the pagoda was selected as the headquarters of the Provincial Gender Commission. In 2010, the pagoda underwent major restoration and brought a new face to this day. Which includes changing items such as Tam Quan gate, Chanh palace, To house, Giang lecture hall, Trai Duong street, …

Tham quan chùa Bạch Vân Ni Tự

Visiting Bach Van Ni Tu Pagoda (Photo Collection)

The main hall of the temple consists of 2 floors, the ground floor is the place to place the Goddess Mother Standard altar and the statue of Duc To Kieu Dam Di, while on the upper floor is the main hall to worship Buddha. Near the left entrance is the common rose and Tieu Dai Dai Si altar, on the right is the altar of Dharma protectors Vi Da and ancient, communal village.

Lễ dâng hương anh hùng Nguyễn Thị Định tại chàu Bạch Vân

An incense offering ceremony for Nguyen Thi Dinh hero at Bach Van chau (Photo Collection)

With more than 60 years of establishment and development, Bach Van Pagoda is still the center of Buddhist activities of Ben Tre nuns. From that, it shows that the local nuns have contributed a lot of merit together with the Ben Tre Province Buddhist Church to carry out the mission of promoting Buddhism.


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