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Modern buildings on ancient Da Lat villas

With over 1500 large and small villas across the city, Dalat is known as a paradise country with outstanding architectural systems, diverse resorts and a typical four-season climate. But the most special is probably the modern works on the background of ancient Da Lat villas .

Biệt thự cổ Đà Lạt

Villa in ancient Dalat (Photo collected) |

1. Dalat Cadasa Resort

Address: 16 Trần Hưng Đạo, Đà Lạt city

Dalat Cadasa Resort

Dalat Cadasa Resort (Photo collection)

Dating from the French colonial period, Dalat Cadasa is a chain of adjacent ancient Dalat houses, one of the witnesses of history, a trace of the remaining time intact in a space of 6 hectares, located right in the center. Da Lat city. It was once known as the residence of politicians and famous artists from the early century to 1975. Today, this villa village has been restored to an attractive Da Lat resort with visitors.

Trên nền biệt thự cổ

On the background of the old villa (Photo collection)

As a luxury resort nestled quietly in the shade of trees, quietly coexisting with the romantic city of thousands of flowers, Dalat Cadasa Resort brings in itself an architectural style that is both ancient, pristine and modern. liberal, is a clever combination of Eastern colors in the advancement of Western culture. Dalat Cadasa Resort is like a dash in the middle of a charming Dalat painting. Each ancient villa in Dalat is designed according to the aesthetics and personality of the French, including 2 – 9 bedrooms equipped with modern furniture, a fireplace system that is both traditional and modern. The resort today still preserves traces of the wine cellar – typical architectural style of French people who are luxurious, cozy and ancient.

Không khí cổ xưa

Ancient atmosphere (Photo collection)

This ancient villa in Dalat also provides other services such as cuisine, spa, … to serve the most basic needs of travelers. Coming here, visitors will be sitting on the ancient armchairs next to the warm fireplace in the rainy and rainy weather of Da Lat, walking on the green grass paths, in the gloomy breeze like steps. regalate before or enjoy the feeling of being lost in a fairytale illusion space and served wholeheartedly and thoughtfully. Visitors can also visit other places such as Tran Le Xuan special estate, the palace of Nguyen Huu Hao – father of Nam Phuong Hoang Hau, …

2. Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort

Address: Lê Lai, ward 5, Đà Lạt city.

Ana Madara Dalat

Ana Mandara Villas Dalat (Photo collection)

A cluster of 17 villas – beautiful houses in Dalat were built in the 20s and 30s of the last century, this place was a resting place for powerful families, or French-era officers. To this day, although it has become a luxury resort, this place still echoes the eternal stories of villas. If the villa No. 4 is called the Indochina Trading Area, a busy trading and trading place in Da Lat; Dalat ancient villa No. 5 is an archaeological villa, those who have found the last vestiges of Cham culture, the 11th base with the name of the villa manufacturer marks the beginning of industrial production. first developed in Indochina.

Không gian châu Âu cổ kính

Ancient European space (Photo collection)

Located amidst the pine-green hills, the Dalat villa of Ana Mandara Villas Dalat. With a total of 70 rooms, the hotel will ensure to provide simultaneously to a large number of customers with the most professional service attitude. The rooms are small villas in the middle of the hill with full living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilets with airy design and extremely close to nature. Come here, you will have a comfortable and freshest living space.

Ấm cúng

Cozy (Photo collection)

Interior of Dalat ancient house is beautiful, full, splendid decoration here will help visitors enjoy the feeling of living in the palace, giving you a new and extremely interesting feeling for the days saved. here again. Ana Mandara Villas Dalat has a system of restaurants, unique style restaurants, in harmony with nature. Many delicious dishes, typical of many regions, will give you interesting experiences, bringing delicious, strange and extremely good meals to each person’s health.

3. Restaurant on Phi Anh villa floor

Address: 1A – 1B Quang Trung, ward 9, Đà Lạt city

Biệt thự Phi Ánh

Phi Anh Villa (Photo collection)

The ancient villa in Dalat was mainly built from granite bought by the amorous king Bao Dai for Phi Phi named Phi Anh. According to locals, the mansion was built in 1928, imitating the architecture of Spain. Phi Anh Villa is highlighted not only by architecture but also by the mysterious spiritual stories surrounding it. It is a villa that owns many vestiges of Eastern culture such as lotus, Cham girl statue, bird head, … amidst the dense Western architectural system.

Dấu ấn thời gian

Time stamps (Collected photos)

Known as the Da Lat ancient house with the most multi-door architecture today, with many sizes and shapes such as round, rectangular, arch, cross, …, after 1975, became a collective apartment for many Households living, have been subleased to open a restaurant. The mansion is also covered with legendary colors, an illusion of a family who used to live here, mentally ill husband, one night dreaming that a strange dream woke up digging and discovered two Cham girl’s frieze is no longer intact, then the two statues of the temple are built, from which the husband completely recovered.

For more than a century, the mansion still has many mysteries still unanswered, has been restored to its original status as a beautiful house in Dalat and has a space for displaying paintings. portrait of King Bao Dai and Phi Phi Anh.

Chân dung vua Bảo Đại và thứ phi Phi Yến

Portrait of King Bao Dai and Phi Phi Anh (Photo collection)

On the background of ancient Da Lat villas , although modern constructions have been built, they still retain ancient traces and traces of time that have become attractive to visitors.

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