Modern Architectures on the Background of Ancient Villas in Dalat

July 12, 2020 5 mins to read

With over 1500 villas scattered across the city, Dalat is renowned as a paradise featuring a remarkable architectural system, diverse resorts, and the distinctive climate of all four seasons converging. However, the most extraordinary aspect lies in the modern structures set against the backdrop of Dalat’s ancient villas.

Biệt thự cổ Đà Lạt

Villa in ancient Dalat (Photo collected) |

1. Dalat Cadasa Resort

Address: 16 Tran Hung Dao, Dalat City

Dating back to the French colonial era, Dalat Cadasa is a cluster of interconnected ancient villas, serving as one of the historical witnesses—a testament to the bygone era—preserved in a 6-hectare space right in the heart of Dalat City. This place was once known as the residence of politicians and dignitaries from the early 20th century until 1975. Today, this villa complex has been restored and transformed into an enchanting Dalat resort for visitors.

Dalat Cadasa Resort

Dalat Cadasa Resort (Photo collection)

Dating from the French colonial period, Dalat Cadasa is a chain of adjacent ancient Dalat houses, one of the witnesses of history, a trace of the remaining time intact in a space of 6 hectares, located right in the center. Da Lat city. It was once known as the residence of politicians and famous artists from the early century to 1975. Today, this villa village has been restored to an attractive Da Lat resort with visitors.

Trên nền biệt thự cổ

On the background of the old villa (Photo collection)

Nestled peacefully amidst the trees, coexisting with the city of a thousand dreamlike flowers, Dalat Cadasa Resort boasts an architectural style that harmoniously blends the ancient and the modern—elegantly fusing the colors of the East with the sophistication of Western culture. Often referred to as a picturesque landmark in the captivating canvas of Dalat, Dalat Cadasa Resort is a masterpiece. Each of the Dalat Cadasa’s ancient villas is designed with the aesthetic sense and personality of the French, featuring two to nine bedrooms, modern furnishings, and a heating system that seamlessly combines tradition with modernity. The resort also retains the traces of wine cellars—a distinctive architectural style of luxurious, warm, and timeless French influence.

Không khí cổ xưa

Ancient atmosphere (Photo collection)

This ancient villa in Dalat also offers various services such as dining, spa, etc., catering to the most basic needs of visitors. Here, guests can sit on vintage armchairs next to a warm fireplace in Dalat’s rainy and windy weather, stroll along green grassy paths, and feel the gentle breeze reminiscent of the royalty of the past. They can enjoy being lost in a fairy-tale-like space and receive attentive and thoughtful service. Visitors can also explore other attractions, such as the Tran Le Xuan Villa and the residence of Nguyen Huu Hao—the father of Queen Nam Phuong.

2. Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort

Address: Le Lai, Ward 5, Dalat City.

Ana Madara Dalat

Ana Mandara Villas Dalat (Photo collection)

Consisting of 17 villas—beautiful houses built in the 20s and 30s of the previous century—this place used to be the retreat for government officials and French officers. Even though it has transformed into a luxurious resort, the site still echoes the timeless stories of each villa. Villa No. 4, the Indochina Trade Center, was a bustling trading hub in Dalat. Villa No. 5, an ancient Dalat villa, housed archaeologists who discovered the last vestiges of Cham culture. Villa No. 11, named the Production Villa, marked the beginning of industrial development in the Indochina region.

Không gian châu Âu cổ kính

Ancient European space (Photo collection)

Nestled among the pristine pine hills, Ana Mandara Villas Dalat is an oasis of tranquility. With 70 rooms, the hotel can accommodate many guests with the utmost professionalism. The rooms are small villas on the hillside, complete with a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and well-designed bathrooms that blend seamlessly with nature. Here, you will experience the most comfortable and refreshing living space.

Ấm cúng

Cozy (Photo collection)

Dalat’s beautiful and fully equipped antique furniture is elegantly decorated, giving visitors the feeling of living in a palace and providing a unique and delightful experience during their stay. Ana Mandara Villas Dalat boasts a unique restaurant system, blending harmoniously with nature. Various delicious and distinctive dishes from different regions will offer exciting culinary experiences, providing everyone with delightful, exotic, and healthy meals.

Restaurant on the Grounds of Phi Anh Villa

Address: 1A – 1B Quang Trung, Ward 9, Dalat City

Biệt thự Phi Ánh

Phi Anh Villa (Photo collection)

Primarily constructed from granite stone purchased by the romantically inclined King Bao Dai for his concubine named Phi Anh, Dalat’s ancient villas stand as witnesses to history. According to locals, this villa was built in 1928, mimicking the architecture of Spain. Phi Anh Villa stands out not only for its architecture but also for the mystical and spiritual stories that surround it. The villa, adorned with many Eastern cultural symbols such as lotus flowers, Cham girl statues, and bird heads, is within a predominantly Western architectural framework.

Dấu ấn thời gian

Time stamps (Collected photos)

Known as Dalat’s mansion with the most doors, featuring various sizes and shapes like round, rectangular, arched, cross-shaped, etc., after 1975, it became a collective housing unit for several households. Today, it has been leased out to open a restaurant. The villa is enveloped in legendary, mythical colors, depicting a family that once lived here. The husband, who has a mental illness, had a peculiar dream one night. Upon awakening, he dug and discovered two damaged sculptures of Cham girls. He then brought the sculptures to a shrine, and miraculously, his mental illness disappeared.

Existing for over a century, this villa still harbors mysteries. It has been faithfully restored into a beautiful Dalat residence, with a space dedicated to showcasing portraits of King Bao Dai and concubine Phi Anh.

Chân dung vua Bảo Đại và thứ phi Phi Yến

Portrait of King Bao Dai and Phi Phi Anh (Photo collection)

Although newly built on the Foundation of Ancient Dalat Villas, Modern Constructions still preserve the traces of antiquity, the marks of time that have become appealing to tourists.

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