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Monkey Island – enjoy new and interesting pleasures

If you are having a headache this summer, where to go when your family still has young children, what are you waiting for without going to Nha Trang Monkey Island. An interesting place for the holidays or weekends with your beloved family right here in Nha Trang. Today VNTRIP.VN will explore with you this new and quite attractive destination, ensuring your vacation will never be boring.

Experience in Nha Trang Monkey Island

Đảo khỉ nha trang vẻ đẹp thiên nhiên ban tặng

The image of Nha Trang Monkey Island as a tourist invitation (Image: ST)

Move to the island

Monkey Island is a small island located in Nha Phu Bay, near the beautiful Ninh Van Bay, and only 15km to the center of Nha Trang city to the North. To visit Nha Trang Monkey Island , you must visit the pier at Da Chong Port. From here, you just need to follow Highway 1A for about 15 minutes, you will arrive and buy a train ticket to Monkey Island. The trip will be more interesting than usual by sitting on the train, you can enjoy watching the vast blue ocean with magnificent sea breeze and peaceful golden sunshine.

Những chú khỉ tinh nghịch trên đảo khỉ

The island with mischievous monkeys (Image: ST)

History of Nha Trang Monkey Island

The reason for this island is called “Monkey Island” because it is home to and grows of more than 1200 monkeys including many different species such as red-faced monkey or gray-haired monkey. The monkeys are nurtured and cared for with the purpose of preserving and serving the tourist needs of visitors. Monkeys here are raised naturally in primeval forests rather than kept in tight cages. Here, you will encounter cute monkeys, funny everywhere on the island and have fun with them. The island has an area of 25ha and also owns many beautiful scenes as well as interesting entertainment activities that you can hardly ignore if you come here.

Khỉ trên đảo khỉ

Funny monkeys on Monkey Island (Image: ST)

Ticket price for Nha Trang Monkey Island

  • Adults: VND 120,000 / person
  • Under 1m30: VND 60,000 / person

Fun activities on the island

  • Play with monkeys

The monkeys here are extremely brave, ready to go out and play with tourists anytime. The mischievous monkeys will surely delight you by their intelligence. What could be better than breathing the fresh air, watching the beautiful and pristine natural scenery and playing with lovely monkeys. You will really relax when you are immersed in the space here.

Du khách chơi với những chú khỉ

Playing with monkeys (Image: ST)

Những chú khỉ đặc biệt của đảo khỉ

The island’s special “residents” (Image: ST)

  • See the circus monkey

Because the monkeys are very smart and clever, the people here have trained them to become talented circus artists. Therefore, coming here you will admire the extremely interesting and fascinating monkey circus that you have rarely had the opportunity to see before. Occasionally on the island there are quite interesting dog races, if you are lucky you will be able to witness these amazing races.

xiếc khỉ tại đảo khỉ

See interesting monkey circus (Image: ST)

  • Other activities

In addition, coming to this beautiful island, besides breathing the fresh air, watching and playing with the monkeys to have relaxing moments during the holidays, you can also participate in many other fun activities. : swimming in the cool blue water, scuba diving to watch corals or participating in water motor adventure games, parachute … In addition, because Monkey Island is not too large but to move between areas you can rent a horse-drawn carriage of Travel agencies are also an extremely enjoyable experience.

Water motoring is no longer a hobby for visitors (Photo ST)

  • Enjoy fresh seafood

When deciding to travel to this beautiful Monkey Island , visitors do not forget to enjoy the extremely attractive, fresh seafood dishes. All seafood is caught early by fishermen to go to the market so it is very fresh. You can ask the restaurant to process your favorite dishes. If traveling in large groups, you can also completely bring food and drinks with you to save the cost of an economic trip that is no less interesting.

Hải sản tươi ngon của đảo khỉ

Enjoy fresh seafood on Monkey Island (Image: ST)

Monkey Island map

Bản đồ Đảo Khỉ Nha Trang (Ảnh ST)

Map of Nha Trang Monkey Island (Photo ST)

Going is to experience – every trip, every journey is a new discovery experience, accumulating fun and enjoying the most comfortable relaxing time. Coming to Nha Trang Monkey Island Khanh Hoa will be such a memorable experience. Let our footprints print all the way across the country so that every place we go through is every time we better understand ourselves and appreciate the Vietnamese landscape and values. Go and feel to see how beautiful our country is and how small we are among the vast and sublime nature.


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