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Mud Resort I-Resort Nha Trang wonderful experience with mineral mud

When asked about the mud bathing location in Nha Trang, you will surely hear a lot about the mud bath I-resort in Nha Trang . Because this is one of the three largest and most famous mud bathing resorts in Nha Trang city. It not only gives you a great experience with mineral mud but also a miniature water park is worth a try!

Road to I-resort Nha Trang?

Không gian xanh rợp bóng cây của khu resort (ẢNH ST)

Green space with trees in the resort (PHOTO ST)

In addition to the Mud Resort I Resort, there are two other locations in Nha Trang that are equally famous are Thap Ba mineral mud bath and Tram Egg mud bath. In particular, I Resort and Mud Egg Bath are two newly built tourist resorts and have many amusement parks as well as the most attractive space.

However, Tram Egg Mud is located on the outskirts of Nha Trang city and is more than 8 kilometers from the city center. So if you want to save time on the move, I Resort is a pretty perfect choice for you already!

Bồn tắm bùn cực đã ở tắm bùn I Resort Nha Trang (ẢNH ST)

Extreme mud bath in mud bath I Resort Nha Trang (PHOTO ST)

This resort is located in Vinh Ngoc commune, very near the center of Nha Trang city. You can fully travel by taxi if traveling in a crowded area or by motorbike if traveling with your friends.

About the way, because this place is close to the city center, the roads are also clean, so you do not need to worry. If traveling by motorbike, please ask for directions from your place to Vinh Hai market first. Go there, you will meet the signposts, take you to the gate of this resort always. Extremely simple is not it!

Bể bơi với không gian check in cực đẹp (ẢNH ST)

Swimming pool with very nice check in space (PHOTO ST)

A big plus for backpackers is that they also get free parking tickets here! Although it is not worth much, but also a lovely plus point for mud bath I Resort Nha Trang then!

Extremely peaceful garden space of the coastal city of Nha Trang

When coming to this resort, visitors will be able to feel the cool, fresh air different from the bright sunshine outside. To be able to do that, in part because the vast area of this place is full of green trees.

Không gian thiên nhiên tại đây (ẢNH ST)

Natural space here (PHOTO ST)

Not only that, the houses here are mostly used with stone walls, both creating a unique feature, associated with the natural image, and helping to make the space much cooler. Besides, the houses are also roofed with thatched roofs, bold images of the countryside of our country in the past.

From the main house where tickets are bought and received, visitors will take turns walking on small stone-strewn and tree-lined streets to enter the main space inside the resort. Along the way, the visitors were extremely excited by the image of the green vegetable garden or the rustic flower rigs right above their heads.

Khu vui chơi chắc chắn không thể bỏ qua được rồi (ẢNH ST)

The play area is definitely not to be missed (PHOTO ST)

It is the green space that blends with nature and the nature of this village, which has created for Nha Trang I Resort a unique and very unique Vietnam mud bath . Perhaps thanks to that, this place not only attracts domestic tourists, but also international visitors are very fond of this rustic destination.

Unforgettable moments of relaxation at I Resort

Going to I Resort without taking a mud bath is not going anywhere yet! If in Tram Egg tourist area, there are egg-shaped mud baths, then here visitors will be soaked in beautiful small stone tubs, which is equally lovely.

Bồn ngâm bùn nhỏ cho cặp đôi (ẢNH ST)

Small mud bath for couple (PHOTO ST)

The plus point for mud baths I-resort Nha Trang is that there are many different sizes of soaking tubs so you can freely choose the tub that is suitable for the number of people in your group, without having to pair the tub with the group. Where different!

Một góc resort tươi mát (ẢNH ST)

A cool resort corner (PHOTO ST)

After a mud bath, be sure to take a dip in a warm herbal bath to relax your body and have a smooth skin! The herbal tub here is made up of natural hot mineral water. This hot mineral water is also from Vinh Ngoc Commune itself! And especially indispensable is the herb wrapped in a sealed cloth and dropped into the water, so that the substances slowly soak into the water. Perhaps thanks to that, these water tanks retain the charming aroma of herbs for a long time and do not lose the smell as the way of mixing essences with water.

Massage tự nhiên bên hồ nước ở khu tắm bùn I Resort Nha Trang (ẢNH ST)

Natural massage by the lake at the mud bath I Resort Nha Trang (PHOTO ST)

Not only relaxing mud and mineral bath, you can also go to the general water park here to have fun! Although the park is not large, it also has quite a number of games such as water slides, tube slides or swimming pools of all sizes for both adults and children.

In addition, there is an artificial waterfall with an altitude of up to 15 meters. Water from the top flows down the stream to the pool. If you want to challenge a little, then stand under that water to feel the strong massage of nature!

Thác nước nhân tạo siêu đã (ẢNH ST)

Super artificial waterfall (PHOTO ST)

Price list of I-resort Mineral Mud Bath In Nha Trang

Service Fare Include
Adults Children
Hot mineral springs 120k 60k – Towels, bathing suits, drinking water

– Hot mineral bath

– Swimming pool, waterfall

– Jacuzzi at the pool

Herbal soak <4 people 200k 100k – Hot Mineral Services

– Soak herbal hot minerals in separate tanks (20 ‘)

– Natural body and foot massage

> 4 people 150k
Hot mineral mud <4 people 300k 150k – Hot Mineral Services

– Soak mineral mud in separate tanks (20 ‘)

– Natural body and foot massage

– Relax at the separate mineral waterfall for mud baths

4-5 people 250k
> 6 people 230k
Special mineral mud <4 people 450k 250k – Hot Mineral Services

– Soak mineral mud in separate tanks (20 ‘)

– Soak herbal hot minerals in separate tanks (20 ‘)

– Fruit or snacks at the Y-bar restaurant

– Natural body and foot massage

– Relax at the separate mineral waterfall for mud baths

4-5 people 400k
> 6 people 350k
Clouds Mineral bath – Juice 200k 150k – Hot Mineral Services

– Natural space, relaxing mud bath, herbal minerals and private pool

– Enjoy dishes at May restaurant

– 30 ‘foot massage or 60’ body massage

Mineral bath – Snack – Foot massage 450k 300k
Mineral bath – Snack – Body massage 600k 400k
Apply cosmetic mud 650k 500k – Hot Mineral Services

– Soak mineral mud in separate tanks (20 ‘)

– Soak herbal hot minerals in separate tanks (20 ‘)

– Fruit or snacks at the Y-bar restaurant

– Natural body and foot massage

– Relax at the separate mineral waterfall for mud baths

– Put high quality cosmetic mud on the body

Some notes when coming to the mud resort I-resort

Từng phòng riêng để du khách thoải mái lựa chọn (ẢNH ST)

Each room is private for visitors to choose freely (PHOTO ST)

However, when participating in fun activities here, there are a few small notes because there are quite a lot of swimming pools, so if the group has small babies, you should also pay a little attention, in case your baby is slippery or something bad! In addition, there are both hot and cool mineral water soaked in the waterfall, so you should avoid sudden changes between the two streams to avoid thermal shock, affecting health!

Các bể bơi lớn ở đây (ẢNH ST)

The big swimming pool here (PHOTO ST)

In addition, there are also swimsuits available for you to rent, so if you don’t have your own swimwear, don’t worry!

So, the mud-bathing area I-resort Nha Trang is an ideal destination, bringing satisfaction to both the service as well as the space, right? Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Nha Trang, remember to leave a day to enjoy the wonderful relaxing moments here!


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