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Ngoan Muc Pass offers a way to challenge every traveler

Dubbed as one of the most beautiful pass routes in Vietnam, Ngoan Muc Pass is always an attractive destination for those who are passionate about backpacking. With a length of 18.5 km, a slope of up to 9 degrees with many bends, sleeves, crooked, bends, this mountain pass will satisfy anyone who loves adventure, exploring, mixing a little bit of appearance. dangerous.

Ngoan Muc Pass is also referred to as Song Pha Pass (this is a quick read from the name Krong Pha), which are familiar names that people are used to calling this route. Previously when the French came here to build the city and opened this road with the purpose of connecting traffic from Da Lat to Phan Rang, at that time it was also brought with a carsi called Bellevue.

Đèo Ngoạn Mục ở đâu? (Ảnh ST)

Where is the Spectacular Pass? (Photo ST)

Up to now, this mountain pass route is considered as the artery traffic route connecting the two provinces of Lam Dong and Ninh Thuan, the gateway of the coastal provinces of South Central and Central Highlands. The length of the Ngoan Muc Pass is 18.5 km, at the lowest point of this mountain pass line is about 200 meters, up to the peak is about 980 meters above sea level, the average slope is more than 9 degrees, this is also a child. Pass has the highest slope in the South.

Quang cảnh tuyệt đẹp từ trên cao (Ảnh ST)

Beautiful views from above (ST Image)

If you start the journey to conquer Ngoan Muc pass from the direction of Da Lat to Phan Rang, then at the first stage you will have to pass the top of the pass, right after that are 4 quite dangerous sleeve bends. Perhaps that is why this place becomes an attractive place for those who are passionate about conquering the mountain pass by motorbike, or bicycle.

Cung đường đèo hấp dẫn mọi dân phượt (Ảnh ST)

Pass road that attracts all locals (Photo ST)

At the height of 980 meters on the top of the pass, you will be able to zoom out your eyes as far as you can to admire the beautiful, spectacular natural scenery here. With a lush green of forest trees, flowers and leaves. The image of Ngoan Muc mountain pass appears with winding roads, winding like a soft silk strip lying on the side of the mountain, creating a gentle, graceful beauty among the mountains and forests here.

Đỉnh đèo là nơi bạn có thể chiêm ngưỡng khung cảnh thiên nhiên lý thú nơi đây (Ảnh ST)

The top of the pass is where you can admire the interesting natural scenery here (Photo ST)

In addition to traveling and exploring this road, this is also an opportunity for you to admire the immense beauty of Da Nhim hydropower plant – the first hydroelectric project in Vietnam. Built in 1962 to 1964, it was completed and put into operation. This plant provides modest power with a capacity of 160 MW.

Những cung đường theo đúng nghĩa "ngoạn mục" (Ảnh ST)

The roads in the sense of “spectacular” (Photo ST)

The highlight that many tourists come here to pay attention to is the two large white pipes leading from the top of the mountain. These are two hydraulic pipes with a length of over 2000 meters, passing through the mountains and leading to the foot of Ngoan Muc Dalat Pass . The mission of this pipeline is to bring water from Da Nhim Lake to the hydroelectric plant.

Đường ống dẫn nước về thủy điện Đa Nhim (Ảnh ST)

Da Nhim hydropower pipeline (Photo ST)

In addition to its breathtaking natural scenery, this impressive pass path also brings an interesting sense of its “spectacular” climate change. This route goes from Da Lat plateau to the coastal plains of South Central Vietnam, so each route will bring different specific climates.

Cung đường đầy nắng nhưng không khí vẫn rất mát mẻ (Ảnh ST)

The road is sunny but the atmosphere is still very cool (Photo ST)

As soon as you enter the pass and go up, you will be impressed by the dense mist covered by branches and leaves. By the middle of the mountain, everything becomes airy, fresh, cool air will make you feel more relaxed and refreshing than ever. To the top will be a space filled with brilliant sunlight but the atmosphere is still extremely cool.

Đoạn đường khi mới lên đèo có khá nhiều mây mù (Ảnh ST)

There is a lot of cloudiness when going up the mountain pass (Photo ST)

But sometimes on this road, you will encounter unusual weather patterns, sometimes the heat is very typical of sunny land and Ninh Thuan wind, sometimes the chilly breeze of the plateau. According to the experience of going to the spectacular mountain pass, these weather patterns often appear on the sleeve bends, especially at Eo Gio. With only less than 20 km distance, but when traveling on this road, you will experience the unique 4-season weather from North to South.

Những khúc cua hiểm trở trên đèo (Ảnh ST)

Risky turns on the mountain pass (Photo ST)

With winding bends, and the majestic scenery of the same mountains, Ngoan Muc pass will make anyone happy to come here once. If you are a travel enthusiast, this is a must-visit when traveling in Dalat.

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