Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village – An Exciting Experience at the Largest Organic Vegetable Garden in Phu Yen

July 19, 2020 6 mins to read

Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village stands out gently yet impressively amidst the myriad of renowned attractions in Phu Yen. It’s a destination that attracts numerous travelers from all corners and is definitely one to add to your bucket list. Let’s explore the most famous traditional vegetable village in Phu Yen with

1. Overview of Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village

Location: At the foot of Thap Nhan Tower (3 km from the city center of Tuy Hoa), Binh Ngoc commune, Phu Yen province

Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village is a peaceful village on a sizeable diamond-shaped land strip, not far from Tuy Hoa City to the south, surrounded by water on all sides. Mainly, being located in the suburban area alongside the river, the climate here is extremely pleasant, giving you a serene feeling to enjoy the slow-paced rural life.

For avid travelers who love exploring Phu Yen, Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village is the most famous place for growing clean vegetables in the land of golden flowers and green grass that many seek when they have the chance to visit. Due to its large scale of vegetable cultivation without pesticides, belonging to the long-standing traditional craft village in Phu Yen, local people in the town pay great attention to the health of consumers and the natural environment gifted by Mother Nature.

Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village impresses with over 1,500 households (about three villages) living in the commune and a total area of fertile sandy soil over 42 hectares, including more than 20 hectares of vegetable and flower fields, the main livelihood of the commune. Farmers have invested in and upgraded the irrigation system according to modern technology to ensure harvest productivity and ensure the freshness of vegetables. Every spring, the peaceful rural scenery becomes remarkably beautiful yet retains simplicity, with lush green vegetable fields and myriad flowers displaying their colors.

2. Exploring Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village

2.1 Finding Your Way to Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village

Traveling to Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village from the city center of Tuy Hoa doesn’t take much time. Just over 10 minutes of driving, and you’ll be able to reach the most famous organic vegetable garden in Phu Yen. There’s nothing more ideal than being able to access the renowned vegetable garden in Phu without worrying about geographical distance.

The route to the vegetable village is relatively easy to follow with guidance from Google Maps. After choosing the appropriate means of transportation when arriving in Phu Yen, let’s quickly hit the road together, young travelers!

2.2 Experiencing 1-0-2 at Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village

Stepping into Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village, you will surely remember the fresh green scenery of the vegetable garden’s straight rows deeply imprinted in your mind after admiring it. You can stroll among the vegetable rows and create some authentic countryside check-in photos, full of rustic charm yet equally beautiful and unique.

Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village is often preferred for growing familiar vegetables such as spinach, Malabar spinach, basil, lettuce, coriander, water spinach, morning glory, and spring onions, supplying to provincial markets, tourist hotels, restaurants, eateries, etc., in Tuy Hoa city.

You have the opportunity to experience the actual life of a real farmer. From trying your hand at hoeing, sowing seeds, fertilizing, and watering to harvesting vegetables and preparing fresh, delicious meals to enjoy with the locals, you can add much more color and fun to your self-guided exploration itinerary of Phu Yen. Every step is guided attentively, so don’t worry too much if it’s your first time getting your hands dirty.

The best time to visit Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village is early morning when dew still lingers on the leaves or in the afternoon when the sun is not too harsh. You will learn more about the simple daily life of local people in the village when they work the land, water the vegetables, or gather grass. Children in Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village are incredibly diligent and enthusiastic in helping with gardening.

It would be fantastic to experience a true countryside night at Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village, staying at a homestay with local people and slowly savoring the flavor and sounds of the peaceful, rustic, relaxing countryside you may not find in urban areas.

In conclusion, Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village in Phu Yen is a captivating destination offering travelers a unique glimpse into traditional Vietnamese rural life. With its sprawling organic vegetable fields, tranquil ambiance, and commitment to sustainable farming practices, this village provides an enriching experience for visitors seeking to connect with nature and local culture. Whether wandering through verdant rows of spinach and basil, learning about eco-friendly agricultural techniques, or indulging in the flavors of freshly harvested produce, Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village promises a memorable adventure. With as your trusted guide, navigating to this picturesque haven becomes effortless, ensuring that every moment spent in this idyllic setting is nothing short of extraordinary. So seize the opportunity to explore Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village and let its serene beauty leave an indelible mark on your travel memories.

Làng rau Ngọc Lãng - Phú Yên (Ảnh Collection)

Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village – Phu Yen (Photo Collection)

Nơi đây là vùng đất chất chứa đầy phù sa với diện tích đất pha cát màu mỡ trên 42 ha đất có trên 20 ha trồng rau, trồng hoa (Ảnh Collection)

This is a land filled with alluvium with fertile sandy soil on 42 hectares of land with more than 20 hectares of vegetables and flowers (Photo Collection)

Các loại rau bà con nơi đây trồng chủ yếu là rau cải, nhiều loại khác nhau, xà lách, rau thơm, ngò, húng, mồng tơi, hành lá... (Ảnh Collection)

Herbs grown here are mainly vegetables, many different types, salads, herbs, cilantro, basil, spinach, scallions … (Photo Collection)

Một màu xanh lá tươi mát phủ khắp mảnh đất yên bình này (Ảnh Collection)

A fresh green color covers this peaceful land (Photo Collection)

Vườn hoa lay ơn (Ảnh Collection)

Gladiolus Flower Garden (Photo Collection)

Nhìn luống rau xanh mát cũng đủ thích thú rồi! (Ảnh Collection)

Looking at the bed of cool green vegetables is enough to enjoy it! (Photo Collection)

Những người nông dân chăm chỉ sản xuất rau để cung cấp đến nhà hàng, khách sạn TP Tuy Hòa (Ảnh Collection)

Hard-working farmers produce vegetables to supply to restaurants and hotels in Tuy Hoa City (Photo Collection)

Không chỉ được ngắm nhìn mà bạn còn được tận tay trải nghiệm thực tế với sự hướng dẫn của người dân (Ảnh Collection)

Not only can you see it, you can also experience it personally with the guidance of the people (Photo Collection)

Nhiều du khách mặc quần áo đúng chất nông dân để tham gia trồng rau (Ảnh Collection)

Many tourists wear clothes of a true farmer to join in growing vegetables (Photo Collection)

Du khách nước ngoài chụp lại hình ảnh người nông dân chuẩn bị máy bơm nước tưới rau (Ảnh Collection)

Foreign tourists take photos of farmers preparing vegetable water pumps (Photo Collection)

Nơi đầy dần trở thành điểm đến thu hút nhiều khách du lịch ghé thăm (Ảnh Collection)

The place is gradually becoming a destination that attracts many tourists to visit (Photo Collection)

Hoa hậu Đỗ Mỹ Linh quảng bá hình ảnh du lịch Phú Yên tại Làng rau Ngọc Lãng (Ảnh Collection)

Miss Do My Linh promotes the tourism image of Phu Yen in Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village (Photo Collection)

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