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Ninh Kieu Wharf – A place to keep beautiful memories of Can Tho

Over many years, Ninh Kieu wharf has always been a pride and pride of the children of Can Tho land. With the charming beauty of the river and the busy and bustling working life, the image of Ninh Kieu party has entered poetry and become a symbol of Can Tho city.

Ninh Kieu wharf in Can Tho city

Located in a prime location, between the three Hau and Can Tho rivers in Ninh Kieu district, near the center of Can Tho city, Ninh Kieu wharf is a river wharf near the Can Tho market that was formed in the 19th century. This is a destination not to be missed for visitors who have the opportunity to come to Can Tho city.
From Ninh Kieu wharf, you can admire the alluvial and red Hau river, watching the boats made by the girls, their sisters and their mothers rowing the products to Cai Rang floating market . A charm, old touches continue to be kept.

Phiên chợ nổi Cái Răng nơi giao lưu trao đổi buôn bán trên sông nước

Cai Rang floating market where trade and exchange on the river (Photo: Collectibles)

To experience all the beauty of this western country, you can experience the rhythm of life on the vibrant and bustling boats on the busy ships carrying strange and delicious spreads of the southern land of the country. .

Pictures of Ninh Kieu wharf in Can Tho (Photo: Collectibles)

Cảnh chợ tập lập bến Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ trên sông nước

The scene of the market setting up Ninh Kieu and Can Tho wharves on the river (Photo: Collectibles)

In the evenings from 19h to 21h, the boats will take you to visit the Hau River, listen to the South Vietnamese performing arts such as cai luong, traditional folk songs and enjoy delicious specialties.

Buổi chiều hoàng hôn lênh đênh trên sông nước

Afternoon sunset on the river floating (Image: Collectibles)

Going along Ninh Kieu wharf is the Ninh Kieu park with an area of nearly 7000m2, attracting people to walk and enjoy the cool weather. In the summer, children often come here to have fun and fly kites in the cool breeze of the Hau River. This is also a destination that many tourists find to admire and stroll, enjoy the wind blowing in the green space of the trees shading around.

A corner of Ninh Kieu wharf park in Can Tho (Photo: Collectibles)

Standing at Ninh Kieu wharf, you can also easily admire the Can Tho Bridge and quietly stand watching the river where the Southern people are gentle, likable and enjoy the beautiful scenery by the river. Can Tho Bridge stood strong and stern so that when the afternoon sun let down the end of the day, it was only glistening on the water.

From Ben Ninh Kieu, overlooking Can Tho Bridge (Photo: Collectibles)

Visitors from far away can see the Good hotels near Ninh Kieu wharf to choose the right accommodation. Despite traveling far, Ninh Kieu wharf with charming scenery will always be in the minds of the children of Can Tho land. If you have the opportunity to go to Can Tho, do not forget to visit Ninh Kieu wharf to have a complete experience!


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