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Once love itself at Khau Vai love market

If it comes to Ha Giang tourism , you not only think of the top land of the country with triangular flowers, Dong Van rock plateau, but you are also fascinated by the uniqueness and rarity of Ha Giang specialties. It’s Khau Vai love market.

Where is Khau Vai love market? What is special?

Known as a market for those “predestined without debt”. Khau Vai Love Market is a place for “old people” to meet each other to review memories after the day of separation and for teenage boys and girls to be dating. Join VietNampeace.vn to find out why there is a special story that has attracted so many tourists to this highland.

phiên Chợ tình Khâu Vai

Ha Giang with a wild and majestic natural setting (Photo: collectibles)

Khau Vai Love Market stems from the legend of the romantic love story between Ut and Ba and falls in love with each other but cannot get married because life’s path is seldom smooth. They come together with the most sincere emotions, but are forbidden by the village’s custom. What is more painful, regret when love is not supported. Love also has three or three years, whether after the breakup, each person has a private life, how many people remember the “old” does not ripple a little nostalgic feelings … According to the Mong, Khau Vai means song rattan means that this is a land with many rattan trees, it also means the affection of the couple who are attached and wrapped like tangerines and rattan on the mountains around the region.

phiên Chợ tình Khâu Vai

Mong women live in daily life (Photo: collectibles)

In the first place, life is so much that we rarely understand the hearts of others, so their love story cannot be continued. Not everyone at the end of a love affair has a reason, breaking up and there will be thousands of thousands of questions, feelings of regret because of misunderstandings, or nostalgia for unresolved questions … Main Therefore, the boys and girls could not get married, then they met at Khau Vai Love Market on the 27th lunar month to talk about the past. They came here to share joy, confide about each person’s own life, review any old emotions, express their nostalgia due to their distance, choking feelings, attachment.

Khau Vai love market when?

During the day at Khau Vai Love Market is very crowded and indispensable to the sharp murmurs of the mates of the boys, lips and the passionate singing of the girl as inviting them as boiling ginseng bars. animated, bustling of a festive day … Until the night falls, only sparks, cans of corn wine, the new love market really started. At this time, those who are ex-partners are looking for each other in the crowd, to the previous year’s appointment, the love, sharing for the far separated day, is not cared for.

phiên Chợ tình Khâu Vai

Girls flirt with beautiful dresses to date (Image: collectibles)

Right from the afternoon of March 26 lunar calendar from all the precarious roads on the high mountains, the people in their national costumes, the latest, the most beautiful, had been bustling, bustling down to the market. Those who live far away from Khau Vai love market three mountains and four years of stream go earlier. All the boys, girls of the Mong, Dao, Giay, Lo Lo … flows to Khau Vai commune. If you travel to Ha Giang this season, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the festive space which is also rich with the sounds of alot, dances, love songs and a warm cup of warm corn wine.

phiên Chợ tình Khâu Vai

Giving love to the dating festival (Photo: collectibles)

At this time, wearing rocky cat ears, wearing high mountains, deep streams and dangerous road sections, they were left behind, only the excitement, the waiting after a long and full year … With them only know the remaining romantic love sublimation night, only once a year. All are directed towards the love market, towards the person you have loved, are in love and will love … as towards a sacred ceremony, the most important. When the sun was hidden behind the western ridge, mist was shining in the sky, large bonfires were lit, and large cans of wine were brought out at the time when Khau Vai’s love began:

“Tonight we sit late

Chickens urged nine years sixteen hours

Sometimes we don’t have the heart

Please hurry up and raise your voice … ”

There was a voice of the girl answering:

“It’s late at night

Stars have circled the throne

Mist has been white

I only know you but I don’t know your heart … ”

Rustic and cute confessions have been blown by couples on the night of love as true as their lives. Khau Vai love market only meets once a year, but the daily fair in Khau Vai meets every five days to serve the needs of the ethnic minorities here. Love market meeting from dusk to dawn the next day is tan, from morning until noon to normal meetings like other mountain markets.

The early morning of the 27th is the time when the love market has the most significance. The wine was gone, the market was over, the parting time had arrived. On the side of the road, along the mountainside, the cliffs … every couple of men and women separated. They exchanged attachments, rails and went on to meet again next year, at this very place.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Ha Giang , not only will you be drunk with the emotions of Khau Vai Love Market with the boys and girls, but you will also experience horseback riding “Come back to the ancients on the way of love”; mingle with love songs and lute dance; participate in folk games such as tossing, fighting bird’s nests, pushing sticks … observing ethnic minority people weaving linens, making Mongolia aliases, making dancing …

Visit the Meo Vac night market, just enjoy the traditional local cuisine such as: mén mén con, con trying, lord, hotpot goat, beef jerky, smoked pork, sausages, ribs, corn wine … just watch the cultural and art activities.

phiên Chợ tình Khâu Vai

The artists of Mongolia dance dance serve tourists (Photo: collectibles)

Khau Vai love market today has changed a little bit but still retains its own unique characteristics. In the joyful and bustling atmosphere, we still meet the eyes looking for passion, still listening to the sound of young leaves blowing in the wind, because we still see the warm and happy moments of those who have missed the opportunity to meet again. after many days of separation.

Yesterday’s story and life on the Khau Vai love market has something real damage, which has created an extra attraction to this land. Perhaps it is a connection from the past to the present and the future, the strong spread of the legendary love story on the Dong Van rock plateau. And somewhere halfway up the mountain, I sometimes heard the invitation to confide:

“Guy, go down the mountain with me

Remember to bring your horse and go by yourself

I am here but not pretty

sun umbrella market “style”.


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