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Ong Gia Cave is an interesting natural beauty only available in Nha Trang

The Old Man Cave in Nha Trang was not known by many people because the road to this area was quite difficult. But nowadays the roads are extremely convenient, so this place is gradually attracting a lot of tourists to visit because of the amazing beauty that it owns. So today, you also follow VNTRIP.VN to discover interesting things around this tourist destination!

Road to the cave area

To get to this place you can start your journey from the center of Nha Trang city. From here, you will go north on April 2, about 4km to Mai Xuan Thuong. Most noticeable is that this stop will be opposite to Dong De post office. Next you keep following this road will reach Ong Gia cave. If you find it difficult to imagine your way and are afraid to go the wrong way, where do you go? The people around here are very enthusiastic to show you the most specific way to get there. Just so you will get to the point you need.

Hang Ông Già Nha Trang (Ảnh ST)

Ong Gia cave in Nha Trang (Photo ST)

In your travels you can stop to rest and visit the beautiful scenery at the monument of Christ the King located right in the Ba Lang parish. There are many groups of tourists, especially those who stop here. This stop is where you can see the beautiful scenery on the road, by the way check the luggage and vehicles before continuing the journey. Continue your journey to Ba Lang and Duong De. Once through this area, you just need to move about 2km more that Tien beach has appeared before your eyes. But to get there, you will have a journey quite arduous and a little dangerous. Because the road to enter here is a very narrow path full of rows of wild plants, along with that is the deep abyss. Of course, to go to Tien beach through this road, you will have to leave the car from the outside and walk in. It will take about 30 minutes to reach the coast. Truly a journey with quite a lot of challenges, right? But do not be too worried, because this is just a journey to the Ong Gia-Nha Trang cave from ten years ago. Now things have changed a lot.

Những nét hoang sơ bên ngoài hang (Ảnh ST)

The wild features outside the cave (Photo ST)

Currently, the traffic roads to this area are very convenient. You just need to go along the coastline of Nha Trang Bay 7km to get there. You can use google maps to preview your directions. If departing from the square on April 2, you will follow Tran Phu Street and cross the bridge to Pham Van Dong Street from here, go straight to Ke Ga Cape. From here you will take about 10 minutes to climb over a mountain. But this road is made into stone steps, which is very convenient for tourists to travel. However, many people come here to not regret the pristine landscape of this place has been replaced by works for tourists.

Vẻ đẹp nơi đây khiến bao du khách phải lưu luyến (Ảnh ST)

The beauty here makes so many visitors have an attachment (Photo ST)

A fleeting moment full of poetic dream

Coming to Ong Gia cave, you will not be surprised by the magnificent beauty of the caves and rocky sequences. Many people when admiring the beautiful scenery here think of a famous landscape of Ha Long Bay but with a smaller scale. But in any case, this place still has its very own and unique features. The most obvious manifestation is that deep inside the cave there is a small lake, every time the tide in the water in the lake also recedes and exposes stones of all colors, sparkling under the light illuminated from top of the cave.

Nơi đây luôn là điểm đến du lịch hấp dẫn du khách tới Nha Trang (Ảnh ST)

This place is always an attractive tourist destination for tourists to Nha Trang (Photo ST).

In addition, the sea surrounding the cave is also home to many corals of all shapes and colors, and you can also easily see the small fish swimming around in the water. blue in. The water here is also quite shallow and there are many snails living so you can use some basic diving equipment to catch them. Then from there processing interesting dishes from snails to hybrid with very interesting friends. Not only that, but around this area there are also many large sandy beaches with a capacity of about 30 people, which is very suitable for group activities.

The above article is just a few to share the feelings of VNTRIP.VN to send you to Ong Gia cave . If you have the opportunity to visit this place to be able to fully feel the beauty of its nature. Certainly this place will leave you with a lot of memorable experiences that are nowhere to be found.


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