Old Man Cave – The STRANGE & MYSTERIOUS Landmark by the Sea

July 15, 2020 4 mins to read

Old Man Cave boasts a pristine and mysterious beauty, adorned with a series of rocky cliffs resembling a miniature version of Halong Bay. This is the perfect destination for an adventurous journey of exploration during your upcoming trip to Nha Trang.

In addition to the dreamy, sun-kissed beaches, Nha Trang offers many fascinating attractions. Old Man Cave is one such gem—a perfect stop for adventure and exploration. This article will share all the information and tips for visiting Old Man Cave, ensuring you have the most fantastic journey. Stay tuned for an insider’s guide to uncovering the secrets of Old Man Cave!

The Origin of the Name “Old Man Cave”

Old Man Cave is deeply embedded in the cliff, featuring a mouth approximately 5-6 meters wide and over 10 meters long, with half submerged in water for easy boat access. The cave’s back wall has a small cavity, about 2 meters deep, covered in clinging moss and adorned with protruding rocks.

Hang Ông Già Nha Trang (Ảnh ST)

Ong Gia cave in Nha Trang (Photo ST)

When viewed from the outside, the imagery of moss and rock walls resembles an old man with a long beard standing next to a granddaughter with flowing hair. As a result, the locals named it Old Man Cave. This is one of the intriguing tourist spots in Nha Trang that adventurous enthusiasts often visit. Previously, the cave was also known as Bat Cave due to being a habitat for many bat species.

Những nét hoang sơ bên ngoài hang (Ảnh ST)

The wild features outside the cave (Photo ST)

Where is Old Man Cave Located?

Old Man Cave is situated at Bai Mieu, on the rocky cliffs of Ban Than, approximately 8km north of central Nha Trang city, a 20-minute drive away. You’ll need to pass through the Ba Lang area in Vinh Hoa to reach this destination, continuing along the mountain-side road facing the sea. At this point, you’ll encounter a picturesque crescent-shaped bay with unique and pristine pebble beaches. Section 5 of this article will provide detailed transportation information, so keep reading for more insights.

Vẻ đẹp nơi đây khiến bao du khách phải lưu luyến (Ảnh ST)

The beauty here makes so many visitors have an attachment (Photo ST)

Unique Experiences at Old Man Cave

Seaside Bathing Inside the Cave

Exploring Old Man Cave goes beyond admiring its peculiar beauty; it offers a fascinating experience of bathing inside the cave. For some reason, a small, crystal-clear circular pool forms inside the cave, with a capacity for fewer than ten people.

As the tide recedes beneath the water’s surface, round and vibrant pebbles reveal themselves in myriad colors. Illuminated by light from the cave’s ceiling, they create an unusually sparkling and beautiful spectacle.

If you’re drawn to similar travel destinations, consider visiting Son Dung Beach, which boasts pristine landscapes with rocky cliffs and small water bodies reminiscent of Old Man Cave.

Nơi đây luôn là điểm đến du lịch hấp dẫn du khách tới Nha Trang (Ảnh ST)

This place is always an attractive tourist destination for Nha Trang (Photo ST) tourists.

Marveling at the Beauty of Extended Rocky Cliffs

Old Man Cave has enchanted countless tourists with its grand yet tender beauty. The cascading rocky cliffs create a perfect arch as if sheltering the deep blue sea behind, along with colorful coral reefs standing out in the serene and deserted landscape.

While the exterior is wild and untamed, the cave’s interior holds even more mysterious wonders. A narrow Z-shaped path will guide you into Old Man Cave’s deep, secretive world.

Diving for Seafood

The shallow waters of Old Man Cave teem with various types of fish and shellfish. Here, you can be guided on using essential diving equipment to catch seafood and then prepare and savor it right on the shore. Enjoying freshly caught seafood with friends in this harmonious natural setting is a magnificent experience.

When you visit Old Man Cave, you’ll be treated to the raw beauty of rocky cliffs and interconnected caves resembling a miniature version of Halong Bay. Inside the cave, a winding, zigzagging path shaped like the letter Z leads to a circular lake adorned with shimmering, multicolored pebbles reflecting light from the cave’s ceiling. The seascape outside the cave features vibrant coral reefs, serving as a habitat for numerous marine creatures.

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