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Phat Diem Church – Unique architectural symbol

Phat Diem Church is 120km south of Hanoi, located in Phat Diem town, Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province, built in the years 1875 – 1898. Phat Diem means giving birth to beauty and work. The process is a subtle combination of Eastern Buddhism and Western Catholicism.

Entrance to Phat Diem church (Image: Collection)

The gateway to Phat Diem church building clearly shows the harmony between Eastern and Western architecture, creating a unique impression.

Overview of Phat Diem court (Image: Collection)

Architectural populations of Phat Diem church include: Ponds, monuments, Phuong Dinh, Big church with four adjacent churches on either side, three artificial stone caves and stone church. Therefore, this is also known as Phat Diem stone church.

Panoramic view of the large church on the outside (Image: Collection)

The large church in Phat Diem stone church in Ninh Binh was built on an area of about 117 m long, 243 m long, with five intricately carved stone arch entrances, with two characteristic matches of roof.

Heart of the large church at Phat Diem church (Image: Collection)

In particular, the heart of the large church is 74m long, 21m wide, 15m high, with four roofs. In the church there are 6 rows of monolithic iron pillars, two rows of middle columns up to 11m high, 2.35m in circumference, each weighing about 10 tons, erected in parallel.


The sanctuary of the cathedral (Image: Collection)

A very unique feature of Phat Diem church is the area of the cathedral – a large altar made of a monolithic stone 3m long, 0.9m wide, 0.8m high. , weighing about 20 tons. The front and sides are engraved with the typical flowers of the four seasons with the golden lacquered paint of the cathedrals’ cathedral. make the altar as covered with a bright jelly. On the two sides of the church are four small churches designed in a unique style, giving guests an unforgettable impression.

Panoramic stone church seen from outside (Image: Collection)

The stone church is located in Phat Diem stone church complex, or the church dedicated to Our Lady’s heart. The special thing is because everything in the church is made of natural stone, from the floor, the wall to the column, the bars, the inside door … Inside, there are many beautiful and splendid reliefs, especially the carvings. four quarter: spare, apricot, daisies, bamboo, symbolizing the weather and beauty of four seasons in a year. In addition, the lines depict the majestic animals such as lions, dragon phoenixes, … extremely vivid. The fa├žade of the Lady’s building, there are also two pillars on both sides, have the same structure as But Hoan Kiem tower.

The cross and the lotus (Image: Collection)

When visiting Phat Diem , you will easily come across the Cross mounted on the lotus flower with elaborate and meticulous carvings showing the beauty of Eastern and Western cultural interference.

Coming to Phat Diem church is an opportunity for you to admire and learn the beauty of traditional architecture, and feel the careful, elaborate as well as the talent and skill of the ancient artisans. through both meticulous and alive sculptures.


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