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Pocket 10 delicious Ha Giang specialties delighted visitors

If you have the opportunity to visit Ha Giang tourism, visitors should not miss the attractive specialties of Ha Giang , though rustic, simple but extremely sophisticated that introduced by VietNampeace.vn.

Đặc sản Hà Giang

Specialties of Ha Giang (Collected photos)

10 delicious Ha Giang specialties delighted visitors

1. Buffalo kitchen guard

Kitchen buffalo meat is a highland specialty of the Black Thai, a dish commonly found in daily meals, is one of the outstanding Ha Giang specialties . Kitchen buffalo meat is made from the main material of corn of domestic buffalo or cow, freely grazed in the hills, so the meat is tough and firm, not friable and has a typical aroma.

Trâu gác bếp

Kitchen buffalo (Photo collection)

Pieces of meat are sliced along the grain for long, marinated with spices such as salt, ginger, chili, pepper (chopped) – a typical spice of the Northwest mountainous region. Then take the meat strips to the iron bar, smoke from the wood, and keep the kitchen for two months to infuse spices, until the meat is smoky black and dry. The meat blends in the passionate smoke flavor, the fleshy taste of the meat and the spicy of choking, creating a unique flavor.

2. Winning amaranth

Coming to Ha Giang stone plateau on a winter day, when the cold wind beats the landscape, blends into the scent of heaven and earth, stopping on the road, enjoying a bowl of amaranth – Ha Giang specialties are heartwarming. cold highland days.

Thắng dền

Thang amaranth (Collected photos)

Amaranth is a cake made in the winter, similar to the type of cake drifting by the plain people. Rice cakes are Yen Minh Ha Giang glutinous rice, rice is soaked in water overnight and brought to grind, squeeze the members look like a thumbnail of the thumb and boil until the bread is cooked. A special feature of the dish lies in the broth made from apricot sugar, coconut and ginger, with its own preparation.

3. Congee porridge

Specialties Ha Giang Porridge is a typical dish with the bitter taste of the fruit of the tofu in addition to the sweet, greasy taste, but it will be really quite difficult to eat for those who enjoy it for the first time. Like the relief porridge of lowlanders, early porridge was just a folk remedy of the Mong ethnic people. However, after that, Ha Giang people processed a little more spices to harmonize and bring typical colors to Ha Giang cuisine of this upland area.

Cháo ấu tẩu

Congee porridge (Photo collection)

The soup seems to be simple, but through the skillful processing hands of the people here, beside the charcoal fireplaces, the shops close to the market, this delicacy has really become a part. integral of Ha Giang.

4. Pigs steal armpits

Ha Giang’s armpits are one of the typical examples of raising animals together with Ha Giang. If you come here on the fair day, you will see the market corner selling Ha Giang specialties . Because pigs are small, they are usually placed in baskets and hung on their shoulders, so they are called armpits.

Lợn cắp nách

Pigs steal armpits (Photo collection)

Underarm pigs – Ha Giang specialty fragrant meat, probably because they do not have a barn, are naturally grazed, self-seeking food in the forest .. From pieces of fresh meat are processed into many different, attractive dishes. so very popular.

5. Sour Pho

Sour Pho is used in the summer, including ingredients such as fried pork, roast duck, peanuts, sausages or sausages, and herbs such as basil, garlic, papaya and pho noodles. However, Pho must be fresh and not dry noodles. The broth of this dish has a characteristic sweet and sour taste.

Phở chua

Sour Pho (Photo Collection)

Although not too special, but the rustic noodle dish is a blend of the fleshy smell of meat, the scent of roasted duck, the pristine white color of noodles and the fresh green color of herbs making the dish even more steamy. guide.

6. Triangular circuit cake

Every year at the end of the year, Ha Giang is bustling with the beauty of the field in the triangular flower season , the purple color covers the hillside, not only that, the curved triangle is a food crop, making Unique cakes.

Bánh tam giác mạch

Triangle Cake (Photo Collected)

The triangular flower cake is made from grated triangular seeds and ground into a mold. This cake is only best when steamed, fleshy, greasy, sweet, purple, characteristic purple of the flower called the plateau.

7. Grilled moss

Mosses are considered as Ha Giang specialties , not only to locals but also to tourists. People here often choose the big moss, bring it to the dam and then process it into many dishes. One of the most attractive dishes is grilled moss on a charcoal stove.

Rêu nướng

Grilled moss (Photo collection)

After the moss was sliced, they brought marinated spices such as lemongrass, Chinese smell, shavings, chives, guava seeds, salt and MSG, mix well and put on charcoal grill. Mosses are not available all year round, so they can be dried and kept in the kitchen when needed.

8. Bac Me Lam rice

Com lam is an attractive dish of Bac Me tourism culture area. This Ha Giang specialty dish is cooked in bamboo tubes, cooked on charcoal, emanating from a dish brought by the people when going to the field to become a popular dish for tourists.

Cơm lam

Lam rice (Collected photos)

The rice is only baked for an hour to enjoy, when cooked, the knife will be used to split the outer shell, leaving only the thin inner shell to bring to the tray. The rice ball blends with the smell of smoke, but it is very characteristic.

9. Bac Quang crock

Considered to be a key crop in the agriculture sector in Ha Giang, orange trees give large yields, good quality and cheap prices, so they are favored by visitors. As the umbilical cord of the country, in this region, the trees grow quite well, especially the oranges of Ha Giang tourist destination.

Cam Sành

Cam Sanh (Collected photo)

Ha Giang crockery is sweet, juicy, easy to grow and particularly fragrant.

10. Ha Giang spring rolls

Ha Giang rolls is a fancy dish in the highlands, rolls do not dab with fish sauce, but use hot bone warm in the cold and misty weather of Ha Giang land.


Banh cuon is served with eggs, the bright yellow color of the egg mingled in the smooth white color of the cake creates a unique feature in Ha Giang’s dish.

Above are suggestions for some Ha Giang specialties for your trip and your loved ones.


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