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Pocket travel experience Bai Dinh Trang An 1 day, couldn’t be more wonderful!

Are you planning to travel in Ninh Binh? Don’t forget to pocket the Bai An Trang An travel experience 1 day below! These shares will help you fully equip the journey to a land of rich identity, rich in historical values and colorful creatures.

1. Choose a time

Timing is very important, greatly influencing the experience of tourists. Ninh Binh tourism , especially Bai Dinh and Trang An tourism , the most appropriate occasion is probably when the weather in spring, warm.

During the period from January to March of the lunar calendar, you can participate in many religious activities in Bai Dinh along with spring travel, which will surely be very interesting. Besides the beginning of spring, another appropriate occasion is in the early autumn, July of the lunar calendar. The weather is cool, pleasant and not exhausting while enjoying it.

Du lich Bái Đính Tràng An 1 ngày

Bai Dinh Temple (Photo Collection)

2. Means of transportation

A travel experience of Bai Dinh Trang An 1 day is also very necessary that is the means of transportation. Depending on your location, you plan on choosing the most suitable vehicle. Normally, buses are still the most secure and popular means. For young people who love phượt, coming here by motorbike is not bad at all. The road from Bai Dinh to Trang An is quite difficult to travel for large vehicles, it is better to choose to rent a motorbike or taxi.

3. Rest, stop

Regarding the need for relaxation, there are many motels in Trang An to choose from here. The budget to luxury rooms are fully met. Because traveling to Bai Dinh Trang An 1 day, it is best to choose the affordable motel rooms, roadside inns. One of the prestigious inns in Trang An is Thien Truong, very suitable for large groups. In addition, you can also save money when you stop in the car. Although not as comfortable as a boarding room, you can save a lot of money to buy more things for gifts.

Du lịch Bái Đính Tràng An 1 ngày, ở tại quán trọ Thiên Trường

Thien Truong Inn (Image: Collection)

5. Cuisine Ninh Binh

Traveling to Trang An , Bai Dinh you can enjoy many attractive Ninh Binh cuisine. Do not miss the famous dishes such as Ninh Binh burnt rice, mountain goat specialties. These dishes that have not been tried yet are not complete for the trip. In addition to these specialties, you can find many other Ninh Binh specialties to enjoy or buy as gifts at roadside shops.

Du ;ịch Bái Đính Tràng An 1 ngày

Ninh Binh burnt rice (Photo: Collection)

6. Monuments and landscapes

Traveling for 1 day, you should focus on gathering and prominent places such as Bai Dinh pagoda, Trang An scenic area. Other locations are also Hoa Lu ancient capital or temples, caves in Ninh Binh. Many tourist destinations have relatively high fees; so please prepare an additional fee from 200k to 300k to be ready to pay offline.

Du lịch Bái Đính Tràng An 1 ngày

Trang An Scenic Area (Image: Collection)

Du lịch bái đính tràng an 1 ngày

A corner of Bai Dinh pagoda (Image: Collection)

The travel experiences of Bai Dinh Trang An 1 day of VietNampeace.com hope to help you prepare well for the upcoming Ninh Binh trip. Have a nice trip and don’t forget to share your experiences with us!


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