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Quang Nam earth only points 9 places to visit extremely attractive

Referring to Quang Nam, people will think of famous places such as Hoi An, My Son Sanctuary, Cu Lao Cham, these spots are so beautiful, there is no need to describe them further. But do you know that there are many interesting attractions in Quang Nam as well, here I list up to 20 points for you to refer to, spoiled for discovery.

1. Tam Thanh mural village

Stepping into Quang Nam, be sure to visit Tam Thanh mural village – the first mural village of Vietnam. This village, located in Tam Thanh Commune (Tam Ky City, Quang Nam), is a project of exchanging fine arts of Korean – Vietnamese community, which has “enchanted”, blowing a new breeze to a fishing village. many difficulties become extremely hot tourist destinations.

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These super beautiful paintings have become a famous check-in point for young people every time they come to Tam Thanh village, went to Quang Nam to play and remember to take pictures here.

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2. Thanh Ha pottery village

Thanh Ha Pottery Village is located right by Thu Bon River, Thanh Ha Ward, 3km from the ancient town of Hoi An to the West, so if you go to Hoi An, do not miss visiting Thanh Ha Pottery Village. Coming here, you will see firsthand the fine art pottery products as well as the traditional and skillful traditional pottery of artisans. Moreover, you can also try to make pottery yourself.

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The beauty of Thanh Ha pottery village is that it is hunched over the years but until now Thanh Ha pottery still retains the method of manual production: shaped by a turntable and hands, no mold, no glaze and baked by the furnace. Traditional firewood. Perhaps due to these factors, Thanh Ha Pottery Village has always attracted a lot of tourists to visit and learn about the pottery making process is almost unique.


3. Tra Que vegetable village

Located 4km from Hoi An ancient town, Tra Qu Vegetable Village is a long-standing famous brand with green vegetables grown on fertile lands, so it has its own unique flavor. Visit Tra Que vegetable village, you will turn into true farmers. To discover the real and close Tra Que vegetable village, come here early in the morning, when the new farmers start their morning watering and harvesting vegetables to sell in the market, you will surely collected quite a bit of experience there.


In addition, there are garden restaurants serving Hoi An specialties and especially using the Tra Que vegetable material, you can enjoy it.


4. The Mother Monument


Surely you have heard on TV or radio that mentioned Vietnamese heroic mother Nguyen Thi Thu right? If you have the opportunity to visit Quang Nam, take some time to visit the Mother statue in Tam Phu commune, Tam Ky city. The mother statue was built on the largest scale in Southeast Asia, made of marble carved in the shape of the mother as if she was openly embracing her children.

5. Dong Giang tea hill

Nobody expected in the sunny, windy, arid Quang Nam to appear a green tea hill among the vast pristine forests like this. Although it is not stretching to the horizon like Moc Chau tea hill or Cau Dat hill, Dong Giang tea hill is still soft enough to soften the heart of any discerning traveler.

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The tea hill is located along both sides of the road toward Dong Giang district town. You absolutely no charge to enter the tea hill to admire, check-in. Just send the car to a nearby resident, send back a little parking cost. The people here are mostly Co-tu, an ethnic minority. They are very happy and hospitable. Even if you want, you can stay and experience with the locals how to take care of and collect tea.

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6. Ho Phu Ninh

Phu Ninh Lake is located in Trung Dan village, Tam Dai commune, Phu Ninh district. Phu Ninh Lake is only about 7 km from Tam Ky city center and about 60 km when moving from the ancient town of Hoi An. This is an artificial lake with a large surface area of up to 3,433 ha, possessing undulating green islands in the middle of immense water and surrounded by untouched forests.

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Coming to Phu Ninh Lake, you will surely feel something very simple of the land of Quang with a rolling waves, gentle blue sky, trees full of life or sometimes you will be watching. The fish are swimming in the lake. Or stand looking at Phu Ninh Lake with the clear water like a giant mirror that reproduces the rustic natural scenery that is poetic and peaceful.

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7. My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is recognized as a World Cultural Heritage, My Son Sanctuary owns more than 70 ancient temples and pagodas in Cham architecture built in the 4th century, this is also the pride of the people of Quang Nam. Currently in My Son Sanctuary, there are still 20 temples and pagodas still preserving the original wild beauty such as My Son tower, Bang An tower, Khuong My tower, … By then you will admire the patterns and details. extremely intricate carvings on fired brick walls, creating extremely unique architectural masterpieces of a long-standing Champa culture.


8. Cu Lao Cham

Cu Lao Cham must say is a very beautiful place. Located about 15 km from the coast of Cua Dai and consisting of 8 large and small islands, Cu Lao Cham captures the hearts of many tourists when it comes to sea tourism because of its unspoiled beauty like a “sea paradise” ”. It takes only 15 minutes floating on the canoe from Cua Dai Beach, you will admire Cu Lao Cham out green eyes.

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The best thing about coming here is to take a snorkel and go diving to explore the blue ocean. Do not miss the opportunity to bike on the winding roads through sand dunes and fishing villages along the coast. Discovering the deep forest with a picnic experience among many trees will bring you unforgettable moments.


9. Hoi An Ancient Town

Referring to Quang Nam, people will think of the ancient town of Hoi An with the bright yellow streets, the symbol of a once prosperous and bustling port city. Ideally, rent a bicycle, go through the idyllic alleyways, the confetti of hanging paper on the golden walls, the rows of rustic houses and stop at Cau Pagoda spanning the banks of Hoai River or pagodas Chinese people.


How many points have you made on this list ??? Surely many of you do not know all the points in this list. To know how beautiful Quang Nam is, pack your backpack and explore these 9 points right away.




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