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Quang Tri Citadel: A witness to a heroic history page

Quang Tri Citadel is not only a long-lasting architectural work but also a historical relic, witnessing a glorious fire flower of our nation.

Thành cổ Quảng Trị

Sacred in Quang Tri Citadel (Photo collected)

The traces of time in Quang Tri Citadel

Quang Tri Citadel (also known as Quang Tri Citadel) is located in the center of Quang Tri Town, Quang Tri Province, 2km from National Highway 1A to the North, 500m from Thach Han River to the East.

According to historical records, Quang Tri citadel was built in Gia Long period, first in Tien Kien ward, later moved to Thach Han commune, which is also the current position. This citadel was first built only with soil, but it was later rebuilt by brick King Minh Mang in 1837, becoming an economic, political and military center of the whole Quang Tri province, the outpost guarding the capital of Phu Xuan, Hue. Between 1809 and 1945, it was used as a military stronghold and administrative headquarters for the Nguyen Dynasty.

Thành cổ Quảng Trị nhuốm mầu rêu phong

Over the years, the ancient city is now tinged with moss (Image collection)

Referring to the ancient citadel of Quang Tri , people often remember the fierce battle in 1972, the year like the “fiery summer” with hundreds of thousands of tons of bombs dropped over 81 days and nights, turning this castle into a known place. How many Vietnamese people have fallen to protect the citadel of Jiangshan, for the cause of national liberation and reunification.

Thành cổ Quảng Trị những năm tháng chiến đấu

Quang Tri citadel in the years of fighting (Image: Collection)

After the 1972 campaign, the entire citadel was almost flattened, only the east door was intact, the entire wall and the outer trench system were covered with traces of bombs and bullets.

Thành cổ Quảng Trị đổ nát trong những ngày mưa bom bão đạn

The ruined citadel during the storms and storms of 1972 (Image collection)

Bức tường thành cổ Quảng Trị đổ nát còn sót lại

Ruined city walls remain (Image: Collection)

Many relics, utensils as well as correspondence of the old soldiers sent home to say goodbye to the family during the bloody fire until now are still preserved in the Museum of the Ancient City. Along with the conservation efforts of the people here, the ancient citadel of Quang Tri has now become a spiritual land for people who survived from the war to review a glorious time, for the next generations to come. to admire and remember the heroes who fell for the sake of their homeland.

Dòng người hướng về thành cổ Quảng Trị để tri ân

The influx of people heading to Quang Tri citadel to pay tribute to the deceased (Photo collected)

Đài tưởng niệm thành cổ Quảng Trị

Quang Tri Citadel Monument is a place for people to remember (Photo collection)

Thành cổ Quảng Trị ngày nay ngập tràn màu xanh của cây cối

Today’s citadel is filled with the green of trees (Photo collection)

Bảo tàng thành cổ Quảng Trị là nơi lưu giữ nhiều di vật của các chiến sĩ

The museum of the ancient city is home to many relics of the soldiers (Photo collection)

Di vật của các chiến sĩ được lưu giữ tại thành cổ Quảng Trị

Relics of the soldiers are kept (Photo collection)

The country of thousands of years of civilization, undergoing many storms and bombs, along with the sacrifices of so many Vietnamese people, has made peace today. Quang Tri Citadel still stands, not only as a tourist attraction, but also as a vestige of time, reminding people of a time of fire. On visiting Quang land, remember to visit the ancient citadel so that you can feel the atmosphere of the heroic history here.


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