Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau: A Place to Pause for Countless Instagram-Worthy Moments

July 18, 2020 7 mins to read

Welcome to the enchanting world of Vietnam, where beauty and tranquility converge at the mesmerizing Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau. If you’re seeking a virtual haven that captures the essence of Vietnam’s picturesque landscapes, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect spot. As we delve into the wonders of Ho Da Xanh, your guide on this exploration is brought to you by VietnamPeace.com, your ultimate source for all things serene and delightful in the heart of Vietnam. Join us on a journey through this oasis of calm, dotted with wooden bridges, flower-adorned boats, and childhood swings, all carefully curated to make your visit to Vung Tau unforgettable. So, let’s embark on this virtual escapade and discover the hidden gems of Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau through the lens of Vietnampeace.com.

1. About Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau

1.1. Where is Ho Da Xanh located in Vung Tau?

Geographically, Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau is situated in Tan Thanh district, approximately 16 – 17km from the city center. The vast lake stretches from Ba Ria to Chau Pha, featuring the distinctive terrain of an artificial lake formed through stone excavation.

Ho Chi Minh City to Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau is about 80km away, making it an ideal destination for young groups seeking to explore Vung Tau and escape the hustle and bustle of urban life.

1.2. How to get to Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau?

Getting to Ho Da Xanh is relatively easy, especially for Ho Chi Minh City travelers.

The first option is to travel from the Thủ Thiêm Tunnel direction in Saigon to the Cat Lai Ferry. From there, take National Highway 51 towards Kim Hai Market, then at the second intersection, turn left and continue for 1.5km to reach Ho Da Xanh.

Alternatively, travelers can go from Suoi Tien (in Thu Duc city) to Dong Nai and then turn onto National Highway 51. From there, follow the direction towards Kim Hai Market, similar to the first option.

For travelers already in the city center of Vung Tau who want to go to Ho Da Xanh they can head towards Tan Thanh district. Upon reaching Long Huong Church, turn into the alley next to the church leading to the lake.

Travelers can use Google Maps or ask locals to avoid getting lost. Additionally, the journey back to the city center from the lake is quite distant, with stretches of deserted roads, so it’s advisable not to return too late to avoid potential dangers.

1.3. The mesmerizing beauty of Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau

Nestled amidst majestic mountains, Ho Da Xanh boasts crystal-clear waters blending harmoniously with the vast blue sky, creating a serene and picturesque scenery. The tranquil lake surface, with distant clusters of trees, adds a perfect touch to the beautiful natural landscape.

With its pristine beauty, Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau captivates tourists with its simplicity, serenity, and rustic charm. The lake’s shore is adorned with rugged rock formations, adding a distinctive ruggedness. Due to its formation through stone excavation, the lake is quite deep, with cool, refreshing waters and many impressive spots for Instagram-worthy shots.

2. Must-Visit Spots at Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau

Ho Da Xanh is not heavily invested in infrastructure, maintaining its natural beauty, pleasant climate, and clear waters. Let’s explore some unique activities you can experience at this beautiful lake.

2.1. Check-in with the wooden bridges at Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau

The wooden bridges at Ho Da Xanh come in various unique designs, serving as perfect spots for countless Instagram-worthy photos you wouldn’t want to miss when visiting Vung Tau. Each bridge is sturdy and capable of holding around 10 to 15 people, with some bridges along the lake’s shore and others extending into the middle. Therefore, travelers can choose angles to capture dozens of photos without worrying about duplication.

In the evening, the lights on these wooden bridges create a more dazzling and impressive atmosphere. However, when enjoying these bridges, especially with young children, caution is advised as the railings on both sides are pretty sparse, posing a danger to children.

2.2. Check-in on the flower-adorned boats drifting on Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau

Ho Da Xanh is quite deep, over 50 meters, so all swimming activities are strictly prohibited due to safety concerns. However, the lake offers a unique flower boat service, attracting many tourists. These rustic boats adorned with fresh flowers drifting peacefully on the lake will leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Drifting on these flower boats, you can admire the majestic nature and immerse yourself in the proximity of the sky. Simply reaching out your hand to touch the cool water, you can feel a sense of tranquility and relaxation after days of urban hustle and bustle.

Many couples also favor these flower boats for capturing romantic photos during their honeymoon, vacation, or wedding photoshoots. The image of graceful women on these rustic flower boats adorned with fresh flowers is irresistibly soft and charming. So, if you’re considering Vung Tau as a destination for relaxation, honeymoon, or a wedding photo shoot, visit Ho Da Xanh to capture these beautiful and peaceful moments.

2.3. Relive childhood memories with the wooden swings

Near the shores of Ho Da Xanh, there is a wooden swing for visitors to enjoy and take Instagram-worthy photos. The familiar swing, set amidst the vast expanse of land, with the serene lake surface and distant mountain hills, offers a refreshing and novel experience.

2.4. Organize a picnic with friends at Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau

With its vast and extraordinary space, Ho Da Xanh has become an ideal picnic spot in Vung Tau for outdoor excursions. Here, you can enjoy peaceful weekends and immerse yourself in the vast expanse of land and majestic nature. Besides the Vung Tau Sheep Field, around Ho Da Xanh are areas where sheep are grazed, allowing tourists to take photos and play with them freely.

Additionally, visitors can consider joining guided tours to explore Vung Tau, including the picturesque Ho Da Xanh.

3. Tips for Visiting Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau

In addition to the prominent natural features, serene landscapes, and tranquility, visitors should consider a few things to ensure a smooth trip.

Firstly, the route to Ho Da Xanh includes large roads with many heavy vehicles, such as trucks and containers. Therefore, travelers must pay attention to ensure safety, especially for large groups traveling by motorbike. Only experienced riders should handle vehicles to minimize unforeseen accidents.

Secondly, around the area of Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau, there are very few eateries, so travelers should consider preparing food and drinks. Additionally, there are very few hotels or guesthouses for overnight stays, so travelers should plan a reasonable time to return to the city center for safety and convenience.

Another note is that Ho Da Xanh is quite deep; the more profound the water, the colder it gets. Therefore, extreme caution is required when moving around, and refrain from playful activities or chasing on the wooden bridges to avoid falling into the lake.

With its pristine beauty, Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau is undoubtedly an ideal tourist destination. Plan a trip to this beautiful coastal city to unwind and relieve all the stress and fatigue.
In conclusion, Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau is a serene and picturesque destination in Vietnam, offering tranquil landscapes and rustic charm. As highlighted by Vietnampeace.com, it’s a perfect spot for memorable experiences and Instagram-worthy photos. Remember to plan and follow safety tips for a delightful journey. Explore Ho Da Xanh Vung Tau and create lasting memories amidst its natural beauty. For more travel inspiration in Vietnam, visit Vietnampeace.com.

Hồ đá xanh tại Vũng Tàu ( Ảnh Collection)

Blue Stone Lake in Vung Tau (Photo Collection)

Hồ nước ở đây được bao bọc bởi các dãy núi ( Ảnh Collection)

The lake is surrounded by mountains (Image Collection)

Một bức hình "so deep" tại Hồ đá xanh ( Ảnh Collection)

A “so deep” photo at Blue Rock Lake (Photo Collection)

Khung cảnh Hồ đá xanh dễ khiến hiểu nhầm bạn đang bên trời Tây ( Ảnh Collection)

The scenery of Blue Stone Lake easily misunderstands you are in the Western sky (Photo Collection)

Một bức "sống ảo" cùng thuyền và hoa ( Ảnh Collection)

A “virtual life” with a boat and flowers (Photo Collection)

Những cây cầu nhỏ ở Hồ đá xanh ( Ảnh Collection)

Small Bridges in Blue Rock Lake (Photo Collection)

Một góc Hồ đá xanh ( Ảnh Collection)

A Corner of Blue Stone Lake (Photo Collection)

Tạo dáng một chút cùng đàn cừu ( Ảnh Collection)

Pose a little with the sheep (Photo Collection)

Chụp cùng đàn cừu cũng là một trải nghiệm hay ho tại đây ( Ảnh Collection)

Shooting with sheep is also a good experience here (Photo Collection)

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