Release yourself very virtual in the blue rock lake – Vung Tau

July 18, 2020 3 mins to read

Are you fed up of “virtual” places in Saigon? Or simply want to “green” your instagram, the Blue Rock Lake will be the answer for you. This place is attracting a lot of young people to take photos and have fun.

Hồ đá xanh tại Vũng Tàu ( Ảnh Collection)

Blue stone lake in Vung Tau (Photo Collection)

Green stone lake address of Vung Tau

Only 80 km from Saigon, you will easily find the Blue Stone Lake – Vung Tau right on the road to Vung Tau, Tan Thanh District, near Dinh Mountain. The travel from Saigon to here only takes about 2 hours, very suitable for short day outings.

  • Green Stone Lake, Tan Thanh District, Vung Tau
  • Click here for directions

What’s at Blue Rock Lake

Formed from quarrying activities, Blue Stone Lake possesses the wild beauty of majestic rock ranges embracing the clear blue lake. Surrounded by mountains, the lake here is green all year round, peaceful. The scene here is quite intact, not much impact from people with the lake stretching from Ba Ria to Chau Pha.

Hồ nước ở đây được bao bọc bởi các dãy núi ( Ảnh Collection)

The lake is surrounded by mountains (Image Collection)

With the back ground is a cool, calm blue lake at Blue Rock Lake will help you create “thousand likes” pictures, otherwise taking pictures with boats full of flowers is also a good idea.

Một bức hình "so deep" tại Hồ đá xanh ( Ảnh Collection)

A “so deep” photo at Blue Rock Lake (Photo Collection)

Khung cảnh Hồ đá xanh dễ khiến hiểu nhầm bạn đang bên trời Tây ( Ảnh Collection)

The scenery of Blue Stone Lake easily misunderstands you are in the Western sky (Photo Collection)

Một bức "sống ảo" cùng thuyền và hoa ( Ảnh Collection)

A “virtual life” with boat and flowers (Photo Collection)

In addition, Blue Stone Lake also has a small bridge to the lake or a small swing as a tool to serve the “acting” for you, the swing or boat, you can use for free without any extra cost. The sky is high and clear, the lake stretches endlessly, in the distance, there are majestic mountains creating a very poetic setting here.

Những cây cầu nhỏ ở Hồ đá xanh ( Ảnh Collection)

Small bridges in Blue Rock Lake (Photo Collection)

Một góc Hồ đá xanh ( Ảnh Collection)

A corner of Blue Stone Lake (Photo Collection)

With its pristine, peaceful beauty, Blue Rock Lake will make those who come here dispel all the noisy, hustle of urban life.

On the side of the lake there is also a very friendly flock of sheep and you can absolutely take pictures with them.

Tạo dáng một chút cùng đàn cừu ( Ảnh Collection)

Pose a little with the sheep (Photo Collection)

Chụp cùng đàn cừu cũng là một trải nghiệm hay ho tại đây ( Ảnh Collection)

Shooting with sheep is also a good experience here (Photo Collection)

Admission fee

In general, ticket prices of activities of Blue Rock Lake are quite reasonable:

  • Price for photography: 20k / person
  • Price taken with sheep: 50k / person
  • With the cost of wedding photography: 150k

Note that the lake at Blue Rock Lake is quite deep so it is not possible to bathe here.

Come and feel this “virtual living” place is very hot with friends or can easily travel to Vung Tau, then stop here because it only takes a few hours to discover all of this place.


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