Robinson Island Nha Trang – A Stunning “Deserted Island” in the Middle of Cam Ranh Bay

July 15, 2020 7 mins to read

Robinson Island Nha Trang is hailed as a mysterious paradise hidden in Cam Ranh Bay. It’s a highly alluring destination for beach enthusiasts and water activities lovers alike.

Robinson Island Nha Trang is a destination that may not be unfamiliar but always surprises travelers with its simple yet deeply hidden beauty amidst Cam Ranh Bay’s vibrant, colorful beaches. This place attracts many tourists who visit and experience it every year, especially those passionate about trekking.

Join Vietnampeace as we delve into and discover Robinson Island Nha Trang from every perspective and every experience to feel the uniqueness and distinctiveness of this place.

Hoang đảo Robinson Nha Trang - địa điểm du lịch mới ở Vịnh Cam Ranh (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

Robinson Island in Nha Trang – a new tourist destination in Cam Ranh Bay (Photo: Collectibles)

Introducing Robinson Island Nha Trang

Robinson Island Nha Trang was discovered in 2020, making it a relatively new destination for travelers. Nevertheless, each year, the island continues to attract thousands of visitors who come to explore and immerse themselves in the wild atmosphere it offers. Most visitors come here to enjoy the natural surroundings and relax amidst the tranquility after the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Đảo Robinson nằm tách biệt với cụm đảo Tứ Bình (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

Robinson Island is isolated from the Tu Binh island cluster (Image: Collectibles)

Originally named Coconut Island, Robinson Island Nha Trang earned its name due to the tourism potential discovered and developed later, referring to the Tu Binh Nha Trang island cluster. However, given its recent discovery and the pristine scenery found here, the name Robinson was ultimately chosen as the official name for the island. Over time, this name has gradually become more popular.

Bến thuyền tại đảo Robinson (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

A pier on Robinson Island (Image: Collectibles)

Robinson Island’s Whereabouts

Robinson Island is located in Cam Ranh Bay, Khanh Hoa Province. It’s a small island in Nha Trang situated in the Bich Dam strait, Vinh Nguyen Ward, Nha Trang, approximately 10 km from Cau Da Port, reachable in about 15 minutes by canoe.

Best Time to Visit Robinson Island, Nha Trang

The weather on the island is mild and pleasant year-round. However, the ideal time to visit and experience Robinson Island Nha Trang is from April to October. This is during the summer when the golden sunshine, clear skies, and calm sea create perfect conditions for outdoor activities.

Ticket Prices for Robinson Island Nha Trang

The admission fee for Robinson Island in Cam Ranh is 100,000 VND per person. This price does not include a guide or other expenses incurred during island exploration. If you opt for a guided tour, the fee is usually included in the tour cost.

Details of the Robinson Island tour prices can be found below:

Activity Ticket Price

  • Tour Admission: 100,000 VND/person (Includes kayak paddling and freshwater swimming)
  • Fishing Ticket: 50,000 VND/ fishing rod (Includes bait)
  • Canoeing Ticket: 100,000 VND/person
  • Snorkeling Ticket: 500,000 VND/person/time (Using inflatable tube)
  • Glass-Bottom Boat Ticket: 100,000 VND/person

“Hoang đảo” này luôn chào đón tất cả du khách (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

This “deserted island” always welcomes all visitors (Image: Collectibles)

How to Get to Robinson Island Nha Trang

Robinson Island Nha Trang is approximately 9 km from the city center of Nha Trang. The journey is short and convenient, allowing you to choose suitable transportation to enjoy the scenery. Starting from the city center, head south towards Tran Phu Street, then turn onto Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street. After about 4 km, take a left following the directional signs to reach Cau Da Port.

Bờ cát trắng mịn trải dài (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

Fine white sand stretches (Photo: Collectibles)

Here, you can purchase tickets for a boat or canoe to continue the journey to the island. If you opt for a boat, reaching the island will take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. The boat prices range from around 200,000 VND per person for a one-way trip. For canoes, the price fluctuates around 300,000 VND per person for a one-way trip. However, traveling by canoe is faster, taking only about 30 minutes to reach Robinson Island, Nha Trang.

Với nước biển xanh trong (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

With clear blue sea (Image: Collectibles)

What to Eat on Robinson Island Nha Trang?

When you visit Robinson Island Nha Trang, don’t forget to explore the delicious local cuisine. Here, you can find various fresh seafood such as lobster, barramundi, grouper, clams, oysters, and squid. Every type is delicious, and the professional chefs ensure a tasty meal for tourists after a day of exploring the island.

Bánh căn hải sản nổi tiếng của đảo Robinson Nha Trang (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

Famous seafood base of Robinson Island Nha Trang (Photo: Collectibles)

Exploring Robinson Island Nha Trang – What to Do

Robinson Island Nha Trang is renowned as a mysterious paradise in Cam Ranh Bay. It’s a beautiful destination for beach lovers and water activity enthusiasts. If you’re a true trekker or an avid adventurer, the journey to Robinson Island Nha Trang will captivate you. Discovered in 2020, the island quickly became a focal point, attracting many visitors each year.

Sacred Check-In Points

The ecological scenery at Robinson Island Nha Trang is incredibly pristine and straightforward. Besides the romantic and dreamy beach, distant mountain peaks contribute to a magnificent landscape. The seawater here is crystal clear, allowing you to see the seabed. This is a significant advantage of the island that many tourists appreciate.

Thuê lều để cắm trại (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

Rent a tent to camp (Image: Collectibles)

Walking along the beach, enjoying the sunset in the fantastic evening, and listening to the sounds of nature is truly remarkable. If you’re a fan of Instagram-worthy check-ins, this is undoubtedly a paradise. The small rock formations and the clear water create stunning photo opportunities for lasting memories.

Kayaking at Robinson Island Nha Trang

Kayaking is a popular and beloved water sport at Robinson Island Nha Trang. One of the main reasons is that the island boasts a beautiful lake with clear water and gentle waves, making it ideal for kayaking. Visitors can freely paddle around and explore without any limitations. Hidden corners and undiscovered wonders are waiting for you to explore! Also, don’t worry too much about what to bring for your journey to have a complete trip on Robinson Island Nha Trang. All rental services are available here to meet your entertainment and travel needs. Rental prices for kayaking range from 100,000 VND to 200,000 VND per boat, including the boat, life jacket, and paddles for two people to paddle freely for 2 hours.

In addition, kayak racing competitions are often organized, offering exciting rewards for the winners. After a race, there will be a party with your friends, especially a sea party. You will enjoy delicious wine and watch dancers perform on the water in a highly vibrant atmosphere unique only to Robinson Island Nha Trang.

Đảo nhỏ lênh đênh giữa đại dương mênh mông (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

Small island floating in the middle of an immense ocean (Image: Collectibles)

Admiring the Sunset

With the advantage of being the place to witness the first sunrise and the last sunset in Nha Trang, Robinson Island has attracted many tourists to experience the feeling of enjoying the vibrant red clouds at the horizon and the sparkling golden light on the sea surface. During this time, Robinson Beach resembles a beautiful painting that is hard to find elsewhere, creating a unique charm for this pristine island.

Exciting Night Squid Fishing Experience

Another exciting activity when you visit here is night squid fishing. Tourists will join the fishing boats of fishermen offshore. At this time, you will experience the thrill of squid fishing and learn more about the daily work of the local people.

Beach Time

The beach at Robinson Island Nha Trang is quite spacious, with moderately sloping terrain suitable for all age groups, including women and children, ensuring a safe swimming experience. Moreover, there are free beach chairs for you to relax and rest. Additionally, there is a designated area for personal belongings with a deposit fee of 50,000 VND/cabinet, which you can retrieve after collecting your belongings.

Beautiful Coral Diving

The Robinson Nha Trang beach is still relatively undeveloped, making it a favorite spot for many visitors. You can comfortably swim and dive to admire the beautiful coral without worrying about crowds or overcrowding.

1 góc hoang đảo Robinson (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

A deserted corner of Robinson Island (Photo: Collectibles)

With its long coastline and beautiful islands, Nha Trang may have many prominent destinations. Still, with its simple and tranquil beauty, Robinson Island attracts travelers seeking a relaxing retreat to enjoy nature’s pristine charm.

Robinson Island Nha Trang is an excellent destination for those who want to temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and return to nature’s pure, serene embrace. It’s a place to savor peaceful surroundings with your loved ones.

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