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Robinson Island in Nha Trang – A hidden paradise in Cam Ranh Bay

Located in the middle of the immense sea, in Cam Ranh Bay, there is a small island called “deserted Robinson Island”. This is an ideal destination for people to “escape” from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hoang đảo Robinson Nha Trang - địa điểm du lịch mới ở Vịnh Cam Ranh (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

Robinson Island in Nha Trang – a new tourist destination in Cam Ranh Bay (Photo: Collectibles)

20km from the mainland, Robinson Island Nha Trang is a small island in the Bay of Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa Province. Previously, the name Robinson was used to refer to Tu Binh island cluster (Binh Ba, Binh Hung, Binh Lap, Binh Tien). But then it was found that there was a small island lying alone in the middle of Cam Ranh Bay, separate from the Tu Binh island cluster, then the name Robinson was “transferred” to the island.

Đảo Robinson nằm tách biệt với cụm đảo Tứ Bình (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

Robinson Island is isolated from Tu Binh island cluster (Image: Collectibles)

To get to the island, you must first move to Da Bac port. After 1 hour by boat, you will arrive on the island, start the journey to conquer this pristine island as a true Robinson.

Bến thuyền tại đảo Robinson (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

A pier on Robinson Island (Image: Collectibles)

“Hoang đảo” này luôn chào đón tất cả du khách (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

This “deserted island” always welcomes all visitors (Image: Collectibles)

Robinson Island Nha Trang still retains its pristine features and no services, so visitors coming here will enjoy exploring, enjoying and immersing themselves in nature. You will be immersed in the clear blue sea, roam on the smooth white sand stretching endlessly or conquering bumpy rocks, craggy cliffs.

Bờ cát trắng mịn trải dài (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

Fine white sand stretches (Photo: Collectibles)

Với nước biển xanh trong (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

With clear blue sea (Image: Collectibles)

You can also participate in scuba diving activities, catch fishermen and enjoy the best food on the island. This place is famous for lobster and seafood bread with extremely “affordable” price.

Bánh căn hải sản nổi tiếng của đảo Robinson Nha Trang (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

Famous seafood base of Robinson Island Nha Trang (Photo: Collectibles)

Facilities on the island are mainly built by local people with bamboo and neohouzeaua cottages, close to the coast. You can choose to stay here or rent a tent to camp with prices ranging from 150,000 VND.

Thuê lều để cắm trại (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

Rent a tent to camp (Image: Collectibles)

Or if you want, you can also take a boat back to the mainland to stay in more comfortable hotels and motels in Cam Ranh City.

Robinson – this small island lying in the middle of the immense ocean is a very suitable place for a “disconnect to connect” trip. On the “deserted island” only the sea, the mountains, the rocks, not too many modern services and facilities, everything seems to be completely separate from the bustling, bustling world, you will be in peace. yourself into peaceful nature, bringing people together with all that nature and sincerity.

Đảo nhỏ lênh đênh giữa đại dương mênh mông (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

Small island floating in the middle of an immense ocean (Image: Collectibles)

1 góc hoang đảo Robinson (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)

A deserted corner of Robinson Island (Photo: Collectibles)

The hidden paradise between Cam Ranh Bay is beckoning, quickly “set raft” with close friends to explore this “deserted Robinson Nha Trang” right now!


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