Taste the Delicacy of Lobster on Binh Ba Island, Along with Unforgettable Experiences

July 15, 2020 4 mins to read

As one of the “hot spots” in the beautiful and dreamy land of Nha Trang, indulging in the specialty of lobster on Binh Ba Island is not just a long-standing tradition but also an inherent ritual for anyone visiting the island. The delicious and affordable lobsters, set against a majestic and picturesque scenery backdrop, perhaps make people feel thrilled and enchanted by this land.

Specialty Lobster Binh Ba Island

Specialty Binh Ba lobster is a dish not to be missed when coming here. (Photo ST)

Means of transportation to the island

Indeed, for those who have never been to this place, the mode of transportation to the island may seem a bit perplexing. However, for those eagerly anticipating a seafood feast with the specialty of lobster on Binh Ba Island, the best and fastest way to reach this destination is by car from the city center of Nha Trang to Ba Ngoi Harbor and then continuing the journey by boat from the port to the island. In just about 30 minutes of swaying on the sea, travelers will set foot on Binh Ba Island and discover the culinary and cultural highlights it offers. This journey is likely to be a memorable experience.

Introducing Binh Ba Island

The image portrays the beauty of the beach of Binh Ba in spotless clarity. (Photo ST)

Known as a small and beautiful island nestled in the beloved Nha Trang Bay, it is a tourist destination with stunning beauty and, notably, the famous and outstanding specialty of Binh Ba Nha Trang – lobster.

With a relatively small area, approximately 3 km, and long, beautiful coastlines, Binh Ba Island seems to embrace all the beauty of the vast ocean, making everyone who first gazes upon and admires the island feel the majestic and enchanting charm it possesses.

Do not forget to enjoy lobster specialties on Binh Ba Island

The eye-catching and delicious lobsters are prepared for diners to enjoy. (Photo ST)

Thanks to its favorable location near the coast, the price of lobster in Binh Ba is quite affordable, ranging from around 800,000 to 1 million VND per kilogram. However, large shrimp can cost up to 2 million VND per kilogram. First-time visitors should try the lobster porridge in Binh Ba, which is incredibly delicious when fishing boats arrive with fresh lobsters in the early morning. This dish is cooked and sold to visitors while still hot, offering an excellent taste and an unforgettable experience.

In addition to the specialty porridge, visitors can enjoy other lobster dishes such as grilled, steamed, or boiled options, each with its unique flavor.

If you want to purchase Binh Ba lobster as a gift, head to the beach early in the morning, where the fishing boats land. Here, you will find a bustling trade and a lively scene. Choose the most enormous and most delicious shrimp as a gift. To preserve the freshness of the shrimp, bring along foam boxes and a few stones. This could be the most meaningful gift for your loved ones.

Lobster restaurants on the island

Most of the restaurants on Binh Ba Island have seafood tables like in this photo (Photo ST)

As an island with plenty of visitors, finding a good seafood lobster restaurant on Binh Ba Island is not difficult. Even just walking along the beach, you will quickly come across beach resorts with a menu that features Binh Ba lobster. This nutritious dish is perfect for lunchtime, and the peaceful scenery adds to the meal’s enjoyment. One cannot say enough good things about this place’s special dinner.

It’s hard to describe everything about Binh Ba, but one thing is sure: the lobster here is cheap and delicious, even for first-time visitors. Everyone who tries it will be impressed, and we hope that the beauty and taste of this island’s cuisine will continue to be enjoyed by all who visit.

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