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Sample Lobster Specialties at Binh Ba Island with unforgettable experiences

As one of the “extremely hot” places of the beautiful and dreamy land of Nha Trang, enjoying lobster specialties in Binh Ba Island is not only a tradition from many generations but it is also an obvious practice. For anyone who travels to the island, the delicious, cheap lobsters and the majestic and poetic scenery probably make people feel excited and excited about this land.

Specialty Lobster Binh Ba Island

Specialty Binh Ba lobster is a dish not to be missed when coming here. (Photo ST)

Transportation to the island

Surely for anyone who has never been to this place will feel curious about the transportation to the island, for those who are excited about a lobster special meal on Binh Ba Island , the best way and It is also the fastest way to get to this place is by car from the center of Nha Trang city to Ba Ngoi mountain and continue to sail from the port to the island. With only about 30 minutes floating at sea, visitors will take the first step up to Binh Ba Island and explore the culinary culture this place brings. It will probably be a memorable journey.

Introducing Binh Ba Island

The image is like portraying the beauty of the beach of Binh Ba in spotless clarity. (Photo ST)

Known as a small and beautiful island in the beloved Nha Trang Bay, this place is known by many as a tourist resort with beautiful beauty and famous and outstanding specialty dishes. Perhaps the most interesting is probably the lobster Binh Ba Nha Trang .

With a relatively small area, about 3km along the long and beautiful beaches, Binh Ba Island is embracing the beauty of the vast ocean so that anyone who first admits and looks at the island can feel it. The majestic and magical beauty of this place brings.

Do not forget to enjoy lobster specialties on Binh Ba Island

The eye-catching and delicious lobsters are preparing for diners to enjoy. (Photo ST)

Thanks to the favorable location near the coast, the price of lobster in Binh Ba is quite cheap, only about 800k – 1 million VND / kg, but for large shrimp, the price can be up to 2 million VND / kg. The first time tourists enjoy specialties, they should try the lobster porridge in Binh Ba in the early morning. Since it is the time when the fishing boats arrive, the fresh lobsters will be cooked and sold for visitors to enjoy from the time they are still hot, the great taste and the very attractive feeling of This dish will make anyone who first enjoy it will feel and unforgettable.

In addition to the specialty porridge, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy other ways of processing from the lobster here such as grilled, steamed or boiled dishes, all with different flavors and very tasty. .

If you want to buy Binh Ba lobster as a gift , you can get up early in the morning and go to the beach, where the boats are landing, it is easy to recognize an extremely exciting scene. bustling trade, the simple task at this time is to choose the big and delicious shrimp to bring as a gift, but the best way to preserve it is visitors need to prepare foam boxes and a little stone to preserve fresh shrimp. Perhaps it will be the most meaningful gift for loved ones.

Lobster restaurants on the island

Most of the restaurants on Binh Ba Island have seafood tables like in this photo (Photo ST)

As an island with a lot of people to visit, it will not be difficult to find yourself a best seafood lobster restaurant on Binh Ba Island. Visitors just walking on the beach will easily come across the beach resorts and the menu of Binh Ba lobster is very attractive and hard to resist. Because it is a nutritious dish, it will be more suitable to eat at noon, the peaceful scenery and the taste of the dish will make anyone sitting to enjoy it interesting. about a special meal this place offers.

Perhaps it will be difficult to say all about this place, but one thing has definitely affirmed into a deep subconscious of everyone is that lobster in Binh Ba is really very cheap and delicious, no matter who is new. Received the first time will certainly also admire all the praises, hope that the beauty and taste will remain forever with the time, on this land for everyone to enjoy and experience.


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