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See the gorgeous Nhat Tu Son Island from the super fuzzy road below the sea

Not only does Nha Trang have a road between the sea, but in Phu Yen there is also a road from the mainland to Nhat Tu Son Island, passing it you will come to this extremely beautiful island with a lot of things. Interesting that we will explore now offline!

Đảo Nhất Tự Sơn ở Phú Yên (Ảnh Collection)

Nhat Tu Son Island in Phu Yen (Photo Collection)

Với diện tích chừng 6 ha, đảo còn được coi như một tấm bình phong chắn sóng gió cho hai làng chài Mỹ Hải, Mỹ Thành bên cạnh (Ảnh Collection)

With an area of about 6 hectares, the island is also considered as a windbreak screen for the two fishing villages of My Hai and My Thanh nearby (Photo Collection)

Located in Xuan Tho 1 commune, Song Cau town, about 50 kilometers north of Tuy Hoa city center, this island is considered one of the most beautiful islands of Xuan Dai bay . It is very easy to get here, here is a guide to Nhat Tu Son that you can refer to:

+ Take the route from the center of Tuy Hoa city, you drive along the direction of National Highway 1A until you see the People’s Committee of Xuan Tho commune, go another 500m then turn right and just run 1km to the island.

+ Take the route from Song Cau town, just 5km from the island, you go through Tam Giang bridge and then turn left along Nguyen Hong Son street – a coastal route, just go straight to the island!

Toàn cảnh đảo Nhất Tự Sơn nhìn từ trên cao (Ảnh Collection)

Panoramic view of Nhat Tu Son island viewed from above (Photo Collection)

When you are almost there, send the car on the mainland to walk to the island through the road below the sea level of 300m long. To be able to see the path appears, only when the tide recedes, and if the tide rises you will only see the vast sea. It is not difficult to see this road, usually from the 1st to the 15th lunar month, the tide will recede in the afternoon, and from the 15th to the end of the lunar month the tide will recede in the morning. According to that rule, you only need to set the standard time when visiting the island to be able to see the whole path, and you can also easily take virtual photos of the road at noon, when It appeared dimly under the clear blue sea. You do not need to worry about not being able to get to the other side of Nhat Tu Son Island because the highest water level here is only as high as the waist of the adult, so feel free to cross over carefree, if you have children then wait for the tide to recede or you can carry the babies on your back to the other side also.

Nếu tham quan vào buổi trưa thì bạn sẽ nhìn thấy con đường dưới biển mờ ảo, cực đẹp (Ảnh Collection)

If you visit in the afternoon, you will see the path under the sea, very beautiful and dim (Photo Collection)

Khách du lịch băng qua con đường dưới mực nước biển để lên đảo khám phá (Ảnh Collection)

Tourists cross the road below the sea level to reach the island to explore (Image Collection)

If you look at the island from a distance, from the mainland or on the road under the sea, you will see Nhat Tu Son Phu Yen appear a green of trees, adorn the surrounding waters, the closer you get, the wildness is even more evident. Today’s name is because the island can resemble the word “Nhat” in Chinese, so people put Nhat Tu Son like that with the island meaning like the word Nhat. The island is considered as a windbreak screen, helping the two fishing villages of My Thanh and Hai My on both sides are not affected by stormy days.

Đến đây và khám phá khu rừng nguyên sinh đa dạng, phong phú (Ảnh Collection)

Come here and explore the rich and diverse primeval forests (Photo Collection)

Ngắm nhìn cảnh biển, ghe tàu đi lại và những nhà bè nuôi tôm từ trên đảo (Ảnh Collection)

See the ocean, boats and shrimp rafts from the island (Photo Collection)

Discovering Nhat Tu Son Phu Yen island you will know a very sacred temple, built probably a long time ago and the locals consider the island as a guardian deity in the vast open sea so they are very preserve and worship. You can come to worship incense and then explore the rich primeval forest here. Not only is the forest rich in vegetation, there are also deep caves, mysterious nooks and steep cliffs formed by the erosion of the sea that make you completely immersed. into the wild, become scientists exploring this unspoiled island. If you go to the west side, you will see the gentle slope, there are many trees of lentils and rosewood growing … very big old, to the East you will also see the rocks are stacked in steps like seats or many rocks protruding from the water, running parallel to each other to create very unique small water slots.

Một số khu du lịch đã đi vào hoạt động ngay trên đảo (Ảnh Collection)

Some resorts have been put into operation right on the island (Photo Collection)

Climb really high up, zoom your eyes far away, look at the whole sea to see how amazing it is. You will see firstly the scattered lobster rafts of the indigenous people on the beach with boats, boats and boats traveling regularly, you will find it interesting to discover that you can see clearly. below but from the bottom looking up where you stand, you can only see the trees. Further out are beautiful mountains undulating in the vast ocean.

Nhất Tự Sơn được Phú Yên định hướng trong tương lai là điểm du lịch trọng yếu của tỉnh (Ảnh Collection)

Nhat Tu Son is oriented in the future by Phu Yen as an important tourist destination of the province (Photo Collection)

Những hành lang gỗ và nhà lợp lá ngay trên mặt biển giúp bạn dễ hòa mình vào thiên nhiên hơn (Ảnh Collection)

The wooden corridors and thatched houses right on the sea surface make it easier for you to blend into nature (Photo Collection)

Nhat Tu Son, Song Cau Island is also one of the great seafood granaries and brings a high income of Phu Yen. Not only seafood, but this place is focusing on developing tourism into an important destination of the country. Currently, there have been a number of tourist areas with wooden corridors and thatched houses right on the sea surface, helping you to immerse yourself in nature and bring an extremely relaxing feeling.

Nước biển trong xanh, mây trời, núi non hùng vỹ là điều bạn sẽ thấy khi đến đây (Ảnh Collection)

Clear blue sea, cloudy sky, majestic mountains are what you will see when you come here (Photo Collection)

If there is a trip to the land of Nui – Phu Yen, remember to stop by Nhat Tu Son Island to immerse yourself in the beautiful nature with the beautiful sea path and the rich mountain scenery here. Surely you will want to come back many times when you have been here to visit and see, for sure.


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