Explore a half-day tour of Tam Thanh Hoi An mural village.

July 17, 2020 7 mins to read

Tam Thanh Hoi An Mural Village is an ideal destination that art enthusiasts cannot afford to miss once they set foot in the beautiful and humble land of Quang Nam. If you share a passion for beauty and want to witness the extraordinary murals here, this article is definitely for you. Discover Vietnampeace.com

1 Overview of Tam Thanh Hoi An Mural Village

1.1 Where is Tam Thanh Mural Village?

Tam Thanh Mural Village is in Tam Ky City, Quang Nam Province. This destination has been developed recently and attracts many tourists from Quang Nam, Hoi An, and Ly Son. Situated near the pristine Tam Thanh Sea, this humble fishing village is undergoing significant transformations as it welcomes thousands of visitors.

1.2 Fairytale beauty in the heart of Tam Ky City

Talented artists from all over Vietnam and even foreign artists from distant South Korea create wall paintings in Tam Thanh Fishing Village. These wall paintings draw inspiration from the real lives of the local people, conveying various meaningful messages to tourists indirectly.

Thanks to these paintings, the poor rural area of Tam Thanh seems to be rejuvenated. The village now exudes vitality, richness, warmth, and joy, clearly reflected on the faces of the residents. It demonstrates a new hope, full of opportunities sown into this beautiful and simple fishing village.

Have you visited Tam Thanh Hoi An Mural Village to experience its richness and uniqueness? If not, what are you waiting for?

2 Best times to visit Tam Thanh Mural Village?

Tam Thanh, Hoi An Mural Village, is located near the sea, with its extraordinary beauty displayed through large murals along the village lanes. To fully appreciate these large-scale murals, visiting the village in the morning or evening is best when the sunlight naturally illuminates the scenes, creating a picturesque fairy-tale setting.

Moreover, visiting Tam Thanh Mural Village during these times provides excellent lighting for capturing mesmerizing virtual living photos.

If you can manage your time, visiting the mural village on weekdays rather than weekends is advisable. These days, fewer tourists provide you with a more comfortable and leisurely space to explore every corner and alley of the village.

Furthermore, these days, you can fully observe the daily life and livelihoods of the local people, witnessing adults going to work and children going to school, creating a genuine and ordinary atmosphere.

3 How to get there?

3.1 Traveling by motorbike or car

To explore the roads thoroughly and freely, motorbikes are the top choice for your Tam Thanh Mural Village trip.

From Da Nang, follow National Highway 1A southward for about 26 km until you reach Vinh Dien Road. Turn left here and travel along Huynh Thuc Khang Street to Hoi An City. Cross Cua Dai Bridge along Thanh Nien Street to reach Tam Ky. Once in Tam Ky, ask residents for directions to Tam Thanh Village.

Although slightly longer than the direct route on National Highway 1A from Da Nang to Tam Ky, traveling along this route is less congested, has fewer large vehicles, and is safer.

3.2 Traveling by bus

From the airport, train station, or other locations in Da Nang, you can catch bus route number 4 Da Nang – Tam Ky. Bus number 4 operates from 6:00 to 18:00 every day with a frequency of 15 minutes per trip. You must move along the route to the central bus station in Da Nang or bus stops. You can check the path of bus number 4

4 Explore Tam Thanh Mural Village in half a day itinerary

4.1 Countless enchanting virtual living corners in Tam Thanh Hoi An Mural Village

The wall paintings are spread throughout every corner of the village. Walking along the main path of the village, you will easily encounter many impressive mural corners.

4.2 The impressive boat-themed alley

The boat-themed alley was designed and displayed for the first time during the Tam Ky Sea Tourism Festival 2019. After over eight months of official operation, the boat-themed alley was severely downgraded. Subsequently, the local authorities renovated and upgraded the alley with the participation of numerous artists from all over Vietnam and even foreign artists.

This boat-themed alley consists of about 100 bamboo boats, over ten wooden ships with over 60 oars, and three fishing nets. The artistic display on this alley will offer you captivating virtual living corners.

4.3 Tam Thanh Beach with its blue sea and white sand

With its fantastic natural advantages and stunning white sandy beach, this is a place worth developing for tourism to increase income and create jobs for local fishermen.

Tam Thanh Beach is most beautiful in summer when the sea is extremely clear, the sky is bright, and the golden sunlight shines. During the late tourist season and early years, the sea has stronger waves, the water has a deeper emerald color, and the sky has scattered white clouds. Despite this, this pristine beauty will captivate you from the first glance whenever you visit Tam Thanh Beach.

4.4 Traditional Fish Sauce Craft Village

With the large-scale industrialization of other production facilities elsewhere, the traditional fish sauce village in Tam Thanh still maintains its ancient traditions. The town has about 20 fish sauce production facilities with unique conventional methods to preserve seafood’s fresh and intact taste.

Besides touring the production process, these facilities directly sell these fish sauce types to tourists at reasonable prices. This traditional fish sauce is suitable for buying as a gift for family and friends.

4.5 Simple and rustic meals near the beach

Near Tam Thanh Mural Village’s beach, a row of restaurants was opened by residents, not influenced by the industrialization of tourism conglomerates. The menus at these restaurants mainly feature local dishes such as stir-fried seaweed with garlic, grilled firewood-oven snakehead fish, squid hotpot, stingray hotpot, steamed barramundi, grilled scallops, and steamed Thai clams. All at very affordable prices.

The supply of ingredients for these restaurants comes directly from the fishing activities of Tam Thanh villagers. Therefore, the food prices are relatively cheap compared to restaurants at other tourist spots.

Tam Thanh Hoi, An Mural Village, is not too large, and you only need to spend about half a day to fully explore this fishing village’s simple yet charming beauty. In addition to the lifelike and humble wall paintings, you can also explore the traditional fish sauce village and enjoy the local cuisine of this lovely fishing village. Summer is here, so pack your bags and treat yourself to a visit to Tam Thanh Mural Village!

Alley 75 Nguyen Van Linh is bustling with visitors. (Photo: ST)

Duong Huynh Trang with her “child”. (Photo: ST)

The artist is attentive to his drawing. (Photo: ST)

The joint effort to “turn” the old walls of the artists as well as the students of Architecture. (Photo: ST)

People clean the walls themselves so that painters can easily paint them. (Photo: ST)

Da Nang mural village successfully combines small business models: cafe, restaurant, souvenir shop … (Photo: ST)

Rare animals are painted on the wall of the mural. (Photo: ST)

The alley becomes lively, glowing with new shirts. (Photo: ST)

Nature and people are portrayed vividly and attractive. (Photo: ST)

People are fascinated by the mural village project in the heart of Danang (Image: ST)

Young people enjoy checking in the paintings. (Photo: ST)

The mural village also has a tour guide service to serve the needs of tourists. (Photo: ST)

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