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See you at check-in Da Nang Mural Village is beautiful

No need to go far to admire and check-in and colorful murals. There has been a surprisingly beautiful Da Nang mural village right in the heart of this coastal city!

Alley 75 Nguyen Van Linh is bustling with visitors. (Photo: ST)

Coming to 75 Nguyen Van Linh alley (near Dragon Bridge , Hai Chau District, Da Nang), tourists will probably enjoy the rapid change of this place. The old, mossy walls of the ruined houses now disappear, and instead are carefully painted, brightly painted panels of colors that welcome visitors to admire. Running 1 km on the Nguyen Van Linh section, this fresco village – Da Nang fresco village attracts and attracts visitors every day to take photos.

Duong Huynh Trang with her “child”. (Photo: ST)

The one who “conceived” the idea of the Da Nang Mural Village was the Secretary of Phuoc Ninh Ward – Duong Huynh Trang. As a traveler and explorer, Trang has always cherished a beauty plan for her city. The project is coordinated by members of the city’s Fine Arts Association, and students from the Danang University of Architecture. This is a project under the IV Incubation Program of Danang Business Incubator (DNES).

The artist is attentive to his drawing. (Photo: ST)

The joint effort to “turn” the old walls of the artists as well as the students of Architecture. (Photo: ST)

When promoted, this unique idea did not face rejection, but rather high consensus. Da Nang mural village was initiated with the first purpose of bringing value to the community. Old alleyways are renewed, mossy walls are clad in colorful dresses – this is like a change of “worth living city” on the anniversary of the Liberation of Danang March 29.

People clean the walls themselves so that painters can easily paint them. (Photo: ST)

It can be said that mural painting is not a new idea. Earlier, Tam Thanh mural village (Quang Nam), or in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, had put this idea into a successful application. So what is more special about the mural village in this coastal city?

Ms. Trang shared, the point that makes a distinctive impression of the mural painting village in Danang is the purpose of this project. Not only aims to regain the beauty of the street, or the image project promoting cultural beauty, but Da Nang mural village is also known as an economic – tourism project. Business and product promotion strategies are implemented in parallel with the formation process of this mural village. Service packages are always accompanied as a tourism promotion activity of the city: food shops, Da Nang specialties, souvenir shops, jewelry, natural cosmetics …

Da Nang mural village successfully combines small business models: cafe, restaurant, souvenir shop … (Photo: ST)

The second step in the plan, it is the movement of the group to turn each house here into a tourist-friendly homestay, urging every family to do business for tourism. This project promises to bring domestic and foreign visitors interesting discoveries while simultaneously experiencing many travel services. It is known that the funding of this project is based on the contributions of benefactors. The Union has also been gradually implementing to mobilize capital to help develop and run the project completely.

Rare animals are painted on the wall of the mural. (Photo: ST)

The paintings in the mural village come together under a certain theme: nature, culture and people of Danang. The paintings depict the traditional activities of Da Nang, the specialties of the coastal city, and especially the paintings depicting the rare and precious animals that need to be preserved in Danang (douc langur, brown-legged langur). …) for propaganda purposes.

The alley becomes lively, glowing with new shirts. (Photo: ST)

Nature, people are portrayed vividly, attractive. (Photo: ST)

Attracting tourists, Da Nang tourist resort Da Nang mural village has a strong impact on the people here. The project brings a new breeze to the people of the alley 75 Nguyen Van Linh, opening a door to business and economic development for each household.

People are fascinated by the mural village project in the heart of Danang (Image: ST)

Watching the crowds gather to take photos, buy souvenirs or enjoy specialties, the neighborhood is brightened to life. Today, the Da Nang mural village has become an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists, especially young people who love to take photos.

Young people enjoy checking-in the paintings. (Photo: ST)

The mural village also has a tour guide service to serve the needs of tourists. (Photo: ST)

The small, old alley and little known is now a busy tourist area. Travelers all enjoy taking photos and enjoying the space here. If once have the opportunity to visit Da Nang, do not miss the “charismatic” photos in the mural village of Da Nang and experience travel services here!


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