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Share your experience of self-sufficient Ben Tre fruit garden

Ben Tre – One of the famous landmarks in the South with the image of green coconut trees. Enjoying a trip to Ben Tre will help you dispel the anxiety and fatigue of everyday life. Walk on small canoes, explore the idyllic life in the countryside and get lost in the fruitful orchards. In today’s article, we would like to send to some experience in Ben Tre orchard tourism for your reference.

Discover Ben Tre fruit garden

Traveling to Ben Tre orchard at what time?

Nên đi tham quan vườn trái cây Bến Tre vào mùa hè

Should visit Ben Tre fruit garden in summer (Photo Collection)

Because of its extremely favorable location, the weather does not have much large fluctuations, so visitors can visit Ben Tre at any time of the year. However, the best time to explore fruit gardens in Ben Tre is in the summer. When many kinds of fruits such as mangosteen, durian, rambutan, guava, jackfruit, breast milk, sapodilla, … race to ripen. Creating an incredibly colorful and beautiful picture that anyone who comes here can not help but hold back.

Means to Ben Tre

Phượt vườn trái cây Bến Tre

Backpacking in Ben Tre fruit garden (Photo Collection)

Currently, in neighboring provinces and cities, there are coaches to Ben Tre during the day. Therefore, you can easily move smoothly to start the journey to explore Ben Tre fruit garden. In addition, traveling to Ben Tre fruit garden by motorbike is also a lot of young people to choose. To come here, you can go to Google map to find your way.

List of orchards in Ben Tre

Thưởng thức trái cây ngay tại vườn

Enjoy fruits right in the garden (Photo Collection)

As mentioned above, Ben Tre is not only famous as the country of coconut trees but also known as a large fruit bowl in the Mekong Delta. Here are some fruit garden addresses in Ben Tre for your reference.

Fruit garden market Ben Tre Lach

Khám phá vườn trái cây Bến Tre

Explore Ben Tre fruit garden (Photo Collection)

Vui chơi thỏa thích tại vườn trái cây Bến Tre

Have fun at Ben Tre fruit garden (Photo Collection)

Not only is the “cradle” of Southern fruits, Lach market is also the largest fruit breeding area in the country. Therefore, tourism here is equally attractive and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. There are many fruit gardens for you to choose freely.

Cai Mon Ben Tre orchard

Những chùm roi đỏ chín

Ripe bunches of red whips (Photo Collection)

Tham quan vườn trái cây Cái Mơn

Visiting Cai Mon fruit garden (Photo Collection)


There are also the following fruit gardens:

  • Bay Thao durian garden: Guests will be served freshly broken fruit from the tree down on the spot. In addition, the garden owner also serves lunch with all kinds of western food for you to enjoy. This orchard is located on the middle of the flower road from Vinh Bac to Vinh Nam.
  • Ba Ngoi Rambutan Garden: Located in Phu Da rice snail conservation area, about 6km from Cho Lach town. Besides the delicious fruits here, it also serves other attractive dishes such as mussel pancakes, rice snail salad …

Thưởng thức những món ăn quê dân dã

Enjoy the rustic countryside dishes (Photo Collection)

Check-in vườn hồng

Check-in rose garden (Photo Collection)

  • Tam Loc Rambutan Garden: Like the fruit garden in Ben Tre, there are many delicious trees such as rambutan, durian, … Especially, there is also a bee farm to visit and visit. Buy pure honey bees.
  • Thanh Son four mango orchard: Close to the Phu Da rice snail conservation area. Coming here, other travelers can enjoy sour mangoes with sugar sauce, or ripe mangoes, ..

Tự tay hái những quả chín tại vườn trái cây Bến Tre

Picking ripe fruits by yourself at Ben Tre fruit garden (Photo Collection)

Rambutan garden in Tan Phu – Ben Tre

Considered the largest rambutan garden in Ben Tre, with only 20k to 30k you can comfortably eat it. Most of the households in Tan Phucó garden land planted with this tropical fruit tree. Therefore you can easily search for an orchard to enjoy. In addition to rambutan there are many other fruits waiting for you to explore.

Vườn chôm chôm Tân Phú

Tan Phu Rambutan Garden (Photo Collection)

Những chùm chôm chôm nhìn thật hấp dẫn

Rambutan bunch looks fascinating (Photo Collection)

Hotels, motels in Ben Tre

Because the majority of visitors to Ben Tre orchard mostly travel during the day, there is no need to rent hotels or overnight accommodation. Therefore, the resting services here are few and not much built. However, if you need to relax in Ben Tre, you can refer to the following hotels.

Khách sạn Mekong & Restaurant Bến Tre

Stay at Mekong & Restaurant Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

  • Ham Luong Hotel: No. 200 C, Hung Vuong Street, Ben Tre.
  • Vietnam Australia Hotel: 144 Hung Vuong, Ward 3, Ben Tre.
  • Que Huong Guesthouse: 10 Nguyen Thi Dinh, Phu Hung, Ben Tre.
  • Cuu Long Hotel: 64 Dong Khoi Avenue, Phu Khuong Ward, Ben Tre.
  • Hung Vuong Hotel: 148 Hung Vuong, Ward 3, Ben Tre.
  • Ben Tre Riverside Resort: 708 Nguyen Van Tu, Ward 7, Tp. Ben Tre, Ben Tre.


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