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Suoi Lanh is an attractive destination for young people in Phu Yen

Cold Spring – the never-ending stream in Phu Yen in recent years has been gradually known by many domestic and foreign tourists because of the wild beauty as well as the relaxing moments that this place brings. If you have not had the opportunity to come here, so let VietNampeace discover the interesting things around this stream in the article below!

Way to Phu Yen Cold Stream

If you are a nature lover and want to experience and explore, this is the ideal place for you. The move to this area is quite easy, especially for groups of young people who love backpacking. To start the journey, you can choose the starting point as the center of Tuy Hoa city and then head towards Da Rang bridge, after crossing the bridge will go to Phu Lam crossroads, here you will turn southwest to Continue on QL29, running along the highway will meet a bridge in the town of Phu Thu. Around this area are vast rice fields, also a very beautiful scenery, you can stop and take a few souvenir photos.

Con suối nổi tiếng ở xã Hòa Thịnh Tây Hòa Phú Yên (Ảnh Collection)

Famous stream in Hoa Thinh commune, Tay Hoa Phu Yen (Photo Collection)

Continue your journey, you will turn left at Phu Thu Bridge, go about 10 kilometers to Hoa Thinh commune. Here you can ask any citizen, they can show you the way to this place. After asking the people you will go to a small road, at the end of the road there will be roofs for the visitors, and this is also where the stream exists.

The legend of Cold stream

Nơi đây còn rất hoang sợ bình dị (Ảnh Collection)

It is also very simple and frightening (Photo Collection)

Today, people here still tell each other about the story revolves around this strange stream. According to the elders in the area: Formerly, Mr. Ly Ly of My Dien village gave birth to a son but his health was very weak, sick all year round. He was very worried about his illness. One day, he dreamed of an old, white-haired beard saying, “If you give the villagers a little loan, I will show you a flow of god water, so that the pupils will bathe there.” healthy again ”. The next day, General Li did what the old man told him, reduced the tax, and distributed it to the people in the village. Then he was warned by the old man to show him the way to the stream. After taking the son to bathe at the stream, the son suddenly became healthy and robust. Surely from this story, people here often have the phrase “Nhat Hai La Nhat, second brother of Dong Co”.

Discover the scenery of Cold Stream in Phu Yen

Địa điểm được rất nhiều bạn trẻ yêu thích (Ảnh Collection)

A place loved by many young people (Photo Collection)

In the past, the mountains here were deserted without a shadow, dense mountain forests full of grass, grass growing over the head. So no one knows when this stream came from or where it originated. Only later was this stream discovered. The water in the stream is very clear and cool, the water flows constantly and no one has ever seen the water in the stream ever dry. And also because of the cool stream in the stream, the people here gave it such a name. Surely when you come here, you also want to try the coldness of it, but do not hurry, you can go upstream about 100m, there is a stack of rock made up of many stones of different shapes and sizes. different. These stacking rocks have formed a mountain up to 600m high lying on the side of Ca mountain pass. The water flowing from the ravines causes the stream to flow year-round without ever drying up. Here you will be watching the cool blue water, faintly scent gentle fragrance of flowers and grass here. An interesting fact is that the colder the weather, the colder the water in the stream. Bathing in the cool water here will help you dispel the hot summer heat. This is also the time you can relax after the busy, tired of everyday life.

Hồ nước nhân tạo có dòng nước chảy không ngừng (Ảnh Collection)

The artificial lake has a constantly flowing water (Photo Collection)

On every weekend, Cold Spring Tay Hoa Phu Yen welcomes a lot of visitors to have fun and visit. This is seen as a favorite “hot spot” for many tourists and locals alike. In addition to the natural small water holes, you can also relax in artificial lakes with constant convection currents.

Các dịch vụ du lịch ở đây còn khá đơn giản (Ảnh Collection)

The tourist services here are quite simple (Photo Collection)

This place has long been well known but at that time the service to tourists here did not appear. In 2014, a young man in My Dien village, Hoa Thinh commune came here to build a restaurant with 5 leaf huts set up by the stream. The huts have an area of about 25-30 m2, located separately. Here you will enjoy the fascinating dishes made primarily from wild boar and fish, along with some local specialties which are also very new and very affordable prices.

Suối Lạnh đang dần được đẩy mạnh phát triển du lịch (Ảnh Collection)

Cold Spring is gradually being promoted for tourism development (Photo Collection)

It is known that this location will be promoted in tourism, promising to have many changes in management as well as provide more other tourism services. And this place will become one of the main tourist destinations of the district.

Most tourists visit this place are comments s orang Cold has many beautiful, quiet, great food, a tourist resort in ideal summer days. If you are looking for a new tourist destination in Phu Yen, this is probably an interesting suggestion for you.


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