Suoi Lanh Phu Yen – A Hidden Gem You’ll Always Remember

July 19, 2020 8 mins to read
Few would think that there is a Suoi Lanh (Cold Spring) with crystal-clear, cool water all year round in the sunny and windy land of Phu Yen. Visiting Suoi Lanh on a beautiful day offers a mesmerizing experience of the charming natural landscapes, leaving a lasting impression on those fortunate to have been here. So, dear readers, let’s stroll around this unique Spring with

1. Where is Suoi Lanh Phu Yen?

Address: Hoa Thinh Commune, Tay Hoa District

Nestled peacefully in the city’s outskirts, wholly separated from the bustling urban life, Suoi Lanh Phu Yen seems like another world with its picturesque natural landscapes. Surrounded by vast rice fields, this unique Suoi Lanh has always been one of the must-visit spots in Phu Yen for many young travelers, especially those who want to “escape the cramped city” and return to the peaceful, tranquil countryside they love.

2. How can you get to Suoi Lanh Phu Yen by the most suitable means?

Though located in the suburban area about 15km southwest of the city center via DT 645 provincial road, you can rest assured because the road to Suoi Lanh Phu Yen is relatively easy to travel, suitable for those who are just starting their journey and not confident in their driving skills.

Starting from the city center of Tuy Hoa, you can move to Suoi Lanh Phu Yen according to the following route: Tuy Hoa – Da Rang Bridge (new) – Phu Lam Intersection – QL 29 – Phu Thu Bridge – Hoa Thinh – Suoi Lanh. Along the way, you can ask the locals living along the road to find the way to Hoa Thanh commune to get to Suoi Lanh through small roads with bushes growing on both sides.

If you intend to visit Suoi Lanh Phu Yen, you can travel by motorbike or car. For young travelers, motorbikes are the top choice. You can rent a bike at stores in the city center, with prices ranging from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND per day depending on the type of bike you choose, either manual or automatic. Contact the store in advance, and they will bring the bike to your hotel while exploring the beautiful Phu Yen. If you travel by motorbike, you should prepare all necessary personal documents, check the gas, and carefully inspect the bike to ensure safety for yourself and everyone around you.

Furthermore, if you are intimidated by the typical sun and wind of the Central Coast region, why not rent a car or take a taxi, right? However, it would be best to negotiate with the driver or the taxi company in advance to get the most suitable rental price.

3. Backtracking to Unravel the Origin of the Unique Suoi Lanh

If you ever get the chance to meet and sit down for a chat with the locals living along the road leading to Suoi Lanh, you’ll hear them recount stories related to the appearance of this unique Spring. If you ask them when Suoi Lanh appeared here, they might be unable to answer. But if you inquire about the legend associated with the Spring, they’ll eagerly share it with you.

People often tell each other that the emergence of Suoi Lanh is closely linked to the story of Mr. Tổng Lý’s family in Mỹ Điền village. Mr. Tổng Lý’s family had a son, but unfortunately, the boy was sick all year round, suffering endlessly—Mr. Tổng Lý worried day and night about his son’s illness. One night, he dreamed of an old man with a silver beard and hair who appeared and said, “If you stop lending money to villagers at exorbitant interest rates, then a sacred spring will appear. Your son only needs to drink the water, and he will regain his health.”

Believing in the dream and the mysterious older man, Mr. Tổng Lý immediately reduced taxes and distributed food, money, and clothing to the villagers the following day. One night, the older man appeared again and guided him to the sacred Spring.

Mr. Tổng Lý then took his son to bathe in the Spring. The boy became healthy and robust from then on, with no signs of year-round illness. And that sacred Spring is none other than Suoi Lanh Phu Yen, which you often hear about.

The name Suoi Lanh is closely associated with the surrounding scenery of this unique Spring. Initially, the area leading to the Spring was just a desolate mountainous region, utterly devoid of human activity. This land was covered with tall grass taller than a person’s head. Hence, people didn’t know when this stream appeared or where it originated from. They only discovered this unique stream in the following years, which was accidental. The Spring was named Suoi Lanh because the water here is fantastic and packed all year round, so the locals gave it that name.

4. What makes Suoi Lanh Phu Yen unforgettable for anyone who has visited?

4.1 Suoi Lanh Phu Yen, with its charming natural landscapes

Nestled peacefully amidst the mountains on the slope of Deo Ca, Suoi Lanh Phu Yen is like a silk scarf gracefully spread amidst the majestic mountains. Walking upstream about 100 meters, you’ll encounter the source of Suoi Lanh, where water flows continuously from the mountain crevices all year round. All the water gathers in this cold Spring, carrying a faint fragrance of wildflowers.

Surrounding the mainstream on both sides are stacked rocks of different shapes and sizes, none resembling another. These rocks together form a mountain peak reaching 600 meters high, leaning against the slope of Deo Ca, like diligent guards protecting the tranquility of this unique spring stream all year round.

What’s unique is that on hot and sultry days, the water in the Spring becomes even colder and more apparent. If you visit the Spring in summer, you can immerse yourself in the cool water and forget about the scorching heat of the Central region. Therefore, it’s not known when Suoi Lanh Phu Yen became a famous tourist destination, attracting many families, couples, groups of friends, and travelers from everywhere to escape the suffocating heat of Phu land.

4.2 Suoi Lanh Phu Yen brings you delightful experiences amidst the refreshing natural surroundings

Despite being one of the famous attractions in Phu Yen, Suoi Lanh still maintains its pristine natural beauty and has not been heavily impacted by human activities.

When you visit Suoi Lanh on sultry days, you can immerse yourself in the cool water, making your body feel refreshed and relaxed. After moments of splashing around in the cool water, you can lazily lie on the wide rocky ledges along the stream to take in the panoramic views of the sky, mountains, fragrant flowers, and grass and breathe in the fresh and pleasant air here. Occasionally, you’ll hear the distant voices of diligent farmers plowing their fields or the cheerful shouts of fishermen celebrating their luck in catching a big fish to exchange for a meal. All of these create a simple and peaceful scene that soothes the soul.

If you feel tired, you can stop by the restaurant with five leafy huts built by the stream to rest and have a meal. This is a project of a young man from My Dien village, painstakingly built since 2014 to provide everyone with a rustic yet fulfilling dining space.

Here, you can indulge in local rustic specialties, entirely made from fresh and delicious ingredients such as wild boar, fish, sparrows, frogs, carp, field mice, etc. Isn’t it tempting? Let me tell you, each dish here is hearty with delicious flavors and has a highly affordable price.

In conclusion, Suoi Lanh Phu Yen stands as a testament to the untouched beauty of nature, offering visitors a tranquil retreat in the heart of Phu Yen. This unique Spring, believed to have healing properties, carries a rich local legend that adds to its charm. The landscape surrounding Suoi Lanh remains unspoiled, providing a refreshing escape for those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life., your guide to the wonders of Vietnam, invites you to explore the enchanting Suoi Lanh. With its crystal-clear waters, picturesque landscapes, and the warmth of local hospitality, Suoi Lanh Phu Yen promises an unforgettable experience. Whether immersing yourself in the cool stream on a hot day or enjoying local delicacies at the leafy huts, Suoi Lanh invites you to unwind and connect with nature.

So, for a journey filled with tranquility, natural beauty, and cultural richness, embark on an adventure to Suoi Lanh Phu Yen. Let be your companion in discovering the hidden gems of Vietnam, ensuring that your travel experience is as seamless and delightful as the landscapes it unveils.

Con suối nổi tiếng ở xã Hòa Thịnh Tây Hòa Phú Yên (Ảnh Collection)

Famous stream in Hoa Thinh commune, Tay Hoa Phu Yen (Photo Collection)

Nơi đây còn rất hoang sợ bình dị (Ảnh Collection)

It is also straightforward and frightening (Photo Collection)

Địa điểm được rất nhiều bạn trẻ yêu thích (Ảnh Collection)

A place loved by many young people (Photo Collection)

Hồ nước nhân tạo có dòng nước chảy không ngừng (Ảnh Collection)

The artificial lake has a constantly flowing water (Photo Collection)

Các dịch vụ du lịch ở đây còn khá đơn giản (Ảnh Collection)

The tourist services here are pretty simple (Photo Collection)

Suối Lạnh đang dần được đẩy mạnh phát triển du lịch (Ảnh Collection)

Cold Spring is gradually being promoted for tourism development (Photo Collection)

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