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The famous famous festivals in Nha Trang

Coming to the coastal city, besides admiring the beautiful natural scenery, visitors also have the opportunity to explore the unique festivals in Nha Trang associated with the spirit and beliefs of the local people. Through this article, Vntrip will bring you the experience and feeling of surprise, interesting in the journey to discover this poetic coastal city.

Whale Festival

The whale festival is one of the special Nha Trang festivals , held every year on the day of his dysentery and two sacrifices.

Whale festival, also known as Cau Ngu festival takes place at Lang Ong, in Nha Trang city. Originating from the custom of worshiping Nam Hai, this is a long-standing custom of the typical coastal residents of Khanh Hoa.

Những lễ hội nổi tiếng độc đáo ở Nha Trang

Whale Festival is one of the unique features of Nha Trang festival (Photo collection)

According to the indigenous people, the organization of worship is very respectful, even, they abstain from calling whales names but instead are Ca Ong or Mr. Nam Hai. In the tomb there is a chest containing whale bones. Every year, people celebrate the death anniversary of the day when the dysentery (the whale dies) and worship the fishermen in the fishing season each year.

The Whale Festival in Nha Trang still preserves all traditional details with rituals such as procession, Nghinh Ong, hegemony, Province of birth, Sacrifice Ceremony, Virtue and Ton Vuong, Ceremony Tong na.

Những lễ hội nổi tiếng độc đáo ở Nha Trang

Features of Nha Trang whale festival (Collected photos)

Coming to the festival, visitors will feel the traditional cultural values of the island waters as well as witness traditional rituals, performances and many other unique folk games at the festival. Surely you will have a memorable time and interesting experience in the journey to Nha Trang .

Ponagar Tower Festival

Ponagar Tower Festival is one of the famous festivals in Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa, held solemnly every year, with the purpose of praising the Merit of Motherland, praying for peace, good rain, life is full and happy
It can be said that Thap Ba festival is the bridge of the process of cultural exchange, integration and integration between the Cham – Vietnamese people.

Những lễ hội nổi tiếng độc đáo ở Nha Trang

Singing and dancing festival at Ponagar Tower (Photo collection)

The solemnity, respectfulness of the ceremony and the excitement of the anise have created a unique intangible cultural value, expressed through the traditional ritual of the festival.

Coming to the festival, visitors will discover a number of special activities and many worshiping ceremonies, including a funeral ceremony (bathing in a statue), a sacrifice ceremony for the mandarins (replacement ceremony for the y), sacrifices for sacrifice, offerings …

Những lễ hội nổi tiếng độc đáo ở Nha Trang

Ball dancing is a typical folk dance of Ponagar Tower Festival. (Photo collection)

In addition, visitors can also admire the cultural activities, performing arts, exhibitions, exhibitions bearing the unique characteristics of the Ponagar Tower Festival, characterized by the Cham people.

Hung Temple Festival

Listening to Hung Temple Festival, tourists often think of Phu Tho province, but in Nha Trang, this festival is also popular with visitors.

Hung Vuong’s death anniversary is a great festival of national significance, solemnly held with traditional ceremonies such as the death anniversary of the ancestors, traditional female priests, and traditional male priests.

Những lễ hội nổi tiếng độc đáo ở Nha Trang

Hung Temple Festival has its own characteristics in Nha Trang festival towards the roots (Photo collection)

Hung Temple Association in Nha Trang attracts visitors not only by the sacredness of the roots but also by its unique cultural activities.

Những lễ hội nổi tiếng độc đáo ở Nha Trang

Hung Temple Festival has the participation of numerous people and visitors (Photo collection)

The festival begins with an incense offering at Thuong Temple. In the costume, there were five-colored trays, banh chung, and thick cake to remind the legend of Lang Lieu as well as to tell the merit of King Hung who taught people to grow wet rice.

Coming to the festival, every visitor has their very own feelings with admiration for their ancestral homeland and discover many special features in Nha Trang festival towards this source.

In addition to the above festivals, Khanh Hoa has many other unique festivals. Come to admire, feel the beauty and people here through the festivals in Nha Trang with its own special charm.



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